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July 2011 archive

July 2011 Blogs

Goodbye Valencia traveling
Goodbye Valencia
(Jul 31, 2011) Just as I was settling down and getting my bearing in my guest house in Valencia from a month-long of backpacking up north, something happened from out of the blue that made it clear to me to pack up again in search of a new home. Given the immediacy of this move and the uncertainty I'm faced, it was the metaphorical rug that was pulled again from underneath me...story of my life!...more »»

Rebar Bike Frame snapshot
Rebar Bike Frame
(Jul 31, 2011) spotted in Valencia Poblacion, Negros Oriental...more »»

Dauin Dive with Marine Bio Crew scuba diving
Dauin Dive with Marine Bio Crew
(Jul 22, 2011) I've done free-diving at Dauin many times before, but this would be my first time as a scuba diver. Now, I get to see what the marine biologists have been talking about. I wouldn't be the bantay-adobo benchwarmer anymore...woohoo! The fun didn't stop at Dauin. That evening, Rene Abesamis hosted a balut eating dare to the 'foreign guests'...more »»

Smoked Mamsa with Bearnaise Sauce recipes
Smoked Mamsa with Bearnaise Sauce
(Jul 17, 2011) My beloved Manang just arrived from the USA. For a welcome, I said I'd smoke a nice Mamsa (Jack Fish). To kick it up a notch, I'd use the last remaining oak grilling plank and make bearnaise sauce. Normally, I'd use the Knorr instant Bearnaise Sauce which does a terrific job, but I've used up the last my Mom sent me and it's not locally available so I had to make one from scratch....more »»

Beach Lot verbatim

Beach Lot

(July 15, 2011) A rich lady friend and I were taking a leisurely beach walk in Dauin when we came upon an alluring empty stretch of beach. We differed in our opinions on what to do with it.....more »»

Pulangbato Falls and Hot Spring traveling
Pulangbato Falls and Hot Spring
(Jul 16, 2011) The last time I was at Pulangbato with the Cuernos de Negros, we did the 3rd level waterfall. This time, we took the 2nd level. While the third level was a fun playground with natural slides and chillout pools, this 2nd level is simply majestic for the height and thunder of the falls. The plunge pool was sizeable and deep. It was perfect for chilling out and taking a cold dip...more »»

Of Motivation and Being Poor wealth_building
Of Motivation and Being Poor
(Jul 2, 2011) I have long maintained that there are poor people because life handed them the short end of the stick - that once they see an opportunity to get themselves out of poverty, they'd grab it. So all it takes is a break. Fairly simple, right? And why not? Who wants to be poor anyway? This thinking was about to be tested...more »»

Rant About Blogging lucid thoughts
Rant About Blogging
(Jul 1, 2011) Blogging is a funny thing. I'd been a blogger for over 10 years now and I've made friends whom I would never have met otherwise - some remain virtual, but those who I actually get to eyeball and exchange ideas with over coffee, that's perhaps the coolest thing. In a limited geographic confine where it may be hard to find someone to resonate with, blogging puts the word out in the virtual landscape to like-minded individuals or groups. The selection exponentially increases to a global level. Priceless!...more »»

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