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Splashing on Pulangbato Falls with Cuernos de NegrosJun 5, 2011

Splashing on Pulangbato Falls with Cuernos de Negros

Out for a Cold Shower
After an overnight camping at the Japanese Shrine, it was time for a cold shower - not your typical washroom shower, but a cold dip at the plunge pool of Pulangbato Falls - a once obscure R&R mountain hole that's increasingly gaining popularity amontst the locals.

Main Resort
We headed by crewcab past Palinpinon and into Pulangbato. Entrance was a reasonable P10/head. It's not clear if the falls is still in Pulangbato or Malabo (both barangays of Valencia Municipality). The main pool was right by the entrance. It's manicured for public use. Right beside is a more natural plunge pool fed by another waterfall.

Layered Waterfalls
We hiked further up away from the crowd. We came across the 2nd level waterfall which was already magnificent from where I could glimpse it. But we hiked further up until we reached the 3rd level.

Slide Pool
There was no one else at this level. Given the hike, it's not really a destination for families with kids in tow. This is perhaps the funnest playground. There were several holes to jacuzzi with fast running cold water. There was enough holes for everyone. The icing on the cake comes by way of a smooth natural rock slide that delivers you smack onto another plunge pool.

Ending Thoughts
This is one heck of a weekend - overnight camping at the Japanese Shrine at over 2000 feet above sea level overlooking the waters separating Negros from Cebu, Siquijor and Bohol. The view was spectacular. This was followed by a hike into the mountain range dotted by sulphuric geothermal vents and into a tucked-away layered waterfalls with cold and deep plunge pools. Whoa! Cuernos de Negros...these guys know how ot have fun. Thanks for tagging me along, guys! You rock!

--- TheLoneRider

How to get there from Dumaguete

  1. within Dumaguete, take a pedicab (tricycle) and ask to be dropped-off the jeep station for Palinpinon. P8.00
  2. board the jeep but tell the driver to drop you off the junction for the Pulangbato Waterfall.
  3. at the junction, there are habal-habal rides that will take you to the falls. You'll pass by the hot springs on the way to the falls.
Travel Tips/Info:
  • best to be wearing hiking shoes for best grip but bring along a pair of flip-flops too
  • Admission Fee for the Falls: Php 10.00 (don't tell them it's cheap! You'll introduce inflation)
  • Admission Fee for the Hot Spring: Php 10.00
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