Pen's Birthday Bash Sunday February 25, 2024 EST 
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Chilling Out

Pen's Birthday BashDecember 25, 2006

Pen's Birthday Bash

2 UP Mountaineers members I'm fond of is Daddy-O and daughter, Pen. Through them, I can get a glimpse of how my daughters and I can bond when they get older.

The Origins of Daddy-O
Pen was calling this member "Dad", so we did the same thing. Later, we found out he was really Pen's dad. The name stuck - Daddy-O. You can't get any better than Daddy-O - shoulder-length hair, The Doors fan, kicks ass on epic mountain bike rides, kicks ass summiting mountains, this guy rocks. But wait...this is not about Daddy-O. Back to Pen and her birthday bash.

The Denizens
Naturally, when I got an invite to her party, I penciled it in. It was a balanced mix of UP Mountaineers, rowers and MassComm denizens. It's not mutually exclusive - they overlap so there were no 'colors'. Everyone blended in with's all good. Food was abundant and booze...well, choose your wild - beer, gin, hard, mix, etc. Dance? They know how to let it rip.

Ending Thoughts
This party was a blast. I'm reminded of a Pinoy New Year party in Hoboken, New Jersey. There was an Italian guy who claimed to come from Italy's counterpart of Fort Lauderdale - a party town. Seeing how the entire house was being trashed - 10 guys jumping up and down the bed, bath tub full of beer, guys puking on the lawn, peeps passing out, everybody dancing their hearts out, he exclaimed, "...when I was still in Italy, I thought you guys (Pinoys) were just peeps from the other side of the world. Now....I see you know how to party!". Well, Pen's house (no, it's Rey's condo) wasn't trashed, but the fun was oozing all over. Give it to Pen...she knows how to throw a good one.

--- TheLoneRider

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