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Pizza Nite with Nut, Monika and Yuki food Pizza

Pizza Nite with Nut, Monika and Yuki

(Sep 27, 2021) It was Nut's last full day in Chiang Mai before heading back to Chonburi. It has already been a full day of Vinyasa Yoga at One Nimman and a bone-chilling ice bath. But hey, there's no such thing as a full day when it's all about Pizza Nite.....more »»

23-Minute Ice Bath yoga

23-Minute Ice Bath

(Sep 27, 2021) After a 23-minute ICE BATH, I thought I would just come out shivering like all my other ice baths. I wasn't prepared for what happened next. 24 hours after, I'm still recovering...feeling fragile from that ordeal.....more »»

Pizza Nite with Nut, Simona and Malee food Pizza

Pizza Nite with Nut, Simona and Malee

(Sep 23, 2021) With Nut's visit to Chiang Mai from Chomburi, it was Pizza Nite waiting to happen. I missed Malee's spunk and snap - she had to be there. With Simona an increasing constant in my peoplescape, it wouldn't be complete without her. With 3 bottles of wine, it was fireworks of food, fun and pizza!....more »»

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) yoga

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)

(Sep 23, 2021) Tall claims about Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) have been made by realized masters including Vipassana guru, S.N. Goenka and Tibetan Buddhist, Lama Thubten Yeshe, who authored Bliss of Inner Fire (Tummo Yoga). What exactly is Yoga Nidra? more »»

Making Cornbread recipes

Making Cornbread

(Sep 15, 2021) Pamela started talking about her younger years in Alabama where her Mom used to make the best cornbread on the planet. That was it! My next project was cornbread. I also have fond memories of cornbread at Kenny Roger's resto chain. Cornbread it is!....more »»

Kombucha: 2nd Batch recipes

Kombucha: 2nd Batch

(Sep 11, 2021) The first fermentation from a gifted scoby went like clockwork with a minor tweak. It was time to transfer the kombucha to individual bottles for the 2nd fermentation, and to make another batch.....more »»

Making German Stollen Bread recipes

Making German Stollen Bread

(Sep 9, 2021) When I was in Danang, Vietnam in 2018, I came upon a German deli selling the traditional German Christmas bread - Stollen Bread. It was love at first bite. The taste resembled a fruit cake, but this one was sweeter and breadier. I left Danang since, but Stollen Bread never left me. Frustrated over its scarcity and perhaps price, and considering I now live in a hotel with a fully functioning bakery, I embark on making my own Stollen Bread!....more »»

Pizza Nite with Jackson, Goi and Paapu food Pizza

Pizza Nite with Jackson, Goi and Paapu

(Sep 6, 2021) I just met Jackson while kayaking on the Ping River. I haven't hung-out with Paapu in a while. Goi felt like a resurgence. They don't know each other. Individually, they're all good energy. Together, how will the synergy work out?....more »»

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