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May 12, 2008

Olympus SW 770 Digicam

TO: Assistant Secretary xxxxxxxxxx

Dear Madam,

I was directed by Mr. xxxxxxx to your office regarding my complaint against Electron World, an electronic store located within the TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.

I purchased an Olympus Mu770 digital camera from Electron World at the TriNoma Mall last August. In March, still under the warranty period, my digicam was flooded with salt water within a depth 2 feet when I went snorkeling. It was supposed to be waterproof up to 33 feet. I had it brought back for replacement. Electron World refused to replace the unit and instead offered to replace the lens! The entire guts of the camera was flooded with salt water, and they want to replace the lens? It seemed like a run-around. We had to threaten with a lawsuit and media exposure for them to agree in replacing it with a newer model, the Mju 1030SW, since the Mu770 was already known to have waterproofing issues.

We waited a month before they called us to say that the brand new replacement is available for pick-up.

When I picked it up last April 30, the 'brand new' unit did not come in a box, and was instead wrapped in bubble-wrap. And it wasn't the Mju1030SW, but the same old Mu770. I protested, but they insisted there was no box available and that they had to exhaust the Mu770s before they touch the Mju1030SW. I felt dubious about the whole thing but took the unit with me anyway.

Upon reaching home where I had my glasses, I noticed minute scratches on the unit. It was obviously a refurbished unit and not brand new. The most damning evidence however, was that the picture of the previous owner was still in the built-in memory of the camera.

This is a clear misrepresentation of Electron World. They've dealt in bad faith from day 1 by being duplicitous and reneging the product warranty they are contractually obligated to uphold.

Your assistance in persuading Electron World to simply do the right thing is greatly appreciated. They should, without any further delay, or double-talk or run-around, replace the camera with a brand new Mju1030SW that comes in a sealed box.

    Other Facts:
  • Electron World contact person: xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Electron World head office: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Electron World claim/service receipt: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Mju770 (originally purchased August 10, 2007) serial # xxxxxxxxxx
  • Mju770 (used replacement) serial # xxxxxxxxxx
    Attached are the following:
  • my digital signature
  • a picture of the replacement camera with the picture of the previous owner still inside

Thankfully yours,

Signed Name