PRESS STATEMENT: 10 February 2009

Mayor's Sister Evicted from Boracay's SandCastles-The Apartments

BORACAY ISLAND - The sister of the mayor of Boracay was evicted Tuesday from the Boracay apartment building she had illegally taken over by force from the Australian owner last year.

The recovery of the 5-star SandCastles-The Apartments, heralds freedom for Mrs Viveca Hutchinson, who had been holed up in the upper floors for nearly 100 days, giving her, her husband Greg, 5-year-old twins Jenet and Joshua, and housekeepers Lerma Rose Machado and Ricci Gado celebrity status of sorts in the international media as "Penthouse Captives".

"But there was nothing funny about the trauma wrought by Mrs Editha Cawaling Meren, sister of Malay (Boracay) mayor Ceciron Cawaling, and co-leader of the invasion of SandCastles, Ms Evangeline Dalino," said Mrs Hutchinson.

The twins, Lerma and Greg flew to safety out of harm's way a month ago.

"But we consider ourselves not yet out of the woods. Dalino is the flipside of Meren, illegally occupying the remainder of SandCastles since the November 5 armed invasion and she is still there pending judgment in the Forcible Entry case," declared Mrs Hutchinson.

"However, we can announce that SandCastles-The Apartments will be back in business, offering the tropical chic style of accommodation and service that it has become known for."

"It will require a bit of a make-over in the meantime after the damage done by Meren and Dalino."

Viveca F Hutchinson 0920 558 7188

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