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A Roof Over my Head in Singapore August 8-22, 2016

A Roof Over my Head in Singapore

GPS waypoint: 1°17'02.5"N 103°51'34.7"E
Location: Singapore

UN-Backpacker Friendly
Singapore is an expensive city and lodging is a major expense for a traveler. It is not backpacker-friendly. The cheapest bunk bed in a dorm room hovers around US$10/night. I cannot sustain that price point. As a general rule, if I have to pay cash for my lodging, I don't go over US$3/night. I had to think fast and survive on my wits to ensure a comfortable night's sleep without hemorrhaging cash.

Arriving Singapore
After the harrowing immigration incident, I found myself in Bugis where I had to find a place to sleep to no avail - Bugis is an upscale district. It was already dark after hooking-up with Eunice, a yogini I met in Bali, and I still had no booking. I didn't get any reply from my email proposals for a hotel web-deal, so I was on my own starting from scratch. In a cafe, I went through Agoda, Hostelworld and until I found the cheapest I could find - Urban Hostel, SG13 for a bunk bed in the Aljeunid area. It was cramped with questionable transients (one of them was wearing a parolee ankle monitor!), but all that mattered to me was a place to rest my weary body after an exhausting day.

Nightly Packing
This would be my pattern for the first 3 nights in Singapore, packing and unpacking every single night to transfer to another hostel where lodging is cheapest. It was tough. I would spend the entire day on the road making deals and have to return back to my hostel at night - but instead of lying down to sleep, I would pack up, take the train and check-in to a cheaper hostel. The pattern repeated itself - Urban Hostel, Coziee Lodge, Gusti Hostel. It was exhausting and nerve wracking. Fortunately, it's only on these three nights I would have to pay for lodging. Had it gone on further, I would have been constrained to leave Singapore.

A Roof Over my Head in Singapore
my most luxurious room in Singapore, at Arcadia Hotel

Meadows Hostel, SingaporeMeadows Hostel
Finally, I was able to talk to a hotel owner (not just a staff) who saw value in what I proposed. We shook hands on the deal and got myself a roof over my head for the next few days. It was a respite I needed. Meadows Hostel is newly opened and the owner is open to ideas that would improve the place. They have capsule beds for backpackers, free breakfast, chill area, free wifi, air conditioning and a great location in the Lavender area.

Meadows Hostel would be a beautiful beginning to the series of hotels I moved to in succession as part on an online deal until my departure from Singapore.

7 Wonders Hostel, Singapore7 Wonders Hostel
They newly opened. Everything was new. I stayed 2 nights in their nicely appointed capsule beds. In its category, I would say they have it figured out the most. All essential backpacker needs are addressed - twin electrical sockets, light, fold-down tray and thick curtains on every bed, cafe with efficient wifi to double as a workspace if not crowded, in-house laundry facilities, compli breakfast and a receptive backpacker community to interact with. The owner, Nazreen, is hands-on who ensures operations go smooth and snag-free.

Arcadia Hotel, SingaporeArcadia Hotel
Arcadia Hotel is also new and the boutique-type, mid-priced hotel I checked-into. Clean, clever use of white space and elegantly muted, its luxurious room was sanctuary for me in the 1 night I stayed there. Breakfast was nicely plated that would rival an upscale resto. The staff were so helpful and friendly. Arcadia was pampering.

Pinnacle Hotel, SingaporePinnacle Hotel
This was where I spent my last night before heading to the airport for Manila. It's under new management - a lot of fixing and cleaning-up to be done, but the new General Manager is on top of things and making things turn-around. As I always do, I pointed out some key areas where he can optimize.

Lavender District
The one good thing that came out of moving from one hostel to another hostel in another neighborhood was getting to explore the new 'hood and discovering little known neighborhood secrets. In my last visit a year ago, I settled in Kallang. Now, my area was Lavender. Most people are familiar with their neighborhoods and wouldn't be bothered to go to another neighborhood and explore. But it's really fun.

