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I'm in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Malaysian tea anyone? Email me. -- TheLoneRider


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Breaking New Ground in Kuala Lumpur traveling
Breaking New Ground in Kuala Lumpur
(Jan 21, 2015) Having spent nearly 4 months in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, it was time to move on to new ground. Petronas Tower? Malaysia here I come! With a dwindling resource in an expensive metropolis, I was both excited and apprehensive.....more »»

Visiting Hoi An Ancient Town traveling
Visiting Hoi An Ancient Town
(Jan 18-21, 2015) Hoi An Ancient Town used to be a thriving international port from the 15th - 19th century and gained status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being a perfect example of a well-preserved trading port. The Huffington Post listed it as, 'Top 50 Cities to See in your Lifetime'....more »»

Exploring the Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam traveling
Exploring the Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam
(Jan 16-17, 2015) Hue has long been the citadel of Vietnam's Nguyen Dynasty that ruled the country for 150 years. This is the city of the kings. With its imperial tombs, pagodas and palaces, its has earned its mark as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.....more »»

Backpacking Da Nang, Vietnam traveling
Backpacking Da Nang, Vietnam
(Jan 12-16, 2015) Da Nang is voted one of the top 15 world destinations by New York Times. With Da Nang, you also get to visit its neighbors Hue and Hoi An, both compelling places to see and experience. With cheap flights from Hanoi, it was better to fly than to spend a day in a sleeping bus. We alotted 9 days for the 3 destinations - Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An....more »»

2014 Year in Review lucid
2014 Year in Review
(Dec 31, 2014) looking back at 2014....more »»

Exploring Luang Prabang, Laos traveling
Exploring Luang Prabang, Laos
(Dec 30, 2014) Coming Soon!

Do-It-Yourself Tour of Buddha Park traveling
Do-It-Yourself Tour of Buddha Park
(Dec 27, 2014) At Kip 70,000 a pop for a packaged tour of the Buddha Park, it got dicey for a traveler on a shoe string like me. Fortunately, as I was having my noodle soup, the girl attendant said we could go there ourselves using the local bus. It wasn't that easy. After asking so many people where exactly to take the bus, at what time, how much to pay, etc., we finally got our itinerary dialed-in and we were off. Total cost for us? Kip 22,000/pax!....more »»

Exploring Laos' Capital, Vientiane traveling
Exploring Laos' Capital, Vientiane
(Dec 24, 2014) Coming Soon!

Exploring the off-the-beaten-path of Pakse, Laos traveling
Exploring the off-the-beaten-path of Pakse, Laos
(Dec 17, 2014) Coming Soon!

Overnight in Pleiku traveling
Overnight in Pleiku
(Dec 16, 2014) Coming Soon!

Discovering Saigon's Cafe Culture food
Discovering Saigon's Cafe Culture
(Nov 9 - Dec 17, 2014) Saigon had many unique things defining its culture. One of them is their inimitable cafe culture. A coffee shop is not simply a place to sip beverage, but a venue for social interaction and pursuing a lifestyle choice. Saigon takes its caffein culture to new heights thru the myriad of one-of-a-kind cafes lining up its city blocks with very unique personalities, innovative designs and architectured ambience....more »»

Exploring the Capital of the West, Can Tho (Vietnam) traveling
Exploring the Capital of the West, Can Tho (Vietnam)
(Nov 28, 2014) Coming Soon!

The Road Trip to Phu Quoc Island traveling
The Road Trip to Phu Quoc Island
(Nov 24-26, 2014) Coming Soon!

Exploring Ha Tien, the Eastern Tip of Mainland Vietnam traveling
Exploring Ha Tien, the Eastern Tip of Mainland Vietnam
(Nov 23-24, 2014) Coming Soon!

Exploring Sa Dec, Vietnam traveling
Exploring Sa Dec, Vietnam
(Nov 21-23, 2014) Coming Soon!

Exploring Da Lat, Vietnam traveling
Exploring Da Lat, Vietnam
(Nov 15-17, 2014) Coming Soon!

Counsel with the Wise Old Man of Bao Loc - Nguyen Duc Son people
Counsel with the Wise Old Man of Bao Loc - Nguyen Duc Son
(Nov 13, 2014) Coming Soon!

Exploring Bao Loc, Vietnam traveling
Exploring Bao Loc, Vietnam
(Nov 12-15, 2014) Coming Soon!

Saigon's Fascinating Motorbike Culture traveling
Saigon's Fascinating Motorbike Culture
(Nov 18, 2014) Every country has its fair share of motorcycles and its riders. Saigon however, defies every known convention of motorcycle culture by virtue of its sheer number, density and omnipresence, creating its own unique challenges and norm. At some point, pedestrians, commuters, car drivers and the general public had to adjust to the motorbike craze that has taken over and shaped the city....more »»

Exploring Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) traveling
Exploring Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
(Nov 9, 2014) Vietnam has always remained a curiosity for me. The only lingering thoughts I have about the place was about the war - that happened a long time ago. Now I hear that Vietnam is a looming Asian dragon whose economy is on the fast rise. With a standing invite by my Vipassana meditation friend, Tuyen, to savor the culinary indulgences of Saigon, I was already on my way for a Vietnam immersion....more »»

Kuala Lumpur Hotels

Alpha Genesis Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Petronas Tower

Alpha Genesis Hotel
Bukit Bintang
KL, Malaysia

Melia Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, swimming pool, balcony, restaurant

Melia Kuala Lumpur

SA0 NAM, Bukit Bintang, Fine Vietnamese Cuisine, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
25 Tengkat Tong Shin
Kuala Lumpur

Hoi An Hotels

An Hoi Hotel, Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam, swimming pool, balcony, restaurant

An Hoi Hotel
Hoi An Ancient Town

SuBi3 Beauty Salon and Spa, Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam, facial treatment, scrubs and wraps, hair cutting, waxing, nail treatment, threading, massage therapy

Su Bi 3 Beauty Salon & Spa
Hoi An Ancient Town

Hue Hotels

Canary Hotel, Hue, Vietnam
Canary Hotel
Hue, Vietnam

Da Nang Hotels

Sanouva Danang Hotel, Da Nang, Vietnam

Sanouva Danang Hotel
boutique hotel
Da Nang, Vietnam

La Oliva Bistro & Bar, Da Nang, Vietnam

La Oliva
Bistro & Bar
Da Nang, Vietnam

In Balance Spa, Da Nang, Vietnam

In Balance Spa
Da Nang, Vietnam

Can Tho Hotels

Can Tho Hotels, Vietnam
Can Tho Hotel, Vietnam

Pakse Hotels

Pakse Hotel, Laos, Bolaven Plateau, 4000 Islands
Pakse Hotel
Pakse, Laos

Hai San, Vietnam, seafood restaurant, Pakse
seafood restaurant
Vietnam Style
Pakse, Laos

Jasmin Restaurant, Indian and Malay Food
Indian & Malay Cuisine
Pakse, Laos

Saigon Hotels

CafeTram, Saigon, Vietnam

Cafe V, Saigon, Vietnam

Bangkok Hotels

Riva Surya Hotel Bangkok
Riva Surya Bangkok
Boutique Hotel

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