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Yoga Kids, May 27 - June 21, 2024

Join me in Tagbilaran, Bohol for the Summer of Growth where kids spend their summer break learning arts and crafts, yoga and meditation, and intellectual play.

Summer of Growth

Venue: Yoga Kids SmartMod Balays, Capital, Hangos Street, Tagbilaran, 6300 Bohol

Yoga for Grown-ups, May 27 - June 21, 2024

Join me in Tagbilaran, Bohol for the Summer of Growth where parents of "Yoga Kids" or working adults take on a journey of Transformation through the proven benefits of Yoga.

Summer of Growth

Venue: Yoga for Grown-ups SmartMod Balays, Capital, Hangos Street, Tagbilaran, 6300 Bohol
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Technological Breakthroughs

These ground-breaking technological wonders redefine life as we live it.

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Stuxnet: How WW III can be Fought and Won April 30, 2024

Stuxnet: How WW III can be Fought and Won

  1. Zero-day - this is a previously unknown vulnerability or flaw in a software that has no existing patch or anti-virus solution. The name is derived from the fact that the software vendor has zero-day to prevent any hacker from exploiting this vulnerability. Hackers can launch an attack on a zero-day to effect malware infection, breach data or compromise systems, often with catastrophic results. Big companies offer a huge amount of money for any zero-day in their products. Apple will pay $1,000,000 for any zero-day vulnerability. Hackers are known to hijack companies on ransom over a zero-day vulnerability.
  2. Hacker - this is a person who understands the system better than the those who developed the system. A hacker can find vulnerabilities in the system that the developers themselves are unaware of. Hackers can launch an attack through these vulnerabilities. Software vendors constantly test their systems to identify and address such vulnerabilities such as version updates, security monitoring, and threat intelligence, to minimize the risk of exploitation. But when a hacker identifies a vulnerability leaving no time for the vendor to develop a patch, a zero-day attack is launched.

Stumbled Upon Virus
In 2010, a new kind of cyber-weapon was accidentally stumbled upon by the cybersecurity researchers of VirusBlokAda. It's a powerful malware that raises the bar on warfare - even decide how WWIII can be fought and won. Instead of missiles and bombs, this is a computer code, yes, just lines of code that can cripple a country's electrical grid, financial markets, communications system and military infrastructure. This zero-day computer virus was given a name - Stuxnet.

Stuxnet: How WW III can be Fought and Won
Stuxnet wreaked havoc on Iran's nuclear program

Ending Thoughts
Einstein once said that WW IV would be fought with stones and sticks. With Stuxnet, perhaps not. If the target country's power grid, communication system and nuclear capability is paralyzed, there is no need to drop hydrogen bombs to win the war. Civilization will be preserved. Cities will be left intact. Infrastructure will remain. Lives will be spared. If the hacked country does not surrender, then it can only respond with guerilla warfare - much less destructive than a nuclear meltdown. Maybe Stuxnet just saved the planet!

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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