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I'm in  Davao  durian anyone? Email me. -- TheLoneRider


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Pranayama yoga
(Oct 24, 2016) Pranayama is the yogic way of regulating the breath. It sounds so simple it's almost dismissive - we breathe day-in and day-out, so what's special about it? But since I realized its Superman-effect many years ago, I've taken special interest in it. I find it fascinating that a power as potent as this is readily accessible and free - but hardly tapped-on...more »»

Yoga Beyond the Mat yoga
Yoga Beyond the Mat
(Oct 21, 2016) How do you apply yoga to someone who cuts you off the street? How can yoga help you if you are constantly plagued by painful thoughts from the past that leave you agitated and angry? What do you do in a pose to help you boost your immune system and add vitality to your life? While yoga by itself already addresses those issues, I connect the dots and pull everything to a seamless singularity.....more »»

Grilled Tuna Overload in Davao food
Grilled Tuna Overload in Davao
(Oct 13, 2016) Gen San comes to mind when the word tuna is mentioned. They have a huge tuna fish wholesale market. However, grilled tuna frenzy happens in Davao all year round. It is here you find grilled tuna from street side hawkers to high-end fine dining, ranging from P80 to P500!....more »»

Duterte Mania in Davao politics
Duterte Mania in Davao
(Oct 12, 2016) With Davao's very own mayor ascending the presidency, Dabawenyos cannot get enough of their dear mayor. Even if Malacanang is now Digong's new office, his presence in Davao is still deeply felt. You see life-size cut-outs of him where people pose for a selfie. Car stickers wave his face and name like a flag. Billboards about him adorn the city.....more »»

Sirsasana, Sarvangasana - Yoga Makaranda II yoga
Sirsasana, Sarvangasana - Yoga Makaranda II
(Oct 7, 2016) Of all asanas, according to the Yoga Makaranda, the Sirsasana and the Sarvangasana are the two most beneficial. They position the heart above the perception organs (eyes, ears, tongue and nose) and increase flood flow, puts the internal organs in the proper position and slows down respiration.....more »»

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya yoga
Tirumalai Krishnamacharya
(Oct 5, 2016) Yoga's explosive global growth spawned modern-day yoga rock-stars, iconic gurus, an avalanche of disciples and a multi-billion dollar industry. The one obscure name that made it possible remains enigmatic - Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (1888-1989). Who is he?....more »»

Ashtanga Yoga with James Fritz Freire at Holiday Gym and Spa yoga
Ashtanga Yoga with James Fritz Freire at Holiday Gym and Spa
(Oct 1, 2016) Even though I've moved on and developed a yoga that is more consistent with my genetics and life experience, I always default back to Ashtanga for restoration. Whenever I eat unhealthy foods or had been remiss in my healthy habits, I take refuge in Ashtanga to reboot my system. Here in Davao, Fritz delivers Ashtanga on a sweated mat...more »»

There was a Bomb Explosion? verbatim
There was a Bomb Explosion?
(Sep 30, 2016) Shortly after Jin's arrival in Davao, I told her it's already safe - that Abu Sayyaf in now in hiding. There won't be any more exploding bombs. Huaaat? After devouring 3.5 kilos of durian on her 2nd night, she felt heavy and hot. My remark caused her jaw to drop again!....more »»

Jin in Davao traveling
Jin in Davao
(Sep 29, 2016) Jin's arrival in Davao to travel with me around the Philippines heralds a new chapter for both of us. We met in a hawker eatery in Penang back in May and talked for about 20 minutes. That was it - I haven't seen her since. But we kept touch through social media and discovered promising possibilities that lie on the horizon. Now, the journey starts....more »»

Scrubs and Hilot at Holiday Gym and Spa chill
Scrubs and Hilot at Holiday Gym and Spa
(Sep 22-29, 2016) In an interesting stroke of fate, lightning struck twice at the same place. And that's how it was with all that pampering I'd been getting at Holiday Gym and Spa. A second round ensued this time with tradition-honored Pinoy Hilot Massage with Body Scrub and a Foot Scrub.....more »»

The Fabulous Dabawenyos people
The Fabulous Dabawenyos
(Aug 22-Sep 26, 2016) The word 'Davao'conjures an animated mosaic of eclectic imagery - Duterte, durian, Philippine Eagle, mangosteen and Mount Apo to name the iconic ones. Allow me to add one more - Fabulous Dabawenyos!....more »»

Nirvana Breathing Fitness with Lita C. Quisumbing yoga
Nirvana Breathing Fitness with Lita C. Quisumbing
(Sep 21, 2016) Fresh from her certification in Singapore, Lita Quisumbing conducts a Nirvana Master Class in Davao which combines yoga, pilates, movement, music and breathing to detox the body....more »»

Massage, Sauna and Ear Candling at Holiday Spa and Gym chill
Massage, Sauna and Ear Candling at Holiday Spa and Gym
(Sep 17-19, 2016) With very limited resources, I travel as a nomadic guerilla - prepared both physically and mentally to hurdle the hard-knocks life throws at me. Eat live worms, sleep on a sidewalk, ride on a bus bumper in the driving rain, marooned on an island - done it. I default to a lifestyle of endurance, concentration and intensity. But every once in a while, my benevolent universe throws me a bone - pampered luxury in an upscale spa. Hey, you only live once. I won't say no to that....more »»

