Besieged at Boracay SandCastles / hutchinsons
Nov 13, 2008
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Building a castle in the sand proved to be a providential move for Australian Greg Hutchinson, who set up SandCastles Resort on the largely winsdswept shores of Borarcay circa 1989, roughly a decade before commercialization got wind of the island paradise. Soon After completing a law degree, he accepted a job at Reuters and off he went to his first assignment in Asia, never to look back. The rest, as they say, is history.

It was in Boracay that he and his wife Viveca, a Filipina, first set eyes on each other. A year later in 1993, they tied the knot in a solemn ceremony in Sydney, which marked the beginning of a life of love and adventure - truly the stuff of dreams.

He was a journalist and she was in advertising but they both shared a passion for traveling and the love of tribal life which took them to distant corners of the globe and remote areas in the Philippines.

Viveca took over the reins as the general manager of SandCastles Resort, while Greg is currently the president and chairman of their two companies, Tribal Holdings, which owns and manages SandCastles, and Tribal Adventure Tours Inc., which promotes and arranges exciting expeditions across the country. The charming SandCastles Resort is also among the places the Hutchinsons call home.