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'Judging' Blogs

Judging the Beach Body Comp at Pura Vida Beach and Dive ResortOct 15, 2011

Judging the Beach Body Comp at Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort

Wanna Judge?
It was one of those unexpected text messages from Zelda, "Hey you want to judge a body building contest on a beach resort?". The body building part and the beach resort part caught my fancy. Judging? I wasn't even sure I was qualified. How? I haven't done it before. However, I assured the criteria will be made clear.

Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort
It was my first time at Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort. Nice place...pool, beach bar, marine reserve right in front of it. I also met the energetic owner Chris and his lovely wife Jeovy. Together, they kept a pretty tight operation, making sure the drinks were served cold and the guests looked after.

The Comp
I was one of 4 judges, the other one was equal newbie, Laura Pearce, while the 2 others seem to have been regulars at this. The event was emceed by the enchanting duo, Zelda and Gia, both friends from my Harolds Mansion stint. Body symmetry was 40%, musculature was 30%, posing was 20% and the 'it' factor, 10%. There were 3 classes - novice, masters and open. On every class, there a getaway winner, which made our job easier. I noticed that whoever has the best musculature also had the most balanced symmetry, and with that edge, they get to pose with confidence. The difficult part was judging who gets 2nd and 3rd. What I found glaring from most was that the upper body is developed but the lower body seems to slightly lag behind - which kills them on the symmetry. From a judging perspective (and on the beach, I'm sure), tree-trunk thighs are imposing.

Athletes with Muscle
Altogether, it was a visual feast to see those ripped muscles go side by side of each other. I had a sense of long hours in the gym, iron wills to walk away from a chocolate bar, and staunch resolve to sleep early when all their friends are partying the night away. Kudos to these athletes who defy the odds and hurdle their boundaries.

Party Time
When the comp was done with, the music started and the party got underway. It was fun being with the crew from Harolds Mansion again - Zelda, Gia, Laura and meeting the guys from Dauin's marine reserve, Marvin and a few cool heads. There was beer, dancing, small talk and just fun. In the end, Laura ended up giving a ride on the back of her motorbike. Turns out we're neighbors!

--- TheLoneRider

Thanks Z and Gia for having me there!

01pura_vida.jpg 02beach.jpg 03beach_dining.jpg 04laura_gigit.jpg
05chris.jpg 06zelda_gia.jpg 07competitors.jpg 08novice_class.jpg
09beach_beauty.jpg 10awards.jpg 11dancing_girls.jpg 12mr_philippines.jpg
13masters_class.jpg 14masters_class.jpg 15champion.jpg 16top3.jpg
17open_champ.jpg 18party 19marvin_zelda 20marvin_jovee
21party 22beauties 23posse 24laura_motorbike

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Laura Pearce
Laura Pearce
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Zelda Indal
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Tony Ancheta
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Nonnie Gicana Jeruta
Princess Que
Princess Que
Jay-Ar Caranto
Jay-Ar Caranto


Ramon CabreraRamon Cabrera
(Oct 22, 2011) OK buddy, I haven't seen you in a long while and so my questions is "Why?" Just kidding, I hope you had a good time, sans free beer.

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