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Lake Balinsasayao on a Kayak Jul 7, 2010

Lake Balinsasayao on a Kayak

Kayaking for a Dive
Being a Wednesday, I was supposed to go to Malatapay Market again for that awesome lechon and then dive to Masaplod Sur, hoping I'd see Mr. Leatherback again (Mr. Leatherback is my pet name for this huge turtle which Rene, my marine-bio friend, speculates might be a rare leatherback turtle). That didn't happen when my partner backed out at the last minute. When all felt lost, Rene texted me for some kayaking at Lake Balinsasayao later in the day. The day was saved!

Lake Balinsasayao

MTB Wish
Barely catching the last few hours of daylight, we rode off on his 4X4 to Sibulan's highland. Along the way, we were talking of going back, but on a bike, pedalling the entire 894 meters from sea level. That's one workout worthy of an Estrell's halo-halo!

All to Ourselves
There was no wind and the water was placid...almost mirror like. It felt peaceful...and we had the lake to ourselves. We paddled our way across the lake and chilled out on the other side. With diminishing daylignt, we headed back to the other shore.

Ending Thoughts
Quietly paddling on the still water of Lake Balinsasayao shortly before sunset was silent meditation.

--- TheLoneRider

Many thanks to Rene for saving the day!

    Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Rates:
  • At the Gate: P10/person, P30/car
  • umbrella cottage: P100/day (donation only for those who will not eat)
  • viewing tower: P100 (to eat and relax), free for viewing only
  • big bangka: P250/hour up to 7 pax
  • double body: P250/hour up to 7 pax (additional P35/person over 7)
  • kayak: P100/hour
  • tour guiding: P300/day (surrounding lake view), P200 if less than a day, P1500/day from Twin Lakes to eco-spots of Valencia
    How to Get There from Dumaguete:
  • take a pedicab (tricycle) and ask to be taken to the jeep or bus terminal going or passing through San Jose
  • tell the jeep/bus driver to drop you off the junction going to the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. This is after you've passed Sibulan proper but before you reach San Jose proper. ~30 minutes
  • from that junction, it's a long uphill road. Hire a motorbike (habal-habal) to take you to the lakes. Make sure to arrange for your return. P100 one-way

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Lake Balinsasayao on a kayak  784 Lake Balinsasayao on a kayak  789 Lake Balinsasayao on a kayak  795  

Reader Comments:

Ramon Cabrera
(Jul 12, 2010) I had to do a double take on this post. Ar first akala ko "Lake Binalisawsaw".

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