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Ice Skating at Mall of Asia August 2, 2006 Wednesday

Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

Thru The Years
As a high school student, roller skating on Fiesta Carnival on weekends was my routine. As a young working adult, I asked a lady out. She smiled excitedly thinking perhaps it was a fast night on the town. She was obviously disappointed when I took her roller skating at Ali Mall. Then came roller blades. Yeah, I bladed on Canada's main roads and park system on my way to work. On winters, I'd ice skate on the rink beside my office. Now in the Philippines, there's Mega Mall...not exactly the size I was accustomed to, but there's no other choice...until now - Mall of Asia is open and they have an ice rink as big as a hockey field. Besides, I had to see what the hype was all about with this new mall. It was essentially the same as the other malls but this one had a generous spread. Unlike most malls, this one wasn't cramped. It just gave you the luxury of space to move about. The occasional bay breeze wasn't bad either.

Gliding on Ice
I already left Manila when it opened, but now that I'm in town for a couple of weeks, it was time to don the skate. Weekdays are cool 'coz it's cheaper - P280 instead of P350 (?) for the entire day. The facilities are spanking new. The fake snow was entertaining. Moreover, gliding on ice again (after having been in the mountains for 2 months) was a shot in the arm. Like skin diving, it was akin to being in another world.

My Beef
You're allowed one exit not exceeding an hour. Hmmmm...why not make it unlimited exits? Why not simply make the consumer king? We've already paid for it. I can appreciate the effort with the layout and space to give it the first world look, but the vestiges of third world thinking are still unmistakably stamped on their policies. Guys (SM), you're almost there. If you want to be a class act, go the whole 9 yards. Half-measures just don't cut it.

--- TheLoneRider

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