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book review

The Bible Code Dec 3, 2010

The Bible Code

Unlocking the code hidden within the bible for the last 3,000 years
by Michael Drosnin

Rating: star star star star star (5 out of 5 stars)
ISBN: 0-684-81079-4
Published by: Simon and Schuster
Copyright: Michael Drosnin, 1997
Genre: Documentary
Pages: 264 pages

A Bible within the Bible
According to the author who collaborated with Dr. Eliyahu Rips, a leading expert in group theory (a field of math that underlies quantum physics) who discovered the hidden code using a computer, 3000 years ago, the bible was encoded with information about the past and about the future in a way that was mathematically beyond random chance.

Only in the Bible
In experiment after experiment, the code only worked on the bible. It wasn't in War and Peace or any other publication, and could not be reproduced in over 10 million computer-generated test cases. The Pentagon code breakers, professors at Harvard, Yale and Hebrew University all started out skeptics, but after evaluating the math, could not repudiate it.

Empirical Date
What adds credibility is that the author approached the bible code not from a religious perspective, but as an investigative reporter. It's very easy to talk about God with something as powerful as this, but the author only considered empirical data to support his writing.

All Truths
The code reveals just about everything we already know in this universe - great inventors, scientists, events that reshaped the world, major advance in technology (Edison, Yitzak Rabin, Shakespeare, the light bulb, the holocaust, Newton, Einstein, Kennedy, moon landing, etc.) Rips suggests that whatever program he invented to unlock the code has only done so at the surface level. He speculates that not just history but life itself is encoded in the bible - but it will take more developed programs to unlock the secrets.

Secrets of Life in 304,805 Words
That's right. My first thought too, "How can the bible contain all the secrets of life and all our history when it only contains 304,805 words?" The author addressed that issue by saying there is almost an infinite number of ways patterns can reveal themselves in the bible code. Hmmm. Makes sense. A chess set only contains 32 pieces - but the number of games or combination of moves reach into the billions (I read this somewhere).

Clustered Information
The decoded text from the bible appear as specific information clustered together that reveal related dates, places and events. To wit:

    Assasination of Yitzhak Rabin - the clustered information are as follows, and it never appeared anywhere else in the bible:
  • Yitzhak Rabin
  • assassin that will assassinate
  • Amir (the assassin)
  • Tel Aviv (where it took place)
  • 1995-1996 (time frame of the assassination)
    Comet impact on the planet Jupiter: (how could the bible predict this 3000 years ago?)
  • July 16, 1994 (impact date)
  • will pound Jupiter
  • Shoemaker-Levy (astronomers who discovered the comets and plotted the impact)
Other historical events revealed in the code are as follows:
  • Clinton's presidency
  • the Great Depression of 1929
  • lunar landing
  • Nixon's Watergate scandal
  • Hitler's rise in Nazi Germany
  • the Wright brothers' invention of the airplane
  • discoveries of famous scientists - Newton, Edison, Einstein

Know What You're Looking For
Unlike prophecies that spell out what will happen (eg. Nostradamus), to unlock the bible code, you have to know what you're looking for to feed the keywords into the program. And usually, the event has to happen first so you know what keywords to use and see if the event was hidden in the bible. Example: before Shoemaker-Levy announced to the world their discovery of an impending comet impact, how would you be able to use their names as keywords?

Crossword Puzzle
The bible is constructed like a giant crossword puzzle. Decoded text is revealed diagonally, horizontally, etc. with relevant letters interspersed according to a repeating pattern. The formed words can even intersect each other.

This book was written in 1997 and talked about events that will happen in the future. Now in 2010, we have the benefit of history to ascertain if these predictions came true. Here are some that didn't quite happen - although in fairness, the bible code includes the text - "will you change it?", suggesting that things have a few possible outcomes.

  • 1996 - an atomic holocaust in Israel
  • 2000 or 2006 - atomic holocaust and world war. Well, we're still here. But if World War III happens, given that we have enough in our arsenal to blow the planet a hundred times over, Einstein would be right - the 4th World War will be fought with sticks and stones.

Prediction for the Future:

  • 2010 - earthquake and fire in Los Angeles, California. With only 28 days remaining in 2010, this is a cliff hanger.
  • 2012 - earth is annihilated by a comet, but the comet will crumble and tear to pieces. Coincidentally, 2012 is the same year the Mayan calendar stops and people speculate that this could be the end of the world. Hmmm, talk about cross-referencing!

The Sealed Book
The apocalyptic books of the bible (Daniel and Revelation) talked about revelations when the secret book is unlocked in the End of Days. Even Isaac Newton searched the bible for the whereabouts of this secret book but failed. The author asserts that the secret book is actually hidden within the bible itself. It was sealed because it was time-locked and can only be decoded using technology that never existed before - the computer.

Computer Generated 10 Commandments?
In the writing about the 10 commandments, there is a part of the bible that says, "and the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, engraved on the tablets". Interestingly, the bible code reveals a message within this text that reads, "the writing of God engraved on the was made by computer".

End of Days
The bible describes the End of Days: "And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation" - the beginning of the Apocalypse. The bible code gives us the exact year when the End of Days begin - 1996, the same year Rabin was assassinated. It was not stated how long it will last. To sum it up, we're now 15 years into the End of Days. Hmmmm. But isn't it also true that doomsday prophets always see the demise of the world within their own time frame?

Ending Thoughts

Numbers Language
When Efren, the book owner, told me about this book, I thought about what a statistician once remarked - that if you know your way around numbers, you can make it say anything you like. That in a large database, you will invariably find patterns that might make sense. However, the odds of getting that random pattern at the specificity that it does in the bible code, leaves chance out of it by a large margin. The fact that the code could not be disputed by world renowned mathematicians, scientists and physicists further validate that someone 3000 years ago saw the future and encoded it into the bible.

Computerized 10 Commandments
I'm really intrigued by the part that says the tablets of the 10 commandments were made by a computer. While believers would readily attribute the bible code to be the handwriting of God (who else can predict these things 3000 years ago?), the begging question is, why would God use a computer?

Time Travel
The author speculates that the voice Moses heard from the Burning Bush was actually an alien who handed Moses a time-locked computer program. Since we're throwing ourselves out into the realm of science fiction, my own speculation is that someone in our near future perfected the time-machine technology (hey, quantum physics is able to mathematically prove that - positrons traveling back in time!), went back to the past (but why 3000 years into the past when any time intermediately prior to the Hiroshima A-Bomb will do!) to warn us of what lay ahead if we don't clean up our act. Countless movies with that storyline have been made - Terminator, Back to the Future, Contact, etc. Life imitating art? Maybe I've seen too many Star Trek episodes.

Nice Read
I find this book highly interesting and thought provoking. If not for anything else, it makes for a good apocalyptic read.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - Many thanks to Efren Cordura for lending me this fascinating book.

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Reader Comments:

"Is this the same as the GOD CODE of Gregg Braden?" -- Dindo Velasquez
(Dec 15, 2010) Far from it. God Code is religious, but Bible Code is investigative reporting.God Code is claiming that God's name is literally encoded in the basic elements of our DNA. Bible Code is about a hidden code in the bible that predicts historical events as they unfold up to and beyond our current time.

Dindo VelasquezDindo Velasquez
(Dec 13, 2010) Is this the same as the GOD CODE of Gregg Braden?

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