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2016 archive

January 2016 Blogs

Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho chill
Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho
(Jan 30, 2016) Hoochie Coochie Mikkie gives an electrifying performance at Catch 272 Boho with his unique style of Delta-meets-Texas Blues, performing classics from Stevie Ray Vaughan, the old Blues greats of Mississippi Delta and his own songs...more »»

Julia Clarette's Farewell Performance at 12 Monkeys chill
Julia Clarette's Farewell Performance at 12 Monkeys
(Jan 26, 2016) In a conversation at a QC pub, I told Julia that I have yet to have a signature song from I have 'Forever Young' with Noli Aurelio and 'Rage' by Chikoy Pura. She invited me to be her guest at her farewell gig at 12 Monkeys for me to make my choice.....more »»

We Don't Care politics
We Don't Care
(Jan 23, 2016) In a gathering attended to by a major Binay campaigner, he was asked about the corruption charges his boss was accused of. His reply was blunt and straight to the point....more »»

Catching-up with Chikoy Pura and Julia Clarette at My Bro's Mustache chill
Catching-up with Chikoy Pura and Julia Clarette at My Bro's Mustache
(Jan 21, 2016) It was a treat to finally listen to Chikoy Pura's gig at My Bro's Mustache where he belted out old time classics including Rage and a tribute to David Bowie's Space Oddity. It was a double header as old friend Julia Clarette joined me for the evening for a lot of catching up....more »»

Dong Abay Rocks 70s Bistro chill
Dong Abay Rocks 70s Bistro
(Jan 19, 2016) I didn't know Dong Abay, but Elwyn posts a lot of Dong's gigs - that alone tells me Dong is someone to watch. I wasn't disappointed....more »»

Tribal Adventures in Coron at SandCastles Palawan with Outback Greg traveling
Tribal Adventures in Coron with Outback Greg
(Jan 13-17, 2016) After the holidays in Manila, it was time to hit the beaches of Coron (Busuanga) again for that laid-back lifestyle of sun and sea. My adventure buddy, Outback Greg was ever ready to spice things up...more »»

Life Coaching for a Chronically Depressed Cambodian meditation
Life Coaching for a Chronically Depressed Cambodian
(Jan 8, 2016) A good friend on holidays from Cambodia visited me in Manila for rest and recreation. It soon became apparent to me she was on anti-depressants. For most of her adult life, she was heavily reliant on medication. Without such, she couldn't normally function. I had an AHA Moment on how she might possibly deal with it. With my offered coaching, support and hand-holding, she agreed to it...more »»

Blues is Alive and Kickin' in Manila chill
Blues is Alive and Kickin' in Manila
(Jan 6, 2016) Manila is a Pandora's Box with a cache load of traffic, congestion, pollution and people with short fuses. But it's underlying hope lies underneath its belly, in it's vibrant music bars where the knee-stomping Blues music resonate through its walls with its own community who have now become familiar faces. Yes, Blues music comes alive in Manila....more »»

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Manila Bar, Cafe and Resto:

Trigo Bakery and Cafe

Serye cafe resto

Black Kings Bar music bar


Coffee | Food

Serye cafe resto
Cafe | Resto
Quezon Memorial Circle

Trigo Bakery, Guijo Street, Makati
Trigo Bakery
9629 Kamagong
San Antonio Village

Music Bars

Black Kings Bar music bar
Black Kings Bar
Bar | Cafe
107 West Ave., QC