IcebathIcebath at Hostel 7 Cebu

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Icebath at Hostel 7 Cebu

Nov 12, 2022 (Saturday), 10 am (come on time, we start on time)

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Hostel 7 Cebu, enter the driveway between 7-11 and Casa Rosario Hotel

Towel and wet wear

Primer talk on icebath, breathwork (to generate heat)

People take turns on a drum full of iced water and endure the cold. This is a test of endurance for the body, a test of equanimity for the mind and a test of strength for the spirit. A preparatory talk and breathing session is included.

Session Flow:

  1. Introduction - why an icebath? What are the benefits? How did this become popular? Who is Wim Hof?
  2. Breathing - learning how to inflate the 4 cavities of the lungs. Learning how to hold the breath.
  3. Observing with a non-reactionary mind - observe the breath-hold while keeping the balance of the mind. Observing panic without panicking
  4. Icebath - smallest to tallest to control the water level. 2 minutes max for initial plunge.
  5. Kapalabhati breathing - one minute then rest. This generates heat to offset the cold


  1. Triggers para-sympathetic nervous mode - takes the nervous system out of the fight-or-flight mode (sympathetic mode) and into the rest-and-covery mode (para-sympathetic mode) allowing for cell healing, reduced blood pressure, efficient digestion, reduced respiratory rate.
  2. Increases heart-rate variability - the vagus nerve is activated and allows the heart to respond appropriately and responsively to changing environmental situations
  3. Strength - the primordial instinct of our hunter-gatherer ancestors are activated resulting in increases strength
  4. Vitality - an ice plunge has a jolting effect that snaps you out of depression, of feeling down, or feeling chronic sadness
  5. Resilience from disease - since your immune system is strengthned and no longer taxed uncessarily, you develop increased resistance against disease
  6. Strengthens the mind - if you observe the discomfort without reacting to it, the mind is strengthened

Length of Immersion:
For 1st timers, 30 seconds is good. For maximum benefit, 2 minutes is suggested. Short dips are encouraged after the initial dip, with everyone taking turns.

Moderator: Gigit Sulit
Gigit has been practicing and conducting icebaths in Thailand using the Wim Hof protocol. With his yoga background, elements of yogic breathing and mental-focus are also incorporated into the session. This produces a lingering vitality that could last throughout the day.

Event Duration:
90 minutes

P500.00/pax (please sign-in with advance payment using QR code - non-refundable as we order additional ice for you)

1) No shower facilities in premises (so please take your shower before coming)
2) No drop-ins, please sign-up and pay first.
3) To get an idea what an icebath session is all about, read the blog.

To participate:

Sign-up Deadline is Nov 11, 12 midnight (because we have to buy the ice first thing in the morning of Nov 12)

  1. Pay through the GCash QR Code

    Icebath at Hostel 7 Cebu
  2. Sign-up below:

  3. When we receive your payment and registration, your name will be posted on this page under "Participants" (below)

PARTICIPANTS: Anas, Sandro, Francis, Mathew, Klaudette, Jeanette + 1, Mikko, Gigit