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Yoga Modeling for the Feati School of Fine Arts art
Yoga Modeling for the Feati School of Fine Arts
(Feb 4, 2016) When I was invited to model some yoga poses by the Feati School of Fine Arts for their Annual Faculty Students and Alumni Exhibit, it was a chance for me to do something new and exciting - I didn't hesitate to say yes....more »»

Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho chill
Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho
(Jan 30, 2016) Hoochie Coochie Mikkie gives an electrifying performance at Catch 272 Boho with his unique style of Delta-meets-Texas Blues, performing classics from Stevie Ray Vaughan, the old Blues greats of Mississippi Delta and his own songs...more »»

Julia Clarette's Farewell Performance at 12 Monkeys chill
Julia Clarette's Farewell Performance at 12 Monkeys
(Jan 26, 2016) In a conversation at a QC pub, I told Julia that I have yet to have a signature song from I have 'Forever Young' with Noli Aurelio and 'Rage' by Chikoy Pura. She invited me to be her guest at her farewell gig at 12 Monkeys for me to make my choice.....more »»

Catching-up with Chikoy Pura and Julia Clarette at My Bro's Mustache chill
Catching-up with Chikoy Pura and Julia Clarette at My Bro's Mustache
(Jan 21, 2016) It was a treat to finally listen to Chikoy Pura's gig at My Bro's Mustache where he belted out old time classics including Rage and a tribute to David Bowie's Space Oddity. It was a double header as old friend Julia Clarette joined me for the evening for a lot of catching up....more »»

Dong Abay Rocks 70s Bistro chill
Dong Abay Rocks 70s Bistro
(Jan 19, 2016) I didn't know Dong Abay but I've heard his name tossed around in the music scene. Elwyn posts a lot of Dong's gigs - that alone tells me Dong Abay is someone to watch. I wasn't disappointed....more »»

Tribal Adventures in Coron at SandCastles Palawan with Outback Greg traveling
Tribal Adventures in Coron with Outback Greg
(Jan 13-17, 2016) After the holidays in Manila, it was time to hit the beaches of Coron (Busuanga) again for that laid-back lifestyle of sun and sea. My adventure buddy, Outback Greg was ever ready to spice things up....more »»

Blues is Alive and Kickin' in Manila chill
Blues is Alive and Kickin' in Manila
(Jan 6, 2016) Manila is a Pandora's Box with a cache load of traffic, congestion, pollution and people with short fuses. But it's underlying hope lies underneath its belly, in it's vibrant music bars where the knee-stomping Blues music resonate through its walls with its own community who have now become familiar faces. Yes, Blues music comes alive in Manila....more »»

2015: A Year in Review lucid thoughts
2015: A Year in Review
(Dec. 31, 2015) 2015: A Year in Review....more »»

Yuletide Season in Manila traveling
Yuletide Season in Manila
(Dec 20, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015) After 7 months in Cebu, it was time to head up to Manila to spend the holidays with my Dad who is recovering from his cancer treatment. Manila is unique for the Blues. In Southeast Asia, even with all other cities in the Philippines, you don't see Blues the way they play it here. Of course, it was an opportunity to meet up with old friends....more »»

Goodbye Cebu...Daghang Salamat! traveling
Goodbye Cebu...Daghang Salamat!
(Dec 20, 2015) my last few days in Cebu were marked by the holidays. It was a festive way to say goodbye to a place I hold dear to me, to all the lovely people who have opened their doors and welcomed me with open hearts....more »»

Satoshi Nakamoto - Bitcoin Creator people
Satoshi Nakamoto - Bitcoin Creator
(Dec 8, 2015) It is not clear if Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person or a group of people. The name is a pseudonym for the creator of the Bitcoin - a radically new concept in digital currency that could revolutionize the financial landscape by empowering people to be their own banks effectively neutralizing government intervention and bank control....more »»

Bitcoin - the Liberation of Currency lucid
Bitcoin - the Liberation of Currency
(Dec 7, 2015) Money has always been the instrument of oppression and control by governments and the banks. With the way money is created by the Federal Reserve and the interest levied on everyone for its use, the system is rigged to put us all into indentured slavery...until now. With Bitcoin, banks are rendered obsolete and government control neutralized. We now become our own banks, empowered to trade goods and services directly without the banks (and its usurious fees), no currency convertion, with instantaneous results. And the only way to shut this system down is to shut down the internet!....more »»

Into the Realm of Jiu-jitsu fitness
Into the Realm of Jiu-jitsu
(Dec 5, 2015) I first heard of Jiu-jitsu back in the early days of UFC when Hoyce Gracie dominated the Octagon. I've always been curious. When I talked to Firoz at his Firozian Restaurant the other day, he told me that after 4 years practising Jiu-jitsu, the spiritual side of the martial arts was revealing itself to him. That got my attention. He invited me to a complimentary class. I couldn't say no.....more »»

Exploring Bohol traveling
Exploring Bohol
(Nov 28-30, 2015) After several failed attempts in the past to visit Bohol, it finally happened. Metz, together with the Qualfon crew, tagged me along for a long weekend road trip around Bohol that took us to the zipline of Danao, Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier sanctuary and the famous Alona Beach in Panglao....more »»

Yoga Adjustment and Alignment yoga
Yoga Adjustment and Alignment
(Nov 11, 2015) It is standard practice for a yoga teacher to align the student for proper body geometry or to adjust the student to sink deeper into the pose. Does it follow then that a student who can reach his toes is doing better yoga than the one who can't? If a perfect yoga pose is going to your safety edge and taking refuge in the breath, then why is it necessary to adjust the student to sink deeper into the pose?....more »»

Smoked Salmon-Belly Pizza on BBQ Sauce recipes
Smoked Salmon-Belly Pizza on BBQ Sauce
(Dec 8, 2015) How to make smoked salmon-belly pizza on bbq sauce from scratch....more »»

Meditation Basics meditation
Meditation Basics
(Nov 7, 2015) A basic guide to meditation....more »»

Pilipino Time Lucid Thoughts
Pilipino Time
(Oct 30, 2015) I had a conversation with an educated upwardly mobile Filipina executive who heads a department for a multinational company. On the subject of being 'on time', she said a few things that underscored for me, just how deeply ingrained Pilipino time is, in our culture....more »»

French Toast recipe
French Toast
(Oct 25, 2015) How to make Homemade French Toast....more »»

The Duterte Phenomenon lucid
The Duterte Phenomenon
(Oct 21, 2015) When Secretary of Justice, Leila de Lima, went live with her ranting on the lawlessness of Davao former-mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, the public was quick to unleash its fury on her...despite her adherence to law and order, and more surprisingly, despite Duterte's openly public stance on arbitrary execution of known criminals. There is a huge public clamor for Duterte to run for president despite his clear refusal to assume such public office. I call this the Duterte Phenomenon. What's with it?....more »»


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