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Dipping at Nabaoy River Dec 14, 2016

Dipping at Nabaoy River

GPS waypoint: 11°53'29.69"N, 121°55'48.04"E
Location: Nabaoy (barangay), Malay (municipality), Aklan (province), Philippines

Long Walk to Bamboo River Resort
After viewing Pangihan Cave, I came upon a local, Tilek, in a carinderia who happened to be the owner of the Bamboo River Resort. It was timely as I was on my way there. We went to her resort by tricycle until the junction and on foot, passing by rice fields in shining green. It was a long walk from the main road. In hind sight, we could have taken a tricycle ride.

Dipping at Nabaoy River
Nabaoy River offers a refreshing dip

Bamboo River Resort
Upon arrival, I also met the husband, Edel. It's a husband-and-wife enterprise. The resort is beside the Boracay Water plant - it's a good landmark. It did create noise but not excessive. The resort itself was quaint with picnic huts and cottages lined-up along the river bank. The facilities need some face-lifting though. This is the only resort on the "other side" of the river. All the others are across the river on the same side as Nabaoy town proper.

Nabaoy River
Taking a few splashes in the river was refreshing and quenching. The fatigue from the long walk dissipated. There was a shallow section on the river to just chill, and a deep section to go for a swim. Along the banks were fresh water springs - I helped myself by drinking as much as I can. I am partial to spring water from an actual spring (not from bottled water). There was even a shrimp fisherman laying down traps.

What's unique about this 8-ha resort is the viewpoint from the hill. The path needed some blazing, but we got up to a clearing where I could see the wind turbines of Nabas and Boracay across the water. The view was wonderful. I suggested they put up bamboo huts on the summit with a balcony equipped with a hammock and offer lodging. I think it's their unique selling point.

Ending Thoughts
There are 2 things going for Nabaoy River. First, is of course, having a refreshing clean water dip with the convenience of a resort for amenities, food and drinks. Second is the awesome view of the surrounding mountains and Boracay Island. If they put up a bamboo hut on the summit with a balcony and a hammock, it would make it more compelling for a multi-day chill.

--- TheLoneRider

this is the Cubay junction from the main road into the swim area of Nabaoy River walking with Tilek towards her resort, passing through lush rice paddies stopping for refill from a water spring Nabaoy River...finally
swimming on the deep end drinking directly from a spring source on the other side of the river where the other resorts and town hall are wading into fresh clear water
Nabaoy River is pristine water was clear shack by the river to leave clothes as you bathe the shrimp fisherman, laying down traps for harvesting the following day
the resort grounds is rich in Narra trees, fruit bearing trees, cacao, etc. cottages are available for overnight stay wooden plank to cross to the other side...but you get your feet wet going up the hill to the viewpoint
seeing the wind turbines of Nabas on the way up panoramic view as we continued the climb across the water is the island of Boracay my gracious hosts, Tilek and Edel

Nabaoy River Cost Index

(US$1 = Php 49.83 as of Dec 15, 2016)
  • PHP 50 resort entrance fee
  • PHP 150 picnic hut
  • PHP 150 one-way tricycle ride from Caticlan to Nabaoy River

Nabaoy River FYI / Tips

  • there is a cheaper way to get to Nabaoy River from Caticlan. From the main road, flag down a tricycle in the direction of Malay proper (west) and get off at the Cubay junction by the bridge, P15. Wait for another tricycle to go into the interior all the way to the Boracay Water plant, P25. This could be a long wait. From Boracay Water, it's a short walk to Bamboo River Resort, one of the resorts along the river.
  • there are resorts on both sides of the river bank and you can cross the river with their foot bridge - but you'll get your feet wet
  • after the cave experience at Pangihan Cave where you're all muddy, the next best thing is to go to Nabaoy River for a clean bath - one tricycle ride away from the town hall

Google Map Malay, Philippines

tourist attractions in Malay tourist attractions
  • Windmills in Malay Wind Tubines - array of wind turbines on a mountain top, panoramic view. P100 motorcycle ride from highway to turbines, P70 on the way back | 11°52'43.55"N, 121°59'10.33"E
  • Naba-oy River in Malay Nabaoy River - cold clean water to take a bath and swim at. P150 one-way tricylcle ride from Caticlan all the way to Nabaoy River | 11°53'29.69"N, 121°55'48.04"E
  • Pangihan Cave in Malay Pangihan Cave - located right in the heart of Malay Poblacion. P50 entrance fee, P250 guide, 1 hour to visit 2 chambers with bats, muddy but no underwater stream | 11°53'50.57"N, 121°54'26.21"E
  • Agnaga Falls in Malay Agnaga Falls - tricycle to Kabulihan P15, habal in Kabulihan P50
  • Agnaga Falls in Malay Nagata Falls - take a bus northbound and get off at Naba-oy town center. Hire a single motorcycle to get you to the falls. Best to get a guide since you cross mountains and rivers. 3 hours hike one-way, ideal to visit on a mountain bike
  • Naasug Point in Malay Naasug Point - dive and swim
  • Malay Ecological Park in Malay Malay Ecological Park - viewdecks, fruit trees, butterfly and botanical garden
  • Motag Living Museum in Malay Motag Living Museum - interactive learning about Malay culture and heritage
hotels in Malay - hotel
  • Caticlan hotel S-E Hotel & Residence - walk to airport, near Jetty Port, parking lot, beachfront
    Caticlan, Malay, Aklan
  • El Cielo Hotel - near airport, walk to Jetty Port
    Caticlan, Aklan, Philippines

Caticlan FYI / Tips

  • getting to Caticlan is easy by any transport mode from major destinations in the Philippines - bus, ships, planes. Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay, a world-famous destination.
  • if you are stranded on a flight out or in of Caticlan, there are hotels walking distance from the airport - El Cielo Hotel and S-E Hotel and Residence

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  1. Boracay - most popular beach in the Philippines
  2. Malay - Nabaoy River, Pangihan Cave, Nagata Falls, Agnaga Falls, Naasug Point, Malay Ecological Park, Motag Living Museum
  3. Nabas - wind tubines, Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs
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  7. Carles | Estancia - Gigantes Island Boat Tour, Lighthouse of Gigantes Island and Bakwitan Cave of Gigantes Island
  8. Iloilo - Batchoy Indulgence
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Mimi LewisMimi Lewis
(Dec 22, 2016) I'm not jealous isn't the slightest!LOL

Maricel MansanoMaricel Mansano
(Dec 22, 2016) Love all you adventures Gigit

Dec 14, 2016

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