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Venue: Yoga for Grown-ups SmartMod Balays, Capital, Hangos Street, Tagbilaran, 6300 Bohol
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Country > Philippines > Metro-Manila
Date > 1981 > June
Activity > Showbiz


Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Tv Commercial Jun 1981

Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Tv Commercial

Location Google Map: Metro Manila, Philippines

Back in the Day
I am writing this blog on Feb 15, 2021, but this commercial was shot around 1981 when I shortly began working after my university graduation. To put things in perspective, during that time, Blondie had a hit single, Call Me, which was used as the theme song for the movie American Gigolo by Richard Gere. New Wave music was slowly inching its way to popularity.

The Good Life
It was heady during those times. I was 21 years old and full of energy (full of myself too). I moved out of my parents' house and had a glamour job, money, an apartment, a car and a girlfriend. All the essentials to a budding career upstart was already there for me. Life was good.

Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Tv Commercial
at 21, fresh out of university, I had the swagger, a good-paying job, a car, an apartment, a girlfriend, and my face was on TV and was intoxicating. I would really wish that everyone would experience this fleeting moment of intoxication at least 15 minutes in their lives.

"I Want to be a Model"
I was so confident that I applied to be a model at Talents International and had my modeling SetCard made. I then made my rounds on the most prestigious advertising agencies in the capital, talked to whoever was in-charge, and simply stated, "I want to be a model". I wasn't tall enough, and I wasn't exactly good-looking enough to be a commercial model, but thank God, I didn't know that. At some point, I actually got a few calls for audition. Bear Brand, one of the leading milk products, was one of them.

modeling SetCard with Talents Internatonal
my modeling SetCard with Talents International

Yolly, the Leading Lady
During the filming, I met the 'leading lady', Yolly, a lovely half-Spanish mestiza whose beauty could easily launch her on the silver screen. We got along well. After the filming, we were already 'together'. Yes, life was good.

Bear Brand Sterilized Milk Tv Commercial
Yolly and I shared happy moments after the filming

15-Minute Celebrity
With the nationwide launch of the Bear Brand commercial (TV and print), I became an instant celebrity within my growing social circle. I was known as "the Bear Brand guy". My cheesy jokes were suddenly funny. I got invited to more parties and events. I was popular and people wanted to be friends with me. Women were drawn to me, and I was drawn to them. The good life even got better. I wasn't exactly intoxicated, but I was really enjoying myself.

Domino Effect
Bear Brand was followed by a few more tv and print commercials - Magnolia cheese, an Indonesian beer (I never saw the finished commercial since it was only shown in Indonesia), print ad for Sahara Club (a chique fashion label), Baguio Oil (a national brand cooking oil), etc.

Bear Brand Sterilized Milk print ad
Bear Brand print ad graced many magazines

Ending Thoughts
It's nice to reminisce that era when I was still a part of the establishment, young, optimistic, upwardly mobile, and full of life. Fast forward to today, 2021, and although I live life as a nomadic renunciate (no home, no job, no property, little money, letting the wind take me wherever), life has continued to be kind and abundant. I've had challenges but they were all manageable and necessary. Maybe I did good things in a previous life. I've never allowed the euphoria or set backs get inside my head. Yes, it's been a privileged life and I'm always grateful. Like Andy Warhol, I would wish everyone to have their 15-minutes of fame as well - it's quite a surreal experience while it lasts.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

Tony AnchetaTony Philippines
Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe
(Feb 16, 2021) I remember those days... I like you much better now 🙂

Joy TanJoy Philippines
(Feb 16, 2021) OMG, i still remember the jingle hahaha.. ikaw pala yon, gosh.

Erica BoucherErica USA
Erica Boucher: International Yoga Travel
(Feb 16, 2021) You never cease to amaze me, Gigit.

Ronx RonquilloRonx Philippines
(Feb 16, 2021) hahaha yeah, today I learned! 🙂 Nakita ko to pero ngayong nabanggit mo, narealize ko, ikaw nga!! (Today I learned! I've seen this commercial already but now that you mention it, I realized this is you!)

Gabriella NagyGabriella Hungary
Heart Space
(Feb 15, 2021) I love that aging made you even more handsome. Beautifully written article 🙏

Mark RatcliffMark USA
Mark Ratcliff Photography
(Feb 15, 2021) Amazing acting! Good milk?

(Feb 15, 2021) Truth be told, the kids couldn't drink the milk so the crew bought a gallon of ice cream and melted it with the milk....and everyone enjoyed it. I would even finish my glass on every "Take!"....and there were a few takes on the scene 🙂 🙂

Edwin ContrerasEdwin Philippines
(Feb 15, 2021) Buti na retreive mo pa (Good thing you retrieved it).

(Feb 15, 2021) There was none on Youtube, so I asked a friend to retrieve it from the advertising agency. That was a long time ago. It was on Betamax (remember that era?) and I had it digitized. Back in the day, it was a long laborious and arduous task to get that simple job done. I just stumbled upon this file again while searching for something else 🙂

Roselyn MerlinRoselyn Philippines
Surigao City Tourism Office
(Feb 15, 2021) Wow‼

Jonas WestringJonas Sweden
Shantaya Yoga School
(Feb 15, 2021) Yeah man, milk the past for all it's worth 🙂

Helen SulitHelen Philippines
(Feb 15, 2021) I remember this cuz 🙂

Leonard LansangLeonard Philippines
(Feb 15, 2021) I remember this!

Dindo VelasquezDindo Philippines
(Feb 15, 2021) Idol 🙂

Ems ReyesEms Philippines
(Feb 15, 2021) Nice! I would be born a year after 🙂

Kathryn WolfKathryn Canada
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
(Feb 15, 2021) ...had me sterilized

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