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What Do Women Think of Men? Feb 11, 2008

What Do Women Think of Men?

Coming Clean
I'll come clean here. Women have always fascinated me. They're infinitely interesting, alluring, unfathomable, and despite the intimacy, they remain half-wild. I don't mean wild partying by half-wild, but that of a cat - despite the closeness with a pet cat, the 'wild' in them remains. Although the best moments in my life were spent with a woman, they remain enigmatic and for the most part, unattainable. A captivating woman is perhaps the only thing that can convince the atheist in me that there is indeed a God.

What Do Women Think of Men?

The Origin
What's with this article? It all started when I was at a mix party in Toronto when the conversation shifted to being 'master of his domain'. Candidly, I remarked it was a guy thing. Instantaneously, and almost in unison, ALL the women (close friends, acquaintances and even strangers!) at the party rebutted, "IT'S NOT A GUY THING!!!". I blushed and crash-landed on solid ground. It made me realize I don't know shit about women! Despite my fascination about them, I remain clueless.

That got me curious. Actually, very curious. What else don't I know? In private conversations with women, I would often find myself asking them, "What do you think of men? sex? life?". The answers I got are as varied and interesting as the women themselves.

Mars and Venus
So, for the women out there, how about telling us some trivia about men, sex, life, career, etc....stuff that we think we know, but got it ALL WRONG? Trust me, letting us in on that won't take away from your enigmatic allure. For the guys, consider the posted answers as mana from heaven that should be delicately passed on and learned from.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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What Women Have to Say:

Not Pekpek (Not Pussy) Philippines
Pekpek and mga Babae (Women are Pussies). Oddly enough, I have a more, well, chauvinistic perspective on women. I've always been of the opinion that women are the ones who put themselves in their own dumb situations, and have the victim mentality which allows them to constantly see men as the perpetrators in their lives. Women see so many problems in their relationships, and yet there's only one problem with most women: as much as they blame men for thinking with their dicks, at the same time (excuse my terminology) pekpek ang mga babae (women are pussies).

Let me explain. :-) They blame a guy, for example, for cheating on them and they claim to not see it coming. They demand that if guys want out of a relationship, they should say something, shouldn't cheat, should just be honest, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Yet a guy cheating on a woman points to one of two things: one, he's a jerk (or has something wrong with him), and two, he's not happy in the relationship.

Now, kung hindi ka pekpek (and therefore not so blinded by vaginal instincts), the former you should have been able to see (unless he's REALLY good at hiding it, and that's a rarity) and therefore you should have been able to dump him before he cheated on you (unless--and this is usually the case--you didn't want to see it, which brings us back to kapekpekan ng babae). Women who have savior complexes or who hang on to such men for any reason at all deserve what they have coming to them.

The latter you should have seen all the more, because that's usually the product of your relationship. Again, women tend to not want to see things--not want to put two and two together--and then cry that the men didn't show any signs. And men, when they are unhappy in their relationships, do not tend to hide it, and if they do, are extremely poor at it anyway. In connection with this, I find women in general make too many demands out of a relationship, and are always the ones making the unspoken rules, and then end up thinking themselves to be the misunderstood or unappreciated ones.

I'm also against the extreme or uneducated interpretations of feminism (the ones who have read maybe the introduction of a Betty Friedan book, and then go on to demand for "equal" rights but, of course, without the responsibility it entails). They cry that they want the jobs that men have, but most of the time they do not have the capacity to fill men's shoes (the rare women who can are great, by the way, and should not be compared at all to the rest of the female population), like in the most basic case when their very physiology belies their proclaimed ability to make decisions (try to get a woman to think straight on that time of the month, or when they're menopausal). It takes a lot of training (which women haven't had) to deal with their hormones and emotional inclinations, and that's something a lot don't take into consideration when they demand for equal rights. And this is something they won't admit to even if it's pointed out to them right as they're hurling a stapler across the room.

