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food odyssey

Smoked Blue Marlin on a Cedar Plank Feb 5, 2011

Smoked Blue Marlin on a Cedar Plank

*** If you want to get the recipe, you can go to the Smoked Salmon page, just substitute Blue Marlin to Salmon.

A Salmon Alternative
Traditionally, salmon and cedar go together. But salmon is hard to find in Dumaguete, and the frozen ones I saw in Robinsons Mall didn't look too happy. But wait a second! Why obsess with salmon when I live on the coastline of what the world regards as the highest diversification of marine life on the planet (the Coral Triangle)? Why not get fresh fish from the wet market? After looking around with choices ranging from - grouper, Tarugho (white marlin), tuna, etc., my final choice was Blue Marlin! It has the ideal fat content for smoking. Additionally, Blue Marlin eats like a steak. My Dad once told me that with Blue Marlin, you have fish and pork at the same time, given the Marlin's porky consistency. Furthermore, Blue Marlin cost less than half of salmon (P280/k vs P560/k)!

Friends Getting Together
When Tiklop Society mems Paul and Pia visited Dumaguete in their eye-catching folding bikes, it was an occasion to fire up the Weber Grill again, this time with some of my local friends. Venue was the Tejeros Pool in Valencia, part of the Banica River converted into a public pool with huts and benches for swimmers, picnickers and those just wanting a place to spend a lazy day with. We were joined by my Dumagz friends, Nika and Alexa.

Yummy Marlin
The Blue Marlin didn't disappoint. It came out tender and juicy, with a subtle hint of cedar. Some cedar planks produce an intense smokey flavor, but this brand was more on the delicate side. With the Weber dome, I was able to regulate the heat to perfectly finish the veggies and toast the torta. It was a sumptuous feast.

Ending Thoughts
I'm wired about smoking other types of fish. I saw interesting candidates at the market. Also, with so many fruit trees in Valencia, I'm sure to find a great local substitute for cedar (which I get from Canada). With good-people to feast with, the culinary horizon is looking great. Let's start smokin'!

--- TheLoneRider

ps - thanks for the Weber Grill, Char. Mom, thanks for the cedar plank and the lemon powder.

smoked_bluemarlin1 smoked_bluemarlin2 smoked_bluemarlin3 smoked_bluemarlin4
smoked_bluemarlin5 smoked_bluemarlin6 smoked_bluemarlin7 smoked_bluemarlin8
smoked_bluemarlin9 smoked_bluemarlin10 smoked_bluemarlin11 smoked_bluemarlin12
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Reader Comments:

Gibo LlarenaTrebs Llarena
(Feb 6, 2011) panalo, ser! di lang yun blue marlin on cedar planks...pati yun mga guests mo...hehehe...smokin'!

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