Ending Thoughts
I survived 2 weeks in Singapore despite its high cost of lodging. I was lucky to talk directly to decision makers/owners who see a fit with what I'm offering.

What I do for hotels is unique in a way. I make an assessment on key areas that need focus - big things and small things. From sluggish internet to an annoying squeak when a sliding door is opened, to how long you need to hold the flush for the water to go through - housekeeping wouldn't do that and the GM cannot do that. But me as a backpacker who's not too eager to move on, can. I've spent the last 4 years living in hotels so I know what works and what doesn't.

Combining the above with my proprietary online marketing campaign to boost their internet presence in a gamut of fiercely competing hotels, what I put on the table is both compelling and persuasive, given that it is also backed by empirical numbers from Google Analytics.

But at the end of the day, I'm just grateful to have a roof over my head.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively review or assess your hotel from a traveler's perspective, email me.

capsule beds at Meadows Hostel to save money on a dryer, I tied an intricate web of crisscrossing clothes line above my narrow capsule bed to hang my wet clothes with (after a wash cycle). with a set of reliable strings I always carry with me and a mountaineering know-how on ropemanship, a lot of things can be made possible. interacting with the backpacker community of 7 Wonders Hostel
a well thought-through bed - 2 electrical outlets, a light, a fold-down tray and a thick 7 Wonders Hotel breakfast at 7 Wonders Hostel breakfast at the naturally lit resto/cafe of Arcadia Hotel
a hearty breakfast serving at Arcadia Hotel - bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, ham, toast, greens comfy bed and a good night's sleep at Pinnacle Hotel Pinnacle Hotel is an imposing presence on Jalan Besar

Google Map Singapore

tourist attractions in Singapore tourist attractions
  • Little India Little India - Little India is the main tourism hub in Singapore. Friday and Saturday nights become animated with the night market
  • Chinatown Chinatown -colorful and animated with Chinese ware shopping, sumptuous street food and hawker-style eats, try Ah Balling Peanut Soup
  • Orchard Road Orchard Road - upscale shopping and glitzy night life
  • Arab Street Arab Street - backpacker dorms, shisha smoking with Middle Eastern atmosphere
  • Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo - experience the night zoo, S$38
  • Fountain of Wealth Fountain of Wealth - at Suntec City, largest fountain in the world (Guinness Book of Records in 1998), shop-til-you-drop
  • The Southern Ridges The Southern Ridges - best trekking trails in Singapore extending 10kms through lush forest canopy. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery - biggest Buddhist temple in Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands - Singapore's most iconic building and most expensive at US$5.5B. Imagine a surf board on top of three skyscrapers
hotels in Singapore hotel
  • Arcadia Hotel Arcadia Hotel - stylish, modern, urbane, cool and confident. Jalan Besar district
    32 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209201
    +65 6718 0700 | | 1°18'42.0"N 103°51'41.1"E
  • 7 Wonders Hostel 7 Wonders Hostel - backpacker community, sleeping capsules, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, live English Premier League, dining, motion sensor lighting, alfresco outdoor sitting area
    257 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208930
    tel: (+65) 6291 3774 | 1°18'36.2"N 103°51'29.8"E
  • Meadows Hostel Meadows Hostel - newly opened, all new and clean, backpacker capsule beds, central Lavender District location, 24/7 compli tea and coffee, wifi, compli breakfast
    7A Hamilton Road, Kallang, Singapore, Singapore 209178
    tel: 6298.1323 | 1°18'40.2"N 103°51'38.0"E

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August 8-22, 2016

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Singapore Hotels

Arcadia Hotel, Singapore
Arcadia Hotel
stylish modern hotel

7 Wonders Hostel, Singapore

7 Wonders Hostel
sleeping capsules

Meadows Hostel, Lavender, Singapore

Meadows Hostel
backpacker capsule beds