GI GIT: English Teacher English teacher in Chiang Mai

GI GIT: English Teacher

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About Teacher Gigit

native English speaker
well traveled
university teacher

TEACHER GIGIT is a native English speaker who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in a prestigious university. He lived in New York for 5 years and lived in Canada for 15 years and traveled Asia (Myanmar, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Myanmar and Nepal) immersing himself in a diversity of different cultures. He loves languages, travel, regional cuisines and celebrates culture and people.

Career Highlights

  • Taught online English to Koreans via video cam
  • English content writer for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's (CIBC) Internet Cafe program
  • Writes in English content for website and magazine articles
  • Gives English public talks about traveling, yoga, spirituality, tourism, etc.
  • Personal English teacher to a celebrated Vietnamese film director
  • Taught English to the monastics of Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village in Thailand
learning English conversation, grammar and vocabulary

What You Will Learn
(in the following order)

  • Conversational English
  • Increased vocabulary - more basic and commonly used nouns and verbs
  • Correct pronounciation
  • Introduction of adjectives
  • Introduction of adverbs
  • Sentence composition
  • Creative ways to say the same thing in English
  • Correct spelling
  • Correct grammar - only to the advanced student. I have always held the notion that grammar is too confusing and complicated to anyone just beginning to learn English.
    Example: I eat rice yesterday.
    It's grammatically wrong, but you understand perfectly what is being said. It is easier for a student to understand and use a simple verb than to teach the numerous verb conjugation of "eat" as in:
    1. I ate yesterday.
    2. I was eating yesterday.
    3. I have eaten yesterday.
    4. I had been eating yesterday.
    You can see how the early introduction of grammar can be so confusing and frustrating to students that they shut down and resort to memory without understanding. Thus, they will refuse to speak English.


from the monastics of Plum Village

Jim WardJim Ward (acting Language Program Director)
(Apr 1, 2017) The first 'test' year of the teaching program ended this of 4 teachers were sent from Philippines. Would you have interest in a return teaching stint under the same conditions within this year? Consensus was...they loved you there. (The monastics)...still RAVE about you. I guess it was your no pressure yet calm and balanced approach with your students...from what I gathered. You made quite an impact. You are still 'the legend' in Plum Village, Pak Chong.

diem_nghiemSis. Diem Nghiem
(Mar 20, 2016) Dear teacher, I am really feel thankful to you, because you have contributed wholeheartedly to good energy source of the Sangha. I see you happy, we happy too. I hope that you'll come back here and teach us more. I know that all of us brought many happy to you also. "We are the leaves of one tree. We are the waves of one sea. We are the stars of one sky. The time has come for all to live as one. We live together." I hope you have enough friends, time, health, money...for traveling anywhere you want to go.

nguyen_sinhBro. Nguyen Sinh
(Mar 20, 2016) When we are happy, everything will be okay. Don't forget, practise meditation everyday.

phuong_kheSis. Phuong Khe
(Mar 18, 2016) Dear brother, thank you for present in here, to bring diligent energy to do everything. I'm happier than I'm before, after studying English class and practicing yoga and I feel I'm stronger, healthier, solider, peacer than I was. I can see one thing - that the good mind, gentle speak, compassion heart spread good energy to everyone and everyone around you has benefit so much. So I wish, where you come, you bring that happy energy to everybody. Be happy, be healthy, be your self.

tue_giacBro. Tue Giac
(Mar 20, 2016) I become more diligent in learning English whenever I remember your sharing, "the more you make mistakes, the more you learn." Thanks for everything you have done. I wish you always generate a lot of mindful energy for your daily life.

nen_ngocSis Nen Ngoc
(Mar 20, 2016) Dear teacher, by the time you stay here, I nourish myself everyday with yoga exercises and lived English which you gave us. I feel a lot beter after every studying. Thanks for be here, teach us and bring good energy to our monastery. I will remember your words, "If you don't feel excited with life, there's something wrong" and "One strong self will be able to spread peace to the world" (I don't remember clearly your words, but main content is like this.) They also remind me of my way of living. Very hope to see you again. Happy teacher, you are changing the world (and we are too). Goodbye.

dinh_lucBro. Dinh Luc
(Mar 20, 2016) I feel very happy when I met you and I feel we're happy when I have a chance to study English with you. You already made me more excited in English. I think my capacity in English will be improved after this class. Thank you for your wholeheartedly.

Bro. Ha Tam
(Mar 20, 2016) The happy teacher can change the world! I believe that. You will become a happy teacher within mindfulness.