Seriously, equal rights is something that needs to be considered in its entirety, not be a capsuled, shotgun answer to every perceived "inequality" between men and women. At its worst, such feminist inclinations manifest in the weirdest ways: women who freak out at men that try to hold the door open for them, for example.

Anonymous 1Anonymous 1
(May 8, 2008) "pekpek" (pussy) is the worst term a female can use to refer to women. But then again, "your vision of the world is the image of yourself" so I'm quite sorry...for you. At the end of the day, feminism or chauvinism doesnt really matter. Men are human beings, and so are women. it is actually the soul of each person that matters.

(May 5, 2008) I am surprised that a fellow woman thinks so little of the vagina when we are all MADE IN THE VAGINA and came to this world through the vagina. It's the most pleasurable part of a woman's body and the gateway to life! I don't know about the others but mine rocks my world! So needless to say, it deserves better treatment especially from us women.
Likewise, it's simply unfair to make sweeping sexist statements about men and women from a few anecdotes. Sa totoong buhay, there is a world of context which determines how we make relationship decisions, such as power dynamics, concrete conditions, status of the parties involved, etc. Ergo, to say that women's relationship problems boil down to our "being pekpeks," is an unjust oversimplification. Ok lang naman ang mag-expess ng opinion pero sana speak for yourself and not for the rest of us.

(May 5, 2008) Can you believe this entry? Apparently, this is what another girl thinks of women. Am I the only one offended by this?

Ok, dito lang naman ang issue ko (here are my issues). Coming from someone who's been cheated on in the past, not once, not twice, but a few times, I refuse to accept her argument that cheating on someone is something a woman deserves because she should have seen what was coming in the first place. Her two points are:

  1. that the guy is in fact a jerk and you should have seen it coming
  2. that they guy is unhappy and would have shown signs and you should have seen that coming as well

For her first scenario, I'll agree that martyr ang drama mo and that you don't have much willpower and are in fact needy if you stay with a jerk who KEEPS cheating on you but if it happened once, how could you have seen that coming? Pano kung hindi sya jerk sa buong relationship nyo tapos bigla syang nanggago? Does it hold na second scenario na ang dahilan nun? That a guy cheated because he's unhappy? Pwede nga pero ibig ba sabihin nun, pekpek na ang babae dahil hindi nya nakita na porket di na sila masaya eh maghahanap na pala tong si lalake ng iba? In fairness to a few great guys that I know, they may be unhappy for a stage in their relationships but they try to find a way to fix it, not jump into the pants of someone new who comes along. So ibig sabihin, pekpek ako dahil nung di na kami masaya, di ko naman naisip na kaya gawin sakin ng ex ko yun?

Hindi ba lahat naman tayo, regardless of gender, deserve to be respected enough to be told the truth? Ang sinasabi nya, pekpek ang babaeng hindi nakita na gagaguhin sya ng lalake. Wow. Kung alam mo namang gagaguhin ko, itutuloy mo pa ba ang relasyon? Syempre hindi. Her argument says women pretend to be victims and keep blaming the men who cheat when in fact, they are the ones who put themselves in that situation in the first place. How is this possible? Do I wake up one day and tell myself, "I think i want to be with someone who'll cheat on me today"? What are the signs that the guy will cheat? If he looks at other women? If he likes porn? Paki-enlighten nga ako. Kasi sa recent experience ko, I can honestly say that he DID NOT show any signs of cheating. Am I supposed to snoop around so I can find out if indeed a guy will cheat? Ka-psychohan naman yun di ba? So pano mo nga malalaman na gagaguhin ka pala? Pekpek bako kasi hindi ko alam?

hindi naman sarado ang isip ko sa cheating per se. kung sa utak mo, eh okay lang yun, eh di ok, rerespetuhin ko yun. pero yan kasi ang hirap sa atin, we make all sorts of rationalizations and explanations for cheating - dahil di na masaya, dahil psycho yung babae, dahil hindi na sya in love, dahil nanggagago rin naman yung isa. eh hindi ba mas simple na lang na hiwalayan mo na kesa magpanggap ka pa na magjowa/magasawa/magka-live in kayo? kesa dumaan ka pa sa pagtatago at paglilihim ng relasyon? kesa magsinungaling ka pa? of course, this is another question that will spawn a hundred more excuses.

