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Shaman Chronicles

Mystic Healer Oct 1, 2010

Mystic Healer

Heard through the Grape Vine
While hanging out at the local eatery, I heard one of the Manangs (elderly lady) talk about the mystic healer she goes to. It's in a small town about an hour and a half away. According to her, the healer will take your pulse and tell you what's wrong. You don't even have to say anything. She can tell you about an ailment, or identify the culprit who stole your money. According to the Manang, everyone she's brought to the healer got healed, and more interestingly, she got her stolen P12,000 back! I got curious. What could this mystic healer find out in me? I ventured on my own in search of this mystic healer.

In Full Public Display
After making the trip, I nailed down the place and got a number upon arrival. I was third in line but it didn't take long before the place filled up. By the time I was called, there were already about 25 people lined up. It wasn't a private setting. Beside me was another patient who could hear everything that was said. Surrounding us were all the patients in waiting. They could also hear what was being said. If the healer tells you you got chronic hemorrhoids within earshot of everyone, tough luck!

Who Dunnit?
My primary objective was to find out who did it. It's a long burning question I wanted to get an answer to. If this mystic healer will tell me the circumstances and identify the culprit without me uttering a single word, then I would believe her (how could you not?).

To my shock, she told me something else. I had high blood sugar in the last few months! Huh? All the while, my self-image was poster boy for health and fitness. Now I'm being told I have high blood sugar? But after the initial shock, I came to realise she's got a good point:

  • I'd been noticing ants love my pee
  • I'd been consuming massive amounts of fruit as a substitute for meals - a kilo of lanzones for lunch and another kilo of rambutan for dinner!
  • I haven't been feeling as strong the last couple of months - specially after my climb to Mt. Kanlaon

Online Research
Upon my return home, I immediately went online to do my own research on diabetes. I learned a lot of things that somehow tied up all the loose ends. I saw the big picture. I don't feel as strong now because my body can't absorb all that blood sugar from all those sweet snacks and fruits, so it flushes it out of my body through my pee. The ants party on my sweet pee. Instead of metabolising the blood sugar for energy, it literally goes down the drain depriving me of energy I need for my workouts. Sigh!

A Change in Lifestyle
This realization changes a lot of things.

  • I have to take sugar out of my diet - sugarless cocoa drink, sugarless coffee, etc.
  • I can't feast on fruits anymore! I love fruits. They are bountiful and cheap here. Now I have to turn away from them.
  • I can't do free-wheeling sweet snacks. No more piaya, cakes, ice cream, etc.

Gotta Love those Ants
With this new routine, I have to carefully monitor how my body is reacting to my new changes. Not surprisingly, my ants remain my barometer.

There's More!
The mystic healer said I should come back in a few days. She has more to say.

Oct. 8, 2010
I returned to the healer after 100% abstinence on sugar. She took my pulse again and smiled. She said I was ok. She made me drink a shot of her potion (it tasted sweet) and sent me home.

Ending Thoughts
My coming back to her was less than climactic. I actually thought she'd tell me the who-dunnit part. At any rate, I'm just glad to have my health back. I've returned to the gym, done a few yoga sessions and been biking around. It's good to be back in the groove.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

Chato Dominese
(Oct 4, 2010) Thanks, will follow your lead :>

Dindo Velasquez
(Oct 4, 2010) Interesting...

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