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2013 archive

June 2013 Blogs

The Deadly Bitaugan Whirlpool of Surigao City traveling
The Deadly Bitaugan Whirlpool of Surigao City
(Jun 26, 2013) Bitaugan Whirlpool of Surigao City is the stuff movies are made of. Lives have been lost as it swallowed numerous boats that came too close to its deadly orbit. I thought it was urban legend when I heard the story of a man (and the boat!) who was sucked into its vortex and regurgitated back, only to be swallowed again and spewed out...4 times! It was humbling to actually meet that survivor and hear from his own lips the harrowing tale that took place in 1978.....more »»

Beaching it at Pebble Beach and Looc Beach, Surigao City traveling
Beaching it at Pebble Beach and Looc Beach, Surigao City
(Jun 22-24, 2013) Pebble Beach is unique because instead of sand, you have smooth roundish stones from the size of an egg to that of a bowling ball. This goes on even as you swim to neck-deep depth. Crossing a steep bluff brings you to the more private and secluded Looc Beach with its mix of wash-out stones to big round ones.....more »»

Exploring Silop Cave of Surigao City caving
Exploring Silop Cave of Surigao City
(Jun 22, 2013) Silop Cave in Surigao City is one of its tourist attractions not just for hard-core cavers but also for the uninitiated. Silop Cave is a massive cave system made up of 6 caves with its own entry hole. It has cathedral-like caverns where you will see bats, perhaps snakes and cave flies. Guides are well-trained and fees are competitive.....more »»

Surigao City Flow lucid thoughts
Surigao City Flow
(Jun 22, 2013) When I arrived Surigao City, I was a drifter. I didn't know anyone, haven't been to the place and couldn't find a cheap-enough hole-in-the-wall to rest my head for the night. Now, just 3 weeks later, I am seated at the head table beside the Tourism Director of the entire Caraga Region, giving a talk. Whoa! How the hell did that happen?....more »»

Free-Diving the Coral Reef of Birok Islet, Surigao City free-diving
Free-Diving the Coral Reef of Birok Islet, Surigao City
(June 12, 2013) Through Day-asan Village and into the open waters lie this massive coral reef system that nobody seems to have heard of. Luckily for me, I brought my snorkeling gear. And to better appreciate the expanse of this reef area, I tugged along the cruising boat with my mask on, and hung on to a make-shift rope handle on the boat's outrigger as it pulled me through the vast coral areas. To cap it up, we dived-in for some edible seaweed appetizer!....more »»

Boat Ride to the Floating Village of Day-asan, Surigao City traveling
Boat Ride to the Floating Village of Day-asan, Surigao City
(June 12, 2013) the Floating Village of Day-asan is a working village - it's not an artificially developed theme village for tourism. The population survives on the bounty they get from the sea and the mangrove forest. The houses are on stilts and thus, the primary mode of transortation is by boat. These houses are concentrated on the river edge where they are lined-up along the meandering contours of the mangrove forest. It's a scenic boatride....more »»

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