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2013 archive

October 2011 Blogs

Exploring Santander, Samboan and Badian, Cebu traveling
Exploring Santander, Samboan and Badian, Cebu
(Oct 30-31, 2011) It was a long holiday and everybody was out of town...except me. I'd been inundated by work and enough was enough. I had to take-off and get lost...even for just a day or two. I looked across the water and there was Cebu island. I've heard that the nearest Cebu port, Liloan is only 30 minutes by ferry. What could be there? Where would I end up? 24 hours later, I've crossed the south western part of Cebu, seen 2 waterfalls, dipped myself in an infinity pool, ate tostado and chicharon CarCar...more »»

Dumaguete Travel Info, Map and Itinerary traveling
Dumaguete Travel Info, Map and Itinerary
(Oct 16, 2011) A map of Dumaguete with embedded Google Mapping of essential destinations, itineraries within and outside Dumaguete, and general tips on making the most out of your visit to the City of Gentle People...more »»

Judging the Beach Body Comp at Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort chill
Judging the Beach Body Comp at Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort
(Oct 15, 2011) Altogether, it was a visual feast to see those ripped muscles go side by side of each other. I had a sense of long hours in the gym, iron wills to walk away from a chocolate bar, and staunch resolve to sleep early when all their friends are partying the night away. Kudos to these athletes who defy the odds and hurdle their boundaries...more »»

Food Tour of Bais food odyssey
Food Tour of Bais
(Oct 14, 2011) From Tanjay, I thought about heading back home when it occured to me that Bais, the next municipality known for dolphin watching, is only about 5 km further up north. I remember a foody friend, Angelo Villanueva, telling me that Nene's Halo-Halo and the BBQ native chicken (locally called chicken bisaya) are a must-eat in Bais. It didn't take me long before I was walking the surrounding area of Bais Poblacion...more »»

Fitting In lucid thoughts
Fitting In
(Oct 9, 2011) As I was watching Dexter Season 1, it dawned on me what seemingly normal people do in order to fit in. Just how fucked-up are they if they just tried to be themselves. I could imagine it's a broad spectrum of pretenders - from the serial killer to the tough-talking drill sargeant concealing the fire-engine red toe polish he hides underneath his socks. Society has this preconceived notion of normality, and every four-cornered square squeeze themselves into this circular box...more »»

Water Bucket Riddle snapshot
Water Bucket Riddle
(Oct 8, 2011) As I was enjoying my budbud and tablea chocolate drink at Dumaguete's Painitan, it started raining hard. Then a man put his water bucket beneath the downspout where accumulated rain water was gushing down. The bucket never filled up. Obviously, it had a big hole underneath. Riddle me this: what the heck was he trying to do?...more »»

Free Diving at Mainit Marine Reserve free diving
Free Diving at Mainit Marine Reserve
(Oct 5, 2011) It was Wednesday. And in Dumaguete, Wednesday is special to me. Others have their weekends, I give myself a Wednesday day-off. What's the big deal? Wednesday is Malatapay Market. From there, I'm only a short jeep ride choosing what marine reserve to go free diving. After, I head straight for Robinsons Place where they change the movie every Wednesday. After, I can go for a Wednesday discount for a foot massage at RM Guest House. Later, it's either Harolds Mansion Wednesday Night Grill or Hayahay Wednesday Reggae Night. I love Wednesdays. For my dive today, I somehow ended up at Mainit Marine Reserve...more »»

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