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Pulangbato Falls and Hot SpringJul 16, 2011

Pulangbato Falls and Hot Spring

Pulangbato Falls and Hot Spring

Good Timing
It was being in the right place at the time. Bumping into Yvette Malahay-Kim, a faculty member of the Silliman University, I got an invite to join her and her crew to Pulangbato's waterfall and then to the hot spring. Whoa!

The Crew
We all met at McDonald's the following day and headed straight to Valencia and into the mountain towards the PNOC geothermal plant, but turned right on the junction. Completing the crew were Che Remollo, Urich Calumpang and Yvette's daring daughter, Bezzie.

2nd Level Falls
The last time I was at Pulangbato with the Cuernos de Negros, we did the 3rd level waterfall. This time, we took the 2nd level. While the third level was a fun playground with natural slides and chillout pools, this 2nd level is simply majestic for the height and thunder of the falls. The plunge pool was sizeable and deep. It was perfect for chilling out and taking a cold dip.

Natural Hot Springs
What better way to sooth-out the chill than taking a sustained long dip on a hot natural spring? That's exactly what we did. Walking distance from the falls is a privately owned hot spring just along the road. Here, we took our time, getting our muscles pampered by the hot soothing water of the spring. Perfect weekend!

--- TheLoneRider

How to get there from Dumaguete

  1. within Dumaguete, take a pedicab (tricycle) and ask to be dropped-off the jeep station for Palinpinon. P8.00
  2. board the jeep but tell the driver to drop you off the junction for the Pulangbato Waterfall.
  3. at the junction, there are habal-habal rides that will take you to the falls. You'll pass by the hot springs on the way to the falls.
Travel Tips/Info:
  • best to be wearing hiking shoes for best grip but bring along a pair of flip-flops too
  • Admission Fee for the Falls: Php 10.00 (don't tell them it's cheap! You'll introduce inflation)
  • Admission Fee for the Hot Spring: Php 10.00
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Most pictures courtesy of Urich Calumpang
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