Sandugo Christmas Party Sunday June 23, 2024 EDT 
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chilling out

Sandugo Christmas PartyDec 3, 2008

Sandugo Christmas Party

Thank You
The Survivor castaways were invited to the Sandugo's christmas party held in Filinvest, Marikina. Sandugo has been a sponsor to Survivor Philippines and it was their footwear we used to carry-on the gruelling reward and immunity challenges. Being invited to their party was our chance to say "Thank You".

Frat-Style Free-for-All
At the outset, my impression of Sandugo was about 12 guys good with riggings and ropes. At least, that's how it came across as I conversed with them on the island (Kho Tarutao, Thailand). Naturally, I thought the party would resemble some kind of a rowdy frat-style free-for-all with testosterone talk and flowing booze....something too familiar with the kind we have at UP Mountaineers (yeah, we outdoorsy folks know how to party!).

Luau Theme
Low and behold, when we arrived, it wasn't at some guy's garage with a cooler of beer. It was a luau-themed clubhouse event with a welcoming committee, catered food, waiters, a stage, a live band, a hired professional emcee, with guests in the hundreds. Whoa! These guys went the whole 9 yards!

Celebrities Galore
We were led to an exclusive elevated section where we shared the table with maverick owner, Dudoy, and his lovely family. The rest of the company VIPs were there with other celebrities - the Everest ladies, Noelle (a member of the UP Mountaineers) and Karina (whom I met years back while mountain biking in Mt. Maarat). The Everest duo, Leo Oracion and Pastor were also there. It was interesting to note that when asked what the challenge is for Pastor at his climbing level, he said it was ensuring the rest of his team can meet up to the challenge (he is confident about his abilities that his concern is now the others').

More than just Water Shoes
The event was attended to by employees of Sandugo from near and far. Apparently, they have outlets nationwide. They have fully manned departments from R&D, to design, manufacturing and marketing. It was then I realized Sandugo is a big enterprise with a presence in the outdoor-gearing industry. Yeah, they don't just make water shoes.

Door prizes plentiful and lavish. They were raffled-off to the lucky many who came home with dvd players, mp3 players, tv sets, washing machine and a cash prize of P15K! - enough to make anyone's Christmas a joyous one. Everyone came home full and if they got lucky enough, a loot bag full of goodies. The castaways were each given a huge new meaning to the expression, "...tsinelasin kita dyan eh!".

Now Dudoy is quite a character. He told me that just a few months back, he had his hair waist level - that's what I call cool! Not resting on his laurels, he just completed a course in enterpreneurship. I admire a man who has accomplished a lot and still believes he has more to learn. Now, he's implementing all that with forwarding-thinking approaches to the internet, Search Engine Optimization, and vertical integration of the production process. With his tight control on the reign, Sandugo is an outdoor company out to make its mark.

The Program
It seems every division within the company had a performance to show-and-tell. It was amazing what they put on display for us numbers, play skits, song, drama, etc. It had all the elements of a variety show.

Ending Thoughts
After all that food had made its mark on my waistline (and abs!), the lingering thought I'm left with is Dudoy going to pull his vision off? His plans are ambitious but he's also arming himself with all the ammunition he needss to carry it through. I'll stay on the sideline and watch...and cheer for the guy.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

NoelleNoelle Wenceslao (Mt. Everest Summiter and UP Mountaineers member)
(Dec 10, 2008) It was grrreat meeting you and the Survivor gang. Hope to see you at the UPM Christmas Party and I hope I run into you in our UPM events! See you around... and see you at your site, where I shall be a constant visitor! Ingat sa lahat ng adventures!

" Dudoy? Mabait 'yon."
(Dec 9, 2008) Ah...oo. Mabait na tao 'yon.

Coach BernieCoach Bernie (UP Mountaineers)
(Dec 9, 2008: mentioned in a conversation) Dudoy? Mabait 'yon.

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