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Romblon Nov 17-19, 2012

Beach Life at Punta Corazon, Romblon Island

GPS waypoint: N12 35.665 E122 15.937

Walking the Miles
After staying 4 days at The 3P Resort / Ducks Diving doing nearly 2 scuba dives daily, I packed up to a more quiet destination - the secluded resort of Punta Corazon. Upon leaving The 3P Resort, I decided to walk the entire 7km length of the road with my full gear - perhaps 28 kilos including canned goods and 5 liters of water. Why? Because just on the other side of the island is the formidable Mt. Guiting-Guiting - one of the most technical climbs in the country that has already claimed lives. I was asking myself, "do I still have the juice for that?". To size-up my fitness, I decided to walk to town. I got my validation, but the worn shoulder strap of my North Face backpack dug deep into my shoulder muscles that left me sore for a few days. Let's call it a 'feel good' pain.

The Resort
Upon reaching Romblon Town, a boat took me to the resort. Punta Corazon Beach Resort is only 13 minutes by boat from Romblon Town and yet you feel like you're in an isolated island that's all to yourself. It's quiet, secluded and private. What struck me about this resort is that it was built along the steep slope of a limestone headland. The infrastructure was build on terraces supported by marble/stone walls, overlooking the sea (like Monaco). It has a charming 3-level native-style cottage (multiple units), all with its own balcony facing the sea. You can see Logbon Island and Alad Island just across the water. The grounds are manicured with trimmed grass, trees, native pavillions, stone walkways, shaded gardens, etc.

Walled House Beach
What I found odd is that the resort has its own walled house beach. When the tide is up, the walled beach fills up. Kids can swim safely because the rocks and big stones have been cleared. Also, it insulates the swimmers from the waves and the current. It all made sense, but I felt it was still invasive. I saw a similar thing in Anilao, Batangas, at Dive and Trek where they have their own sea-fed walled house reef, but it was at sea level and good for snorkelling 24/7. You see an assortment of protected fish and marine life as well and you're safe from the current. Still, I remain ambivalent.

The rooms are a bit spartan for the impressive resort exterior. It has air-conditioning, tv, balcony and ensuite bathroom. The basics are there, but the little details are overlooked - no internet (I'm not sure if they can even get one, given its location), sliding doors don't fully open, aerial antenna blocking the view, coaxial tv cable dangling all over the place, no batteries on the remotes, tv but no cable channels (just the GMA station), etc. Fortunately, these are not catastrophic and can be remedied easily. That's one of the few things the owner asked me to do - identify issues.

For good or bad, there is no activity here at Punta Corazon except for a quiet walk on the beach and watching the sunset - romantic stuff. The beach itself is grassy/rocky except for the walled house beach, which is usually empty on low tides - but in some months of the year, the high tide happens in the daytime making for an enjoyable swim. Snorkelling? it looks promising from how I see the reef from my elevated balcony, but I see many small boats passing above the drop-off. It's also quite a walk to the reef despite the concrete walkway put in place. If you're looking to get away from it all, perhaps looking for quiet time, to write or read a book, or maybe indulge in discreet weekend romance, yes, this is the place. For me, given the work that has piled up, it's ideal. I get to fire up my laptop and work from my balcony and amuse myself with the passing boats, be refreshed by the sea breeze and contemplate with the calm sea before me.

Ending Thoughts
After 2 nights, I left the resort and headed back to Romblon Town. It was relaxing in those 2 days. Even if I wanted to do something else, I couldn't. It forced me to just let go and appreciate the surroundings without thinking about the other things racing inside my head. I guess I needed that. Would I go back? Hmmm...with company, of course!

--- TheLoneRider

How to Get to Punta Corazon from Romblon Town

  1. by boat (preferred) - arrangements can be made with the owners at Romblon Plaza Hotel. It's a 13-minute boat ride. Check-in and check-out transers are free.
  2. by land - it's a 10-minute walk down a wide path until you reach the road. Take a tricycle to town. It's a 10-minute ride, P30.
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Punta Corazon Beach Resort, Romblon Island, Romblon, Philippines

Contact:Corazon Abrenica
Location:Sitio Sabang, Cajimos, Romblon Island, Romblon, Philippines 5500
GPS Waypoint:N 12 35.665' E 122 15.937'
Mobile:+(63)921.502.5654 / +(63)927.735.2163

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