eh kung baligtarin natin? eh kung babae naman ang nanggago? titi ba ang lalake dahil nangyari yun? dapat ba nakita nya maaga pa lang na malandutay pala gelpren nya? o na hindi na sya masaya kaya nya yun nagawa? nakakatawa that this argument tries to take away the responsibility of the action from the main proponent, the cheater, and in fact blames the situation on the cheated (tama ba term ko, hehe?). i don't think the girl who wrote this has been cheated on. or if she did, baka nga pekpek tingin nya sa sarili nya.

at eto pa. wala na pala akong magagawa dahil ang genetic make-up ko eh babae ako na may hormones at nagkakaperiod unless i'm one of the "rare few who are great"?!! so ibig sabihin, hindi nako pwede maging CEO ng IBM dahil ang hormones ko ang nagdidikta ng mga desisyon ko at hindi informed decision yun kung galing sa babaeng dinadatnan buwan-buwan? unless i'm "great", wala nakong karapatan hangarin ang mga trabahong sa lalake lang madalas napupunta katulad ng pagiging presidente ng Pilipinas? maari nga pero i still want to be able to take a stab at it, na hindi mawala ang opportunity na pwede kong maabot yun dahil lang babae ako.

ok rin tong sinulat ni ate, it made me think of the things i value the most.

Anonymous 2
(May 23, 2018) This girl must be a lunatic trying to rationalize her opinion that girls are pekpek (pussies) if they were cheated or if they allow themselves to be cheated on. Girl, I'd say you haven't experienced LIFE're living in your own world imagining your own fantasies...Wake up and do not be so pekpek..that's all I can say!

Not PekpekNot Pekpek
(May 9, 2008) It's so funny. I am so tempted to respond but know better not to. In any case, I hope this generates a lot of traffic...ha-ha-ha. It's great to see all the reactions though. I'm stoked that it's getting attention. Hopefully, it gets a lot of women to look at themselves more.

(Apr 18, 2008) The recent post regarding "women" rings true... Harsh but true.

Ms. Serious / Comatose Philippines
(Jul 31, 2009) Men are the opposite of women, the complementary of all her being... men may not understand where the women are coming from, and women would never embrace the points-of-view of men.. But when put together, the two fascinate one another and the journey to the unknowing begins.
Sex is the union of two bodies...without love, this is just an act to satisfy the physical needs...Life is the way we want to live, the reality of everything you want, the result of your actions and decisions.

r.majere Philippines
(Nov 4, 2008) I came across a book that plucked a smile from me, the title is "Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. End of Story." (hehe!). I think men and women can settle their so-called differences if each would be nice enough to understand beyond her menstrual cramps and why he ditches her for another. Anatomically, all women are the same. I haven't come across a woman who has her privates horizontally placed instead of the usual vertical orientation! So why does she get ditched for another? Easier said than done, she should know that the key to keeping him with her is simply on improving her PRESENTATION. Smile when he comes home or when you see him, don't engage in shouting matches when you're in the middle of a busy street, and those small things that we think are not essential. Men, most of them, love it when there's something "new" which is pretty much of what women feel when she gets something new from him.

no name Philippines
You are right about the wildness of women. I think conflicts in a relationship arise when a man try to dominate a woman. Men are boys. What they used to do to their mothers to get their way is what they'll do to their partners. And then they expect their partners to respond the way their mothers responded to them. In sex, many men think that when something feels good to them it also feels good to the woman. Very wrong. For one, I've yet to meet a woman who enjoys giving head to a man. Men are visual, women are tactile. Men may enjoy the sight of a woman's breast and vagina, but he should not expect a woman to be equally mesmerized at the sight of a man's penis.

