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lucid thoughts

November 19, 2005 Saturday

Surf Camp

Mimsy and I woke up early to be at the Shell Gas Station at 3am to meet up with Joe and the rest of the crew for surf camp in Magsaysay, Zambales. 2 peeps were already there but Joe didn't show up until 4:30, an hour and a half late. On top of that, he said he was informed by Veda, Mimsy's sister, that we were bringing our car so he only brought the pick-up. It meant bringing our car driving all the way to Zambales. It was unacceptable. We decided to drop it. Veda confirmed later that she told Joe we were NOT bringing our car...oh well, shit happens.

Had I known this would happen, maybe...I would have considered attending the 'Awaken Your Third Eye' workshop that was announced at the Family Wellness Festival last week.

Third Eye
The Third Eye is one of 7 energy centers in the astral body. People have used rituals and mantras, attended workshops and indulged in energy excercises to get it open. When open, it can be a gateway to the astral planes.

I still have my reservation though. I've talked to other people who were born with their third eye open. They see hideous things and regard it as a curse. However, the peeps from the Wellness Festival talked about enhancing their lives with it. I asked them about the disparity of perception and experience. The answer I got was 'integrity'. I don't think my question was answered.

--- TheLoneRider

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November 19, 2005

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