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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Dauin with Simon Speight's Dumaguete Divers June 9-14, 2015

Scuba Diving in Dauin with Simon Speight's Dumaguete Divers

GPS waypoint: 9°11'17.9"N 123°15'53.7"E
Location: Dauin Dive Café, Bonafacio Street, Poblacion District 1, Dauin, Negros Oriental 6217, Philippines

After 3 days in Dumaguete at Harold's Mansion, Tuyen and I went off to Dauin for her scuba diving course at Dumaguete Divers. If you like diving, whether it be snorkeling, free diving or scuba diving, Dauin is pretty much the place to be in. It has been featured as one of the best dive spots on the planet. Reef diving, muck diving, turtles, groupers, jacks, Dauin has them all!

Simon Speight
Simon Speight is the hands-on owner of Dumaguete Divers. With years doing his rounds in the dive spots of Australia and Thailand, this jolly UK chap chose to settle down in picturesque Dauin to put up his dive shop. With his lovely better half, Rowela, they both run the Dauin Divers Cafe where the hangout and the fun after-dives happen. Simon is bubbly and engaging. At Dauin Divers Cafe, he's the life of the party as he makes everyone feel at home.

SSI Open Water Diver Certification
Dive Instructor, Neil Brandon, took care of giving my partner, Tuyen, the necessary training and certification for the dive. I was there from time to time, listening how he patiently explained the theories of the course. It took 5 training dives altogether right on the reef system of Dauin to finally get her diving card - which was surprisingly given to her under water on the 5th dive!

El Dorado House Reef
For icing on the cake, I joined them on a fun dive on the house reef of El Dorado Resort. It was a small patch of coral reef but pretty intense. Marine life is active and fish population is healthy. For added fun, there was a mild current that took us out of our comfort zones. It was a short walk back to the shore and a 5 minute ride back to Dauin Divers Cafe for some celebration.

Friday BBQ at Dauin Divers Cafe
As a gathering hub for the community, Dauin Divers Cafe hosts a Friday night BBQ buffet for a meager P295 - European sausages, baby back ribs, chicken, salad, UK Bangers, etc. It's something to look forward to. As usual, Simon is toastmaster, making sure everyone is having a grand time.

Ending Thoughts
Dumaguete Divers made us feel right at home. With the lovely servers, Neil and the dynamic couple Simon and Rowela, we left Dauin with chock-full-of-great-memories, and more importantly, Tuyen's open water diving certificate. Thank you, Dumaguete Divers!

--- TheLoneRider

Google Map Dumaguete, Philippines

tourist attractions in Dumaguete tourist attractions hotels in Dumaguete - hotel
Hotel Essencia Hotel Essencia - 9-storie hotel in the heart of Dumaguete
    39 Real St., Corner San Juan St., Dumaguete City - 09°18'32.1"N 123°18'20.3"E
scuba diving in Dumaguete scuba diving
  • Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay Mario Scuba Diving and Homestay - homestay in Apo Island, scuba diving, restaurant
    Apo Island - 09°04'40.08"N 123°16'09.19"E
  • Dumaguete Divers Dumaguete Divers - scuba diving in Apo Island, resto / cafe, accommodation
    Dauin - 9°11'18.6"N 123°15'54.3"E
cafes in Dumaguete cafe
Tuyen starting off her diving lessons with Neil Brandon at Dauin's Marine Sanctuary the white buoys mark the marine reserve boundary. Dive boats frequent this spot Dauin's coastline has about 11 marine reserves Tuyen getting on/off her gear as part of the exercise
while Tuyen gets her training, I get busy snorkeling on the nearby reef finishing a training day all smiles Apo Island looms on the horizon
shore-entry and shore-exit dives meeting them up after the training...sometimes, we go for a snorkeling round Friday night BBQ at Dauin Divers Cafe Dauin Divers Cafe is a cozy shack that just nails it for the locals and expats
char-broiled BBQ from the grill and onto your plate - Rowela looks hungry already beer, banter and laughs for the expats BBQ night has chicken and a killer sauce grilled Blue Marlin too!
salad and veggies fruits and chili wraps potato salad galore cheers!
with the bubbly Simon after-dive dinner with Tuyen...cold beer, BBQ, al fresco dining...can't get any better than this Tuyen with cute little boy the lessons go on with or out of the water
Simon's dive shop I would leave Tuyen alone to study gearing up for another dive pumped and ready for the plunge
Neil with Tuyen showing off her Dive ID the fabulous people of Dumaguete Divers and Dauin Divers Cafe - Rowela, Cathleen, the twins Janice and Daria,  Uncle Bean, Cathy and Neil, Tuyen and myself    
Dumaguete Divers

How to get to Dumaguete Divers from Dumaguete

  1. transfers to your accommodation can be arranged
  2. by public transport - take a tricycle anywhere from Dumaguete and ask to be dropped-off at the jeep terminal going to Dauin (the terminal is near Robinson's Place) - P8. At the terminal, board the next jeep for Zamboanguita or Siaton or Dauin. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Dauin's Public Market. P15, 40 minutes. Upon disembarking at the highway, walk towards the beach...5 mins. Located 100 meters from Dauin's Colonial Church of San Nicolas.

More Information about Dumaguete

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Reader Comments:

Dave JoudreyDave Canada
(Jul 14, 2015) Dude, you are living in paradise! I just don't know about those pink flip-flops though. LOL

"I just don't know about those pink flip-flops" -- Dave Joudrey
(Jul 14, 2015) ha-ha...they were Ferrari Red, dude...just faded...LOL. Good to see you're still on the saddle. Envious

June 9-14, 2015

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