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Peoplescape Politics

Henry Kissinger November 29, 2023

Henry Kissinger: War Criminal

(May 27, 1923 - Nov 29, 2023)

Rest in Peace Rot in Hell
Dead at age 100, many things can be said about Henry Kissinger but war criminal comes first and foremost. He saw human lives as expendable statistical numbers. He is responsible for over a million lost lives - a true scourge of humanity. May the likes of him forever be expunged from existing.

Power is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac
Intoxicated by his celebrity status as the globe-trotting diplomat who popularized the tagline, Shuttle Diplomacy, Kissinger uttered this immortal phrase. Kissinger used that power to prolong the Vietnam War, escalate the war by indiscriminately bombing 2 neutral countries, and instigating a regime change against a democratically elected president of a sovereign nation.

Secretary of State
As United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor during the Nixon administration, Kissinger helped prolong the Vietnam War and expand that conflict into neutral Cambodia; facilitated genocides in Cambodia, East Timor, and Bangladesh; accelerated civil wars in southern Africa; and supported coups and death squads throughout Latin America. He had the blood of at least 3 million people on his hands, according to his biographer Greg Grandin.

War Crimes

  1. Bombing of Laos and Cambodia - during the Vietnam War, Kissinger authorized the indiscriminate bombing of 2 neutral countries, Laos and Cambodia resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians. This was an illegal bombing that he and Nixon kept from the public until it was leaked.

    This indiscriminate bombing destabilized Cambodia and led to the rise of the dreaded Khmer Rouge who killed 20% of Cambodia's best and brightest.
  2. Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger authorized the illegal and secret carpet-bombing of Cambodia

  3. My Lai Massacre - Kissinger knew about the My Lai massacre, a war crime committed by American soldiers in Vietnam, and he didn't do anything to stop it or punish those responsible.
  4. My Lai Massacre
    My Lai Massacre

  5. Chilean coup d'état - Kissinger supported the Chilean military coup d'état led by Augusto Pinochet in 1973 to topple a democratically elected Salvador Allende. Allende was kidnapped and murdered. Pinochet's regime was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of thousands of Chileans.
  6. Chilean coup d'état
    Kissinger instigated the regime change in Chile

  7. Prolonging the Vietnam War - Kissinger conducted secret negotiations with the North Vietnamese government, bypassing official channels and undermining public trust in the ongoing Paris Peace Talks. This created confusion and distrust, delaying any potential agreement. He then approved increased bombing campaigns in both North and South Vietnam, causing immense civilian suffering and infrastructure damage without achieving a significant strategic advantage. He pressured the South Vietnamese government to resist making concessions, even when it became clear that a military victory was unlikely. Altogether, the Vietname war was prolonged by 4 more years needlessly.

Quotes about Henry Kissinger:

  1. Reed Brody - “Few people ... have had a hand in as much death and destruction, as much human suffering, in so many places around the world as Henry Kissinger.”
  2. George Galloway - "Henry Kissinger is the greatest living war criminal in the world today, with the blood of millions of people in Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos and Chile and East Timor on his hands. He will never appear in a court or be behind bars."

What Notable People Say about Henry Kissinger

New info on Kissinger's War Crimes Revealed

Christopher Hitchens on Henry Kissinger's War Crimes

Noam Chomsky on Kissinger as an Intellectual

Ending Thoughts
Once you've been to the Killing Fiends of Cambodia as I have, and seen the mountain of skulls piled high, the number of surviving people with amputated legs (as a result of land mines not detonated during the Kissinger-authorized bombing of Cambodia), the tales of horror narrated by those whose who survived the bombing and the genocide of the Khmer Roughe campaign, all that human misery, you cannot look at Kissinger and feel like you want to throw up. Kissinger is a human incarnation of pure evil.

At the end of the day, he got away with it. He was never made accountable for his war crimes because he had many powerful allies in Washington and in the mainstream media. But now that he is dead, these allies no longer feel compelled to protect him. Thus, new evidence are coming to light revealing the true extent of his war crimes. He lived for a hundred years and in his wake, he left millions dead and hundreds of thousands mamed, wounded, orphaned, widowed and homeless. He caused untold suffering to humankind - the scourge of humanity. That is Henry Kissinger's legacy. May he rot in hell for all eternity.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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