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Stuxnet: How WW III can be Fought and Won Technology

Stuxnet: How WW III can be Fought and Won

(April 30, 2024) In 2010, a new kind of cyber-weapon was accidentally stumbled upon by the cybersecurity researchers of VirusBlokAda. It's a powerful malware that raises the bar on warfare - even decide how WWIII can be fought and won. Instead of missiles and bombs, this is a computer code, yes, just lines of code that can cripple a country's electrical grid, financial markets, communications system and military infrastructure. This computer virus was given a name - Stuxnet...more »»

Kat's Community Invite Traveling

Kat's Community Invite

(Apr 28 - May 19, 2024) Feeling like I've already exhausted Bohol's abundance with all the events I'd been invited to with nothing else on the horizon, I bought a boat ticket for Cebu City and secured the Coastguard documents for my motorbike. But just hours before boarding the boat, I got a message from Kat. Without much deliberation on my part, I let the boat leave without me.....more »»

Kat's Birthday at Oceanica Chilling Out

Kat's Birthday at Oceanica

(April 24, 2024) Bohol Yoga Festival was the genesis to many synchronicities for me in Bohol - meeting interesting lives I've later reconnected with, getting a one-week yoga teaching gig + house sitting, a day of dive and beach with Joan / Fred and the festival crew, and now, an invite by Jen and Kaye to Kat's birthday celebration at the posh Oceanica Resort....more »»

Teaching 'Energising Yoga' at Jing Yoga & Wellness Yoga

Teaching 'Energising Yoga' at Jing Yoga & Wellness

(April 23-28, 2024) As synchronicity would have it, by the time my participation at the Bohol Yoga Festival ended, Jing, an Ashtanga Yoga teacher, invited me to sub for her classes for a week and house-sit for her. Wow, I get to stay longer in beautiful Panglao, I get to share my yoga, make a little money, and have a roof over my head. Is my universe telling me something about Bohol?...more »»

Freediving in Panglao with Haka Dive Center Freediving

Freediving in Panglao with Haka Dive Center

(April 23, 2024) Joan asked me to stay a day longer after the Bohol Yoga Festival. I thought there was more to do. Yes, but it was about fun diving with friends from the festival as curated by owner of Haka Dive Center, Brylle. The day was choc-full-of-FUN !!!!...more »»

Bohol Yoga Festival Yoga

Bohol Yoga Festival

(April 20/21, 2024) I was in the midst of my move from Siquijor to Bantayan when I got an invite from Joan to teach a class at the Bohol Yoga Festival in her resort, Fox and Firefly Cottages. I said yes, and went to the event with all my belongings for Bantayan....more »»

Goodbye Siquijor Traveling

Goodbye Siquijor

(April 18, 2024) After 15 months in Siquijor, it was time to say goodbye. I thought I could stay here until I was old and gray but despite its beauty, I was left wanting. Wandering into Bantayan sparked new vigor into what was becoming stale resignation over Siquijor. It was time to pack again....more »»

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