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scuba diving

Dauin Muck Dive with Harolds Mansion CrewAug 7, 2011
Dive #10, #11

Dauin Muck Dive with Harolds Mansion Crew

Sweet Deal
Harolds Mansion has the sweetest Sunday fun dive deals in town - 2 dives with equipment at P1150! I didn't want to miss out on a deal like that. Besides, it's my first time to dive with Harold's crew and my first time for a muck dive. I like firsts!

Muck Dive
The first dive was a muck dive. Muck dives are excellent for micro photography - the tiny creatures don't move too much so it's easy to position yourself for a cool shot, and it's also where you find nice subjects. I don't know if it's really finding nice subjects or there simply aren't too many fishes there, so the few that catch your attention stand out just by being there.


Wrecks and Lion Fish
This particular muck dive has a few deliberate wrecks for an artificial reef - a jeep, tires, etc. I think the metal parts have rusted completely and the jeep frame I saw was actually corals that the took the shape of the jeep as it enloped itself around it. Also fascinating were the lion fishes. Sure, I've seen lion fishes before, these ones are simply the most magnificent.

Diver vs. Titan Triggerfish
The second dive was in the familiar coral reef. Even though I've been there a few times before, I'm seeing it with a different divemaster - maybe a different style, maybe a different surprise. We haven't been diving too long when I saw an extra huge Titan Triggerfish attack my Canadian buddy. I was far away but looked on to see what happens. The Titan was unrelenting. It would attack, back off, find a new angle, and then attack again. It kept repeating this. My buddy however, having over 600 dives to his credit, was unafraid and held his ground as he gradually tried to swim away. He faced the Titan the entire time and even raised his fists as if to challenge the Titan to a fist fight. He came away unhurt. But for me, I saw a fantastic fight!

--- TheLoneRider

Dauin Poblacion 1 Marine Sanctuary Links on

How to get there from Dumaguete:

  • take a tricycle and ask to be dropped-off the jeep terminal going to Dauin (the terminal is near Robinson's Place) - P8.
  • at the terminal, board the next jeep for Zamboanguita or Siaton or Dauin. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Dauin's Poblacion District 1 Marine Sanctuary. P15, 40 minutes.
  • upon disembarking at the highway (almost immediately after Dauin's Poblacion), walk towards the beach...5 mins.
  • pay P50 (snorkeling, all day) or P150/scuba dive to the caretaker and dive!

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