Downpour in Davao sliceoflife
Downpour in Davao
(Sep 18, 2016) It was a freakish torrential downpour in Davao. Lightning strikes were just nearby with a deafening crack. It didn't take long until the streets were flooded. The open excavations could no longer be seen as the flood waters were black from the overflowing sewer. Then people crossing the street just fell through the big hole in the ground.....more »»

Lounge One Yoga Sequence by May Bel Le at North Zen Hotel yoga
Lounge One Yoga Sequence by May Bel Le at North Zen Hotel
(Sep 16, 2016) The last time I was wowed by a yoga sequence was in Bali while doing Pranawayu Yoga. Now in Davao, yoga teacher May Bel Le conducted her "Lounge One Sequence" at North Zen Hotel. The 90-minute session was elegant, intelligent and challenging.....more »»

Celebrating Davao's King of Fruits - Durian! durian
Celebrating Davao's King of Fruits - Durian!
(Sep 11, 2016) If durian were a car, it would be no other than a Lamborghini - the most exotic car that ever was! It's not for the faint of heart. Because of its pungent smell, it is banned in hotels, restaurants and flight hand-carrys. But for the durian lovers, it's an aromatic fragrance you may actually use as body spray if there ever was one. Yes, you can't stay in the middle with durian - love it or hate it.....more »»

The Blast that Rocked Davao politics
The Blast that Rocked Davao
(Sep 2, 2016) After ascending to the presidency, Davao's former mayor Rodrigo Duterte, loomed big as the tough guy uniquely qualified to unite the country with rebel groups willing to sit down for peace talks - CPP, NPA and NDF. Steps were underway for unification. Then on Sept. 2, at 10:17pm, a bomb exploded in a crowded night market in Davao killing more than a dozen and injuring 70. The renegade Islamic Abu Sayyaf group claimed responsibility. Outraged, Duterte unleased his fury - all hell broke lose in the rebel camps and hide-outs. Objective: complete, absolute and total annihilation of the Abu Sayyaf....more »»

Hatha Flow Yoga with Joanna Lizares Co at Holiday Spa and Gym yoga
Hatha Flow Yoga with Joanna Lizares Co at Holiday Spa and Gym
(Aug. 31, 2016) Joanna has come a long way from 3 years back when we last talked as she was then immersing herself into yoga. Now a 200-RYT with a core following, she teaches with conviction and passion, always in pursuit of deeper understanding. I was lucky to have attended her class. Her fierce independence and candor have always been engaging.....more »»

Conducting a Power Yoga Class at Yoga Davao yoga
Conducting a Power Yoga Class at Yoga Davao
(Aug 29, 2016) At Yoga Davao, I got to conduct my first yoga class since my 3-week yoga immersion in Bali. It was good to go back into the practice, see my hosts RL & MM, and meet the yoga community of Yoga Davao....more »»

Good Eats with Mel Pangan's Davao Food Tour food
Good Eats with Mel Pangan's Davao Food Tour
(Aug 26, 2016) Anyone can do a food tour...just read up on food on a destination, connect the dots and do the leg work. As a DIY budget backpacker, that's how I do it. I could get lost, maybe get scammed, maybe the place closed down, or just couldn't find the place. There are no guarantees. However, I got the chance to actually participate in an organized food tour of Davao by Mel Pangan. Big difference!....more »»

A Gifted Dell Laptop from the Usual Suspect sliceoflife
A Gifted Dell Laptop from the Usual Suspect
(Aug. 24, 2016) When my laptop broke down, I was a soldier in the warzone with no gun. How do I survive on the open road? My travels, the roof over my head, food in my belly were all because of my laptop. But there simply was no budget for a big ticket item like that. Almost from thin air, I got my much needed laptop as a gift. From the telltale sign, I knew it was from the usual suspect.....more »»

Davao City

Davao Hotel
central downtown location
Davao Hotel

Davao Hotel
heart of downtown
Davao City Hotel

Davao Hotel
newly opened
all NEW!
Davao Hotel

Davao Hotel
great rooms at affordable prices
Davao Hotel

Davao Hotel
old world charm
Davao's iconic hotel
Davao Hotel

Davao Hotel
central location
new management
newly renovated
Davao Hotel

Davao Hotel
Family-Owned and Managed
Davao Hotel

Outdoor Fun
Mel's Davao Food Tour
Mel's Davao Food Tour

Resto / Cafe
Davao Resto / Cafe
budget meals, payday dinner buffet
Davao Resto / Cafe

Davao Resto Cafe
baterol sikwate, kinutil, puto maya
Del Mar Painitan

Davao Cafe
fresh roasted coffee in small batches
FROG Kaffee

Health & Fitness
Davao Yoga
yoga & pilates
Davao Yoga

Davao Yoga, gym, spa, salon
Holiday Gym & Spa
gym | spa | yoga
massage | salon

Davao Wellness
Alveo Herbal Drink
cleanse the body
strengthen the immune system
Lucy Rivero
T 0917.660.9529

Davao Autism
a home for 13+ with Autism, Down Syndrome, Mental Disorders and Disabilites

Davao Cinema
venue for classic and contemporary Filipino films
Davao Cinema

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