Pommes Croquettes

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Food Odyssey

Pommes CroquettesNovember 11, 2006 Saturday

Pommes Croquettes

Saturday market was ruined by the typhoon. Fortunately, it was more than made up by the full-house gathering of the usual suspects at Log Cabin's dinner buffet.

Liana's family were there. I've heard so much about them I feel like I already know them, although it was only that evening we finally met. Steve, with family and friends were there. Siegrid, Janet and Glenn were likewise there. St. Mary's principal and computer wizard Dennis and Kent were pleasantly there as well. It was my first time to see them at Log Cabin. Why only now? Dennis says he's poor and Kent is cheap. I guess that makes the 3 of us. I also met Phil, an American who's a frequent visitor to Sagada.

Log Cabin dinner buffet

Some passing tourists were there - those fortunate enough to get wind of the buffet (which really, is one of Sagada's highlights). Manila tourist, Tracy, was celebrating her birthday. I was with friends from Manila, Vinyasa Yogini Elle and husband Erwin. We were seated together with Swiss couple Sandra and Joey. We had fun at our table. Nothing complements good dining more than interesting people to be sharing the table with.

The evening's offering was a melange of the usual and the unfamiliar. Some were nodding approvingly of some dishes. Sandra couldn't stop praising the lentil and bacon salad. The bacon by the way was personally prepared and home-smoked by Chef Aklay. Fortunately to those who weren't at the Oct. 28 buffet, pickled herring was once again offered. It wasn't necessarily blow-your-doors-off, but the bi-color chocolate tart and the pommes croquettes were scene stealers.

Ending Thoughts
Normally every Saturday, one dish spikes out and towers over the rest. This evening however, nothing blew me away, although it goes without saying that all of them were stand-alone good. More importantly, they all complemented each other like individual instruments in an orchestra. I think it takes more talent to make that happen than coming out with one superb dish.

I don't know if was the food, or the free wine being poured on my glass, or the fact that I was on scholarship that evening, or the other fact that I was with engaging company, but that evening was animatedly fun. I suspect it's all of the above.

--- TheLoneRider

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