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Rangoli Workshop with Yasha Dabas art

Rangoli Workshop with Yasha Dabas

(May 26, 2017) Rangoli is an ancient folk art in India where a design is laid out in colorful fashion using beads, stones, powder, flowers, etc. only to be deconstructed when done. This tradition is rooted in Hinduism and similar to the Tibetan Mandala. Yasha Dabas, an Indian Rangoli expert, conducted a free workshop at the West Gorordo Hotel.....more »»

Downhill Riding with Cebu MTB Adventure mtb

Downhill Riding with Cebu MTB Adventure

(May 13, 2017) It's been ages since I was on the saddle. With Cebu MTB Adventure tagging me to come along for a downhill riding tour, I was curious how it could be different from my experience as a cross-country rider. With my new hardtail, I wondered if I still had the juice...more »»

Be-In Gathering at Jeanne's chill

Be-In Gathering at Jeanne's

(May 9, 2017) Jeanne's lively Be-In Gathering at her lovely house was a memorable evening of music, wine and friendship with dear and loved ones....more »»

Detox Bar Lunch food

Detox Bar Lunch

(May 9, 2017) Anne invited me for a lunch get-together at Detox Bar, with her guests from Manila - a yoga teacher and his doctor wife, Peachy. The invite was a promise of good food and interesting conversation - that's what I'm all about.....more »»

Barakki people


(May 7, 2017) Having a conversation with a Japanese whose work ethic accepts no compromise, he was amused at the Tagalog phrase that kept getting tossed around his work place with local workers about work quality - 'pwede na yan' (it will do)....more »»

Ashtanga Primary Series Yoga in Cebu yoga

Ashtanga Primary Series Yoga in Cebu

(May 5, 2017) From Dumaguete, Jeanne invited me to come to Cebu to participate in a full Ashtanga Primary Yoga class by a celebrated Ashtangi from the US. I packed-up and before I knew it, I was one of 13 participants together with the Ashtangis of Cebu City who gathered to deepen their practice...more »»

11 Days in Dumaguete traveling

11 Days in Dumaguete

(Apr 23-May 4, 2017) After 2 weeks in Apo Island, I defaulted back to one of my favorite places - Dumaguete. It was good fortune at the outset - Hotel Essencia became my home. Everything else that followed was a journey through its peoplescape where I met the most fascinating lives...more »»

Feast in Amlan with Garnet traveling

Feast in Amlan with Garnet

(May 1, 2017) Garnet, a Cebu yogini I met in Singapore happened to be in her hometown in Amlan while I was in Dumaguete. She invited me to her parents' birthday and opened-up Amlan and its possibilities....more »»

Valencia Revisited traveling

Valencia Revisited

(Apr 30, 2017) Valencia is a special place to me. I stayed there a full year back in the day. When Rachel invited me to meet her at Valencia's weekend market, I was raring to go and see my town up the mountain all over again....more »»

A Life of Suffering? I Disagree lucid

A Life of Suffering? I Disagree

(Apr 24, 2017) Buddha claims that all life is suffering caused by selfish craving and personal desire. Christianity claims that we are born into suffering with Original Sin from Adam and Eve. Islam says suffering is built into the fabric of existence so that Allah may see who is truly righteous. In Judaism, suffering was thought to be the ultimate form of divine purification leading to unio mystica. I ponder. Why should life default to suffering? I have a limited mind, limited thinking and a limited life experience - but I disagree.....more »»


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