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May Snapshots Snapshot

May Snapshots

(May 1-31, 2023) May showers are here...plants are happy, the air is clean and the rivers are replenished. In Siquijor, it's fiesta time. Lazi, among other municipalities celebrate their fiestas...lechon, merry making and good tidings....more »»

My May Yoga Practice: a Journal Yoga

My May Yoga Practice: a Journal

(May 1-31, 2023) I've added the Gateway Process in my yoga routine. I plan on pursuing this until I exhaust the materials I can get on this. This means my other yoga pursuits will have to take a back seat - Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga by Gigit. My personal practice will continue to evolve with the addition of Hemi-Sync (the core of the Gateway Process)....more »»

Learning Cebuano Learning

Learning Cebuano

(May 1-31, 2023) Now that I'm committed to stay long-term in Siquijor, it's high time for me to start learning Cebuana...again...seriously!..more »»

In Search of a Cool Climate Traveling

In Search of a Cool Climate

(May 25, 2023) I love the place where I'm at, but it is seriously punishing in the mid afternoon when the sun is right above. It's almost impossible to be productive when sweat is running all over the body. Time to look for a new place...more »»

A.I. Language Models: GPT4, Bard and Bing Technology

A.I. Language Models: GPT4, Bard and Bing

(May 24, 2023) GPT4, the latest technological incarnation of the world's leading Language A.I., has taken the world by storm. Recently, I discovered that I could use it in far more meaningful ways...more »»

Aging: Vultures Gathering Yoga

Aging: Vultures Gathering

(May 17, 2023) With the onslaught of the aging process, diseases are like vultures encircling the skies. When fitness is no longer there, the hapless prey spends a ton of money for healthcare and maintenance. But there's a way to keep diseases at bay. How?..more »»

The 64 km Bike Ride Mountain Biking

The 64 km Bike Ride

(May 16, 2023) To shock the body back into a fitness paradigm, especially after the bingeing from fiesta food, I embarked on a bike ride around Siquijor Island on my clunky, heavy and small-wheeled Japanese folding bike - a total of 75.25 km...more »»

Lazi Fiesta Food Odyssey Community

Lazi Fiesta

(May 15, 2023) Like most fiestas in the Philippines, Lazi's fiesta is over the top - you drown in food. Not to be outdone, the house where I stay had its whole pig roasted on a spit (lechon)...more »»

Third Eye Opening? Meditation

Third Eye Opening?

(May 14, 2023) I was introduced to a group of young people through a mutual acquaintance. It turns out they're all into meditation and the occult. One offered to open my 3rd Eye and take me on a journey...more »»

Emergency Parenting Slice of Life

Emergency Parenting

(May 13, 2023) If I were to best describe the parenting I received, I would have to say Emergency Parenting - I just coined that up because there's nothing out there that even comes close. What is that?..more »»

The Boulevard Opening Traveling

The Boulevard Opening

(May 5, 2023) Lazi's boulevard has been on a an on-off construction phase for the longest time. Finally, an official opening was kicked-in, albeit, the Boulevard has not been finished yet...more »»

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