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Recon Climb at Mt. BanahawJan 2-3, 2010

Surfing Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales

The word 'surfing' conjures imagery of religion to me. Not because I've ingested God catching the wave, but because the devotees transcend surfing from sport to religion. As a newbie, that was my paradigm when Aris invited me to join his crew for a weekend of surfing in Zambales.

surf crew

we are here Crystal Beach
The original gathering place of the surfing community was Crystal Beach. It has a strange story from what I was told. Mt. Pinatubo's eruption deposited lahar into the South China Sea, re-architecturing the coastal seascape and causing bigger waves on Crystal Beach. A surfing community sprouted and Crystal Beach became a mecca. Just as nature giveth, nature took away. The lahar shifted, and so did the waves. Now, the shorefront of the neighboring beach resort in Liw Liwa, San Felipe became the unsuspecting beneficiary. That was our destination. Crystal Beach remains iconic within the community.

Familia Crew, UPM and Friends
Unbeknownst to me, the local surfing community sports its own color, Familia. It's a chill crew who take their boards where the surf breaks. Cool nights gathering around a bonfire at Crystal Beach is soup du jour. I was intrigued by their culture. Like mountain bikers, they have their unique jargon, very few I can understand. But it's all good. With Familia, UPM and friends, the chill vibe transcends.

Ending Thoughts
As I waited for the next wave in eager anticipation of the ride, I was metaphorically awaiting communion with God. I didn't find him on the cross. I didn't find him in a church. I found him on isolated mountain bike trails....and he is indeed good. Perhaps I can find him the surf breaks and I'm taken for a ride of divinity. I did catch a few waves, but alas, God was nowhere to be found. That's not to say he doesn't exist there. Perhaps I need to be more deserving for such epiphany.

Thank you Aris and Bernz for that cool experience!

--- TheLoneRider

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(Jan 18, 2010) Aaaack!!! Surfing!!! Aaaack... Gusto ko makapag-allot ng time dyan!!!!

(Jan 13, 2010) So cool! I'm green with envy :( If you're aiming for a religious experience, try Siddha Yoga.

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