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3 Days in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur May 25-28, 2013

3 Days in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur

GPS waypoint: Cantilan N9 20.089 E125 58.801
Location: Municipality of Cantilan, Province of Surigao del Sur

Lodging Blues
Upon arriving in Cantilan, I asked the pedicab driver (pedal-powered tricycle) to take me to the cheapest lodging in town. I found one at P150 near the town center. But it was so cramped, so hot and absolutely repulsive, I wouldn't even sleep there if it were free. I walked around town with my heavy stuff looking for a more reasonable place to stay. Another tricycle driver took me to Rudobalda's Beach Resort. At P300 for a fan room with its own comfort room, it might seem reasonable but I didn't want to pay over P200 for any accommodation. After some haggling, I got it for P200 - thank you! With a roof over my head now secured, I can finally calm down and think about what to do in Cantilan.

map location Cantilan, Surigao del Sur
Terminal Bus Terminal N9 20.089 E125 58.801 | Chanlac Resto Chanlac Resto N9 20.200 E125 58.834 | wooden bridge Wooden Bridge N9 22.194 E125 58.206
Hudabalda Resort Hudabalda Beach Resort N9 21.054 E125 58.433 | Torpedo Resort Hotel Torpedo Resort Hotel N9 21.300 E125 58.317 | Ayoke Island Ayoke Island N9 23.409 E126 02.755
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon N9 24.672 E126 00.119 | Casarica Island Casarica Island N9 22.785 E125 59.651 | General Island General Island N9 24.267 E126 00.404

Rudobalda's Beach Resort
The beach resort is frequented by locals who enjoy the owner's personal style of cooking. It's not on the menu - you have to request for his specialties. The resort is an ideal size retirement or vacation place - about the size of a basketball court fronting a wide beach, with its fine brown sand. A cozy nipa hut here, a hammock and a jug of tuba is what I'd call paradise. Oh yes, add a partner to that for good conversation and company.

Danilo Lobo
I got to meet the owner of Rudobalda's, Danilo Lobo, or Danny. He's an amiable jolly guy who's respected in the community (benchmark? his place is the only one where petty karaoke machines were not broken into). We talked quite a bit and became friends in the process. He even took me to town and toured me explaining a little bit of the local culture and local current events. He was a wealth of local information. I stayed at his resort for days.

Town Plaza
There isn't much to do in town. I would walk around the plaza - they have a big open area for the public to spend quite evenings with. It's the kind of provincial charm I find endearing - much better than malls as a gathering place for a community. Of course, I would frequent the wet market and see the catch of the day - even though my fish-smoking days are over without my dearly beloved Weber Grill. When I finally settle somewhere sometime, perhaps I can come back for it in Dumaguete (don't really know what happened to it).

Torpedo Resort Hotel
While walking on the beach, I strayed into one of the more exclusive resorts in town, Torpedo Resort Hotel, where I met the couple owners - Dr. Analiza Huerta and the affable Roger Huerta. I explained to them what I do on the internet. Roger offered to take me to the islands so I could write about Cantilan and its many wonderful offerings - great! That's the stuff I live for. That is the subject of my next blog. I also got to stay a night at their lovely resort and meet another of their interesting business guests, Mr. Lao. Let's just say I find him to be a savy business man who's been around the block a lot of times. The four of us shared a sumptuous dinner at Chanlac Restaurant. The engaging conversation ranged from local on-goings to evolution.

Quaint Wooden Bridge
I was told of a charming wooden bridge connecting to Barangay Consuelo. I just walked it from Torpedo, about 2 kms. Yes, the bridge is indeed charming - no side railing, all wooden, supporting by stilts and looked creaky. It was a throw-back to a more innocent and less turbulent time. It makes for a great picture, but I would not want to cross that bridge on a car.

Cathe Duero
On the internet, I saw Cathe Pacific as a possible lodging alternative. Turns out, Cathe is friends with many travel bloggers. I didn't stay at her place but we managed to hook up one evening with her friend and got better acquainted. Cathe is fun and bubbly. We could have talked longer, but I was invited for dinner elsewhere. She also provided me a lot of travel information and a contact in Surigao City.

Surigao City
I planned on staying longer in Cantilan, then take the boat to Socoro Island for Suhoton Cave and perhaps move on to Siargao. But my laptop broke down putting all those plans on the back burner. I had to head straight to the nearest city to get my laptop fixed.

Ending Thoughts
Cantilan will always remind me of many things - its balancing act between becoming either a mining or a tourism town (with the mayor-elect, tourism wins this round), its fine powdery brown sand beaches, the many island hopping opportunities, and most of all the warm and helpful people I've crossed paths with. I guess Danny summarized it for me when he said, " time you come back, bring a partner with you and you will then be our house guest...not a lodging customer".

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover your resort for this website (beach resort, mountain resort, island resort, etc.), email me.

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Cantilan Travel Tips and FYI

  • Cantilan Bank has an ATM accepting BancNet cards
  • lodging in Cantilan is more expensive than the national average, a fan room can cost you around P300

How to Get to Cantilan from Surigao City

  1. take a jeep or tricycle in Surigao City for the bus termial. The sign board should say "Terminal" or "Gaisano". 10 mins, P8
  2. Take a bus or van going to Tandag, but tell the conductor to drop you off Cantilan

(along the Surigao coastline from Surigao City to Surigao del Sur)

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Reader Comments:

Cathe DueroCathe Duero
(June 11, 2013) Hi Gigit! I saw your blog about Cantilan. Thank you so much for the mention :)

Joni Gualvez VillamilJoni Gualvez Villamil
(May 26, 2013) Hah! Gigit! If I was there, you'd have coffee mate instantly!!! I went to part elem/part hs there! Message me if you want to know people there. I'll hook you up. Glad you met Cathe. Hope you liked Cantilan. Haven't been back there for eons now. Stay safe!

May 25-28, 2013

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