DangDang Philippines
"Boys will be boys"...Once an asshole, will always have the repeated tendency

EmpressEmpress Philippines
In sex, men should know how to satisfy their women, be a wild reader, do your research. Learn how to find the g-spot because women do their research too. Well, I don't know about the others but I do, hahaha.

no name Philippines
I would love to be treated as a partner, not just a GF or a wife or a mother. I hate it when a man treats me like a dampsel in distress who couldn't even cross a street or carry my own bag. But I would still like men to open doors for me, not those exag things men do to women just to show how gentlemen they are.

no name Philippines
Not all women like kikay stuff.

no name Philippines
Men should look in women's eyes when they're talking to them. Boobs can't talk back.

no name Philippines
on cheating: a guy who cheats has grown lost and delirious...aside from the fact that he is a loser to us, he doesn't have the balls to stand up to his commitment or choice to be with who he wants to be lust or in get real man!

no name Philippines
on breakups: i would rather that the guy be honest about what he's really feeling instead of beating around the bush and not stating the obvious. sometimes, you still have to spell it out for us, it's not enough that you pull away or ignore. if you're decent, the least you could do is say you don't want this anymore (even if you don't give a reason why)
also, if you're attracted to someone else and you're already thinking of acting upon the attraction, do the both of us a favor and break up with me instead of having to find out the hard way that you're cheating.
don't say i love you just to get into someone's pants. that's so dark ages

ArianeAriane Philippines
We love it and hate it at the same time when when men tend to become protective.

no name Philippines
Love isn't enough, contrary to popular belief. A woman can still want out in the relationship even if she still loves the man.

no name Philippines
for a woman, what makes for a real man is how he treats the women in his life

no name Philippines
although men would like to claim authority on all things sexual, I bet they can't tell if we really climaxed or just gave them award-winning performances at times when they can't make it happen for us.

no name Philippines
I think sex is sex..nothing mythical about it...we too are creatures made by flesh...base...though that, sex is still best shared with the man who cares for us...and oh, we love it better when a man can turn us upside down in both foreplay and sex (laughs)

no name Philippines
size matters...equally important is how they use it

no name Philippines
we like to be complimented, a lot!!! Though we say you might be nambobola, insist still...LAUGHS

no name Philippines
life - I create my purpose based from reality and where my heart leads me to

no name Philippines
think outside this box

no name Philippines
It is strange how some men seem to think that women are seduced by money and power. But then again, we dont mind being pampered, just as long as they dont forget that they cant buy our love.

no name Philippines
important - savvy seduction...subtle priming...even before foreplay

no name Philippines
size matters

no name Philippines
men are babies

no name Philippines
a woman can have BOTH a career and family

What Men Have to Say:

(3 May 2008) UP Mountaineers! Chillax lang. hindi lahat ng babae ganun, some actually have bigger balls than some men and some actually have better spidersenses. Although i gotta say i've yet to see a woman who is still on even keel even on that time of the month. On her point about wanting equal rights and yet not being able to cope with them is totally wrong. Human rights are an unalienable given, even when you totally don't deserve any because of your actions that have been detrimental to society, or because your a sick psychopath who likes to torture and kill or a war criminal or have committed plunder on a poverty stricken country or your initials are pgma.

DennisDennis Lopez
(2 May 2008) chillax! you can discuss pero it's more for the benefit of the readers than the person who wrote this in the first place. If someone is totally convinced about something, it's hard to prove to them otherwise. Medyo di nga lang okay ang mag-generalize sa mga opinyon kasi mahirap patunayan sa huli.

General Comments:

EdEd Philippines
(May 2, 2008) akala ko naman may picture ng pekpek. (I thought I'd see a pussy picture)

Mark AnthonyMark Anthony R. Samson
(May 2, 2008) mabuhay ang mga pekpek! (long live pussies!)

(Apr 7, 2008) I didn't know you're an atheist.

(Feb 14, 2008) fascinating, that mind of yours and the things you come up with for topics! haha

(Feb 12, 2008) I believe you mentioned the "master of his domain" at Philip's place when he and I celebrated our birthdays. It could have been part of the men masturbating more than women and Dawne and I had to correct you on being oh so wrong.

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