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December 2011 archive

December 2011 Blogs

Banol Beach, Barracuda Lake, Calachuchi Reef, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Sunset Beach Island Tour skin diving
Banol Beach, Barracuda Lake, Calachuchi Reef, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Sunset Beach Island Tour
(Dec 27, 2011) This is the snorkeling boat tour that took us to 4 interesting dive sites and to a white fine sand beach for leisure and grilled fish lunch. The dive consisted of plunging into a clear lake with walls reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, a rock outcropping that juts out of the sea bed like a coral pencil, a secret beach and a marine reserve...more »»

Coron Ultimate Island Tour traveling
Coron Ultimate Island Tour
(Dec 24, 2011) Coron used to be an expensive dive destination - if you weren't a diver with a lot of money, you couldn't do much. Before, to see the neighboring islands, you had to charter a boat for not less than P2000, pay all the island fees (about P100 to P200 per beach/lake, not even per island) and provide your own lunch. It all added up to a few grand. Now, with affordable P650 tour package, non-divers on a budget are now being accommodated. I'm trying out my first island tour package!...more »»

Life's a Beach at Camp Calauit traveling
Life's a Beach at Camp Calauit
(Dec 17-31, 2011) For the most part, life in Camp Calauit where I spent a week, was mostly chilling out on my native pavillion, sea kayaking to the nearby islands, snorkeling in the reef just in front of the resort, or showing up in social events (read: good eats!) within the area in celebration of the holidays. It was a good life of festivity, food, drinks and of course, more exploration...more »»

Traversing the Northern Coast of Busuanga Island mountain biking
Traversing the Northern Coast of Busuanga Island
(Dec 14-16, 2011) Before I could get my bearings, Outback Greg and I were already on mountain bikes to traverse the mountain range to Salvacion, the Busuanga capital on the west coast. It was a coast-to-coast ride that hasn't been done before. He didn't know the way and locals were telling us we were crazy - that it was so far and difficult given the mountain that was dividing the 2 coasts. I had no opinion - I didn't want any. I just wanted to ride..more »»

Manila Dec 7-14 Coffee Anyone? traveling
Manila Dec 7-14 Coffee Anyone?
(Dec 7-14, 2011) Except for the Elvis event, starring my rock and roll icon, Lee Almighty, I had nothing else planned out, but kept all my options open. Manila wasn't really a destination - more like a layover flight, but there's much to do as well so I usually stay a week before moving on. One thing happened after another - a high school reunion, coffee with friends, hanging-out with my Dad, Freedom Bar, Cubao Expo. I get amused when I browse my past pictures of Manila visits. It seems like a revolving door of people coming in and out of my orbit...and me into theirs. It's good to appreciate the moments when they happen - chances are, they may not happen again..more »»

When Geeks Rule lucid thoughts
When Geeks Rule
(Dec 2, 2011) We'd been experiencing the dawn of a new era unimaginable just 2 generations back. This is an era of empowerment brought on by people who perfect their game within the context of a connected world. With the onset of information technology and the internet providing a conduit for free global information transfer, a new breed of young, exceptionally brilliant iconoclasts, have loomed out of the infinitely expanding horizon to establish their own world order..more »»

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