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Zeitgeist Addendum Aug 15, 2010

Zeitgeist Addendum

Rating: star star star star star (5 stars out of 5)
Release Date: 2008
Cast: Jacque Fresco, John Perkins
Director: Peter Joseph
Writer: Peter Joseph
Genre: Documentary, History

PART 2: Economic Hitmen, Jackals and the US Military

In 1953, TIME's Man of the Year, Iran's head of state, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh went nationalist and demanded higher oil prices from the US oil companies. The US didn't like that. So they sent a CIA operative, Kermit Roosevelt, who did a fantastic job overthrowing Mossadegh and having him replaced by the pro-US, Shah of Iran. Oil status-quo was then restored in favor of the US. In Washington, the top brass found the whole exercise extremely efficient and cheap. Why send in the military when we can create internal turmoil within that country and bring it to its knees for much less money? That created the template for a new breed of economic saboteurs - the economic hitman.

   There are 2 ways to enslave society. One is through the sword. The other one is through debt.   

Economic Hitman
There was in interview of John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, about the myriad methods employed by an economic hitman to economically dominate a country through the crafty use of debt - huge debts. Here's the play by play.

  1. The US, through private corporations identifies a target country with rich natural resources - oil, mineral deposits, lumber, etc.
  2. It sends an economic hitman to offer the target country, huge loans secured from US-controlled financial institutions (eg. World Bank, IMF, etc.) to build infrastructure - factories, power plants, ports, etc. It's a debt that benefits a few rich families. The repayment of that loan however, is borne by the whole country, more specifically, by the poor who comprise the majority of the population.
  3. Because of the size of the debt, the target country is unable to repay that debt. But that's part of the big plan.
  4. When the debt is not serviced, the economic hitman comes back to the target country and makes any of the following demands:
    • the country sells its natural resources at dirt cheap prices to US corporations. Example? Picop, a US corporation, wiped out 97% of the forest system of Negros Island to produce paper. I bet you they wouldn't do that to their Yellowstone National Park!
    • allow the installation of a US military base (Clark Air Base? Subic Naval Base?)
    • support US effort in an offshore war (the Philippines was made to send troops to fight the US war in Vietnam)
    • cast votes in the UN in support of US interest
    • privatize national assets (water, school system, electricity, sewage system, penal system, etc.) to US corporations at dirt cheap prices

Refining the System
The US perfected the method by running the process through the private sector (not the CIA) - through US-controlled global financial institutions like the World Bank and the IMF, and hiring private corporations who then employ economic hitmen. Should the scam be exposed, there is deniability by the US government.

When the economic hitman fails to corrupt the decision makers of the target country, the campaign moves into higher gear by sending in the CIA-sponsored Jackals. Jackals are essentially assassins. They take the problem out. In 1954, Guatemalan president, Jacobo Arbenz Gusman, instituted giving land rights to the people of Guatemala. United Fruit, a US corporation, making a lot of money in Guatemala, didn't like that. It created a negative public relations campaign to Washington, painting Arbenz as a Soviet puppet. The US sent the jackals to take Arbenz out. The pro-US guy who replaced Arbenz reinstated everything in favor of the multi-national companies, including United Fruit.

Jackals in Action
Jackals were also used to take out Jaime Roldos Aguilera of Ecuador (died in a plane crash), President Omar Torrijos of Panama when he was assassinated in 1981 (another plane crash). They failed however to remove Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, who still rules to this day.

Military Troops
The first line of offense is the economic hitmen. If they fail to corrupt the government, the 2nd line of offense is employed, sending in the jackals to either assassinate the head of state or overthrow the government. If that fails, as in the case of Iraq, they employ the 3rd line of offense - US military. With the US's arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons of war, they brought Iraq to its knees. US corporations benefitted largely from reconstruction deals, rebuilding the country they had just bombed out of the map.

Covert Institutions
There are also powerful elements who preside over covert institutions who meet behind closed doors. They are not democratically elected but they shape our political, economic and social landscape. The movie didn't talk much about these groups but it might be worthwhile to Google them:

  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • Bilderberg Meeting

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