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Victor RobinsonVictor Robinson
(Mar 25, 201) I took your impromptu yoga class in the park the other day (Yoga in the Park - Chiang Mai)! It was the the best class I've ever had. Thank you so much.

Ai KawamuraAi Kawamura
(July 26, 2018) I remembered my childhood feelings and the pure feelings of those days. I awoke myself from sleep. I remembered the love and the impressions. I almost cried. It was a feeling that I found the light of love. And inspiration. I understood my true self. I will balance the body and life by doing YOGA. Good feeling. I learned the wisdom of life from you. Thanks, Thanks my life ... love your life

Sandra SantestebanSandra
(Jul 14, 2018) Dear Gigit, it was great meeting you and taking yoga classes with you. I really enjoyed your classes. You helped me to improve my routines. Thanks also for the advice you gave us. I follow them and my knee is getting much better. You are a wonderful instructor and human being. It's difficult to find people with the knowledge you have about yoga and life in general. Namaste! 🙏 India

Yoana SantestebanYoana
(Jul 13, 2018) Namaste! I am really grateful to meet you. Your yoga classes were amazing. I learnt a lot. The way that you explain everything is wonderful, not only the asanas but also the essence of yoga which is in my opinion the most important thing.

Eadaoin McNamaraEadaoin
(Feb 17, 2018) Gigit, so nice meeting you. You really changed our Loboc experience! We loved the classes and your teaching style. Hopefully meet you along the way in the future.

Marko & KataMarko
(Jan 29, 2018) Gigit, thank you again for the yoga sessions. Honestly, these were my 2 best yoga practice in my life (I did a few, even in Kerala, India). You gave us such a wonderful power to see the purpose of doing yoga exercises. And from now on, I have so many things that can motivate me in the future. This really means a lot to me and also for Kata.

(Jan 30, 2018) Thank you, Gigit! It was a pleasure to meet you! The yoga with you was an amazing experience! I will never forget it!

Shannon AmosShannon
(Dec 29, 2017) I met this beautiful soul Gigit, in Bohol, Philippines. He invited me to attend his sunrise Yoga class the next morning. After class Gigit offered me some fresh tumeric and ginger tea and we shared space. What's sharing space? It's when you bring your entire presence to another without judgment and witness their story and emotional state while simultaneously being present to your own. Gigit shared that he left the corporate world and has been traveling and living a healthy, happy life as a minimalist for the last 8 years. I immediately sensed his inner peace the first time I saw him. He embodied positive energy, possessed a genuinely warm smile and walked lightly like a gentle breeze. I remember thinking to myself, he must be a Yogi or a teacher. He was both.

Helen PrietoHelen Prieto
(Aug 9, 2014) Thanks for sharing your practice with us at Marichi Yoga House in a very meaningful way. I personally witnessed how you give your best in every class that you lead. Inspiring..

Jun and Joy SaaJun and Joy Saa
(Apr 2, 2014) We like your teaching style, and we find you as one if not the most articulate yoga instructors we have around. You push us to discover the edge of our capabilities, and your yoga instructions are just as inspiring.

Luigine ChanLuigine Chan
(Oct 29, 2013) I really appreciate the way you taught us yoga in YogaHub. For a first-timer like me, you made yoga challenging yet doable. And the 'cheer-up' words really worked somehow. All the pain felt really good in the end. Thank you!

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