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2013 archive

July 2013 Blogs

Siblings lucid
(Jul 31, 2013) Three siblings, three lives....more »»

Rest in Peace, Mommy lucid Peoplescape

Rest in Peace, Mommy

(Jul 27, 2013) Coming to terms with myself as I made the trip to Davao City to lay my mother to rest. Rest in peace, Mommy dearest.....more »»

Goodbye Surigao traveling
Goodbye Surigao
(July 23, 2013) Once again, I go through this repeating cycle of coming down from a bus, a stranger in a strange land, not knowing anyone, just there for a night, and before I know it, the one night stand turns nearly into a 2-month relationship of abundance, friendship and productivity. And just when the going gets better, urgencies compell me to pack up and bid this wonderful place adieu...more »»

Island Hopping Adventures in Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte traveling
Island Hopping Adventures in Tagana-an, Surigao del Norte
(July 23-25, 2013) 35 minutes by land from Surigao City is the little-known place of Tagana-an - a quaint and charming town tucked nicely into its lush mangrove forest where one can enjoy what tropical island paradise is all about - sun, swim, snorkel, beach, caves, reefs, islands, tours and friendly people...more »»

Singapore Girl people

Singapore Girl

(July 21, 2013) a casual chat in Facebook about a Singaporean girl that took a surprise turn....more »»

Exploring Siargao's Cloud 9 traveling
Exploring Siargao's Cloud 9
(July 18-20, 2013) Being in Del Carmen, Siargao, it didn't make sense for me to head back for Surigao City without checking-out what the hype is all about with General Luna's Cloud 9, the surfing capital of the country. I took the tricycle ride to Dapa, stayed for 2 days, then headed out for General Luna and into Cloud 9. With lodging being too pricey, I found the perfect sleeping place - alfresco and best of all, it's free....more »»

Judging Del Carmen's Beauty Pagent and Street Dancing traveling
Judging Del Carmen's Beauty Pagent and Street Dancing
(July 15-16, 2013) Attending a town fiesta is already loads of fun...but being a judge in its beauty pageant and street dancing competition? Mega-Fun!!!....more »»

Rite of Passage on Cantrasa Shoal scuba
Rite of Passage on Cantrasa Shoal
(Jul 12, 2013) After hearing much about the strong current on Surigao's dive spots, I have finally come to face it on Cantrasa Shoal. I haven't even done a drift dive let alone a descent with current so strong it could rip a face mask off. My excitement was exceeded only by my apprehension....more »»

Diving the Reef of Cagtinae, Surigao del Norte scuba diving
Diving the Reef of Cagtinae, Surigao del Norte
(Jul 7, 2013) Cagtinae Reef was 'discovered' by the divers of Punta Bilar Dive Center as they asked fishermen where they go for fishing. Although a little far from the usual dive spots in Surigao City, it offers a unique seascape where you might see a school of Trevalis (aka Talakitok) not too far from shore...more »»

Karma Yoga in Surigao City yoga
Karma Yoga in Surigao City
(July 5, 2013) Jeanne Dumlao is perhaps the only yoga teacher in Surigao City. I was able to join her class, meet members of the yoga community, and even conduct a karma yoga session. Jeanne also teaches community yoga at the provincial grandstand...more »»

The Wooden Footbridge and Waterfall of Cantiasay, Surigao City traveling
The Wooden Footbridge and Waterfall of Cantiasay, Surigao City
(July 1, 2013) Cantiasay is a charming barangay with its quaint wooden foot bridge spanning 472 meters long, a fun waterfall as a playground and a vast coral reef system for snorkeling. Seafood is always the catch of the day...doesn't get any fresher than that!....more »»

Outdoor Adventure Tour in Nonoc Island, Surigao City skin
Outdoor Adventure Tour in Nonoc Island, Surigao City
(Jul 1-2, 2013) Nonoc Island is choc-full-of-adventures with its outdoor offering - island boat tour, snorkeling their pristine coral reef, beach lunch, mangrove forest, crossing the country's longest wooden foot bridge, waterfall massage and fresh seafood. Their tour package brings to life what a tropical paradise is all about.....more »»

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