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3-Night Cebu Stopover traveling

3-Night Cebu Stopover

(Apr 6-9, 2017) I could have gone straight to Apo Island, but by-pass Cebu City? It would seem rude to ignore a benevolent destination I've had memorable moments with. Besides, I am excited to see my friends - and I am grateful to have plenty of that in the city.....more »»

Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye traveling

Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye

(Apr 6, 2017) After nearly 3 months in Camotes Islands, the need to move on became apparent - my benevolent universe showed me the telltale signs. Having accomplished much of what I set out to do on the island, staying any further would seem like over-extending my welcome. I cannot be more grateful for the abundance, the friendship, the learning and all the experience that enhanced my journey. Daghang salamat Camotes Islands!....more »»

A Culture of Noise sliceoflife

A Culture of Noise

(Apr 5, 2017) Filipinos embrace a festive culture characterized by music and fanfare. Silence is simply not part of the local culture - it is looked upon as lonely and undesirable. However, the music is cranked-up to nauseating noise levels that reflects something already dysfunctional in the culture. Camotes Islands, as much as I love this place, is perhaps the perfect example.....more »»

Exploring Tulang Diot (Little Island) traveling

Exploring Tulang Diot (Little Island)

(Apr 2, 2017) From the main Camotes Island, Tulang Diot is just a kilometer away north of Sonog in San Francisco. You could see the white sand beach and the boat is just P10/pax, one way. With no electricity, they have no karaoke - that's music to my ears!....more »»

In Search of the Hidden Beach traveling

In Search of the Hidden Beach

(Apr 1, 2017) When I zoomed-in on my Maps.Me app, I saw this circular beach about 50 feet across with a narrow 8-ft sea entrance through the limestone rocks. There were no roads to it and even the narrow trail marks stopped far from it. It looked isolated and hidden from everyone. Google Maps didn't even show it. It was too easy to miss-off from the map since it was so tiny. Time to do some exploring on my bicycle to see if it exists!....more »»

Pizza-Making Party in Camotes Islands food

Pizza-Making Party in Camotes Islands

(Mar 25, 2017) Friends celebrate friendship by rolling up their sleeves and making pizza for friends. That's how it was for Alyssha, Charlotte and myself at Camotes Islands. Pizza dough from scratch and blow-your-doors-off toppings to rejoice new beginnings.....more »»

Zesto and Exploited Child Labor sliceoflife

Zesto and Exploited Child Labor

(Mar 20, 2017) Zesto hired impressionable young high school students from Poro to man their booth at the recent San Francisco fiesta. After the event, they were not paid. They had to skip school and come back Monday noon to get their money. Already 7pm at night, they were still waiting for their pay.....more »»

The Bayot (Gay) Construction Worker snapshot

The Bayot (Gay) Construction Worker

(Mar 20, 2017) He walks with a pelvic grind, poses with a feminine demeanor - almost demure. But she works as a construction worker carrying heavy payload on his back. It felt wrong!....more »»

Yoga Calisthenics in Camotes Islands fitness

Yoga Calisthenics in Camotes Islands

(Mar 3, 2017) Stumbling upon Chris Heria's calisthenics video was mind-blowing. Planche? Human flag? Muscle-up? I was stoked. I wanted to do everything he does. Do I abandon my yoga for this? I pondered and had my Eureka moment. I can have my cake and eat it too!....more »»

Exploring Bukilat Cave, Camotes Islands caving

Exploring Bukilat Cave, Camotes Islands

(Feb 28, 2017) With its cathedral-like expanse and its 'light of Bethlehem' emanating from its top openings beaming down on you as a divine sign, Bukilat Cave makes for an interesting stop in Camotes Islands....more »»
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Exploring Tudela and Busay Falls, Camotes Islands

(Feb 21, 2017) Exploring Tudela on a bike, I saw a sign to Busay Falls. Having biked 12 kms under the heat, it was too tempting. From the paved road, it was still a hike along single foot tracks crossing 2 streams until I reached it. It was a refreshing dip to say the least.....more »»
Settling Down in Camotes Islands traveling

Settling Down in Camotes Islands

(Feb 19, 2017) After a month in Camotes Islands, I decided to renew my stay by another month. I'm ok to think I'll be here on a month by month basis - that's as far as I can stretch my here-and-now. Accordingly, I've settled quite comfortably in my rented room, developing my own routine, and even buying essential household things. This is as close as I get to having a home.....more »»
Clam Chowder Pizza from Scratch on a Rice Cooker recipes

Clam Chowder Pizza from Scratch on a Rice Cooker

(Feb 15, 2017) Bringing my small rice cooker with me from Cebu City, I'm back to being a guerilla chef in Camotes Islands. Armed with a Swiss Army knife, a little tenacity and a childlike curiosity, I play alchemist in my small room/office/kitchen. With the abundance of fresh picked clams by the sea, I roll-up my sleeves for my first ever Clam Chowder Pizza.....more »»
Exploring Holy Crystal Cave of Camotes Islands caving

Exploring Holy Crystal Cave of Camotes Islands

(Feb 9, 2017) Camotes Islands offer just about everything - secluded beaches, mountain-top views and caves. There are many caves but only a few established ones open for tourism. With my push-bike, I took a ride and stumbled upon Holy Crystal Cave.....more »»
Exploring Camotes Islands of Cebu traveling

Exploring Camotes Islands of Cebu

(Jan 13-14, 2017) After Danao, my logical destination heading south was already Cebu City. But I didn't want to get to the big city before Sinulog. Fortunately, there was regular a boat leaving for Camotes Islands from the port. I haven't been there but somehow curious. Even though the rainy weather was not conducive to being on a beach, I decided to take my chance.....more »»


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