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Chilling Out

Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho Jan 30, 2016

Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho

GPS waypoint: 14°37'40.5"N 121°02'11.1"E
Location: 41-B T. Gener, Kamuning, QC

Back in 2004
I first caught Mikkie's act at H&J back in 2004 when he did a few numbers with another fav Blues band, the Ian Lofamia Band. He came across as a free spirit who's comfortable under his own skin, doing his own thing.

Solo Gig
When I blogged about the Blues scene in Manila, his name was bounced around, "Straight up Delta Blues stylings unlike no other". Glad he was still around and better yet, catching his solo gig without a band. Time to put the spotlight on him.

On Stage
One thing about his set was the energy he packed. He was an explosive live wire with the hunger of a street busker. His unpolished grit added texture to his Mississippi Delta-meets-Texas style of Blues, kinda like Muddy Waters meets Stevie Ray Vaughan. He belted tunes with his Single-cone Brass Bodied Resonator, his gravelly vocals and his bass percussion he stomps on with his foot. He commands his audience and his presence is imposing.

Slow Blues
In the middle of his set, he turned off the overdrive, didn't use the drum and strummed his guitar singing the Tagalog song he wrote "Ako'y Nadadala". I'd like to hear him play more slow Mississippi Delta Blues unplugged...without blowing your doors off...just slow melodic Blues packed with muted intensity from untold stories in the cotton fields when chains and lynching were a dreaded part of the landscape.

Blues with Hoochie Coochie Mikkie at Catch 272 Boho

Mykell Bryant "Hoochie Coochie Mikkie" Gozon: Biography

  • August 3, 1989 - Mykell Bryant Gozon or Mikki is born in Manila
  • 1996 - parents separated due to his father being an alcoholic, womanizer and wifebeater - although a good provider. Everyday young Mikki felt the Blues
  • 1997-2005 - frequent address change, school change, low family income, and absent parents made Mikki independent at a young age. He grew up being influenced by his Mom's music - old school Soul and Smooth Jazz
  • 2006 - first introduced to the "Blues" from churchmates. Also started to play guitar on youth worship teams
  • 2007-2011 - school years, studying Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology Major in Digital Arts in iAcademy Makati
  • 2011 - graduated and was soon exposed to the underground Metal scene and strung along with a couple of college rock bands. Started deepening his Blues and formed a couple of Blues-based bands performing on local bars in production nights. Started chain-smoking and boozing with no focus in life
  • 2012 - start of the year was employed in his dream job at Level Up! Games but was laid-off the very day of regularization. The same day his cat died; in a few months girlfriend left him and his band disbanded. At the end of the year got his dream job in FHM Philippines. But sadly, his estranged father died due to liver cirrhosis due to alcoholism. He pondered what do to in his life, fearful not end up like his dad. With all the downturn and tragedy, 2012 was a wake-up call for him
  • 12 December 2012 - first night playing at Boho Sarapsody Bar, first time playing 2 sets as a solo performer and first time playing the slide guitar on stage...a night of many firsts!
  • 2013 - decided to fully pursue music, taking refuge in the Blues as the perfect expression for all the things he went through in life. Quit his dayjob, quit smoking and never looked back. It was a turning point. Started to roam around Manila with his trusty Dobro looking for gigs and ate rejection for meals. So he started busking on the streets of Bonifacio Global City and around Manila to make ends meet. He was setting a new trend in upscale street busking
  • 2014 - performing in different venues around Manila in Solo Acoustic Delta Blues Style and was in a 1 year residency with Ian Lofamia Band in H&J Makati. Joined the local Talent show "The Voice of the Philippines", got through all the auditions but was barred to be on TV as Blues was not "marketable". Also joined a local songwriting camp headed by big names in the industry but got rejected too, as he was asked the question "Don't you have any songs that's not Blues?"
  • 2015 - At the start of the year, his mentor Tom Colvin told him this was gonna be his year, and he was right. When he started to do the one man band setup -- bassdrum, amp, harmonica -- gigs came flowing in. Followed by Music festivals he dreamed to be part of (International Jazz Day, Fete de la Musique, UpRoar Camsur). Houseparties and events and out-of-town shows were all firsts. Around December his precious SX Spider-cone Resonator Guitar "Mojo" got stolen. Broke his heart. Luckily people helped to get his feet up again and he now owns a new shiny guitar named "Mojo 2.0"
  • 2016 - Still alive and kickin' and hollerin' the Blues. Ponders on doing his debut EP.

It was a surprise to see Tao working at the place...haven't seen her in years! It was a more pleasant surprise hearing her sing. Her music had poetry, melody, done in haunting wail in her own inimitable fashion. It's the kind of music that drapes an intimate setting.

Catch 272/Boho
Catch 272 is a chill music bar where young Indie-types gather for spirits, art and music. It's got a laid back unpretentious feel...almost feels like being in a private party with friends. Even as an outsider, it was easy to mix-in. People were friendly and cool. Beer price is decent at P50 for a Pale Pilsen. No cover or show charge even with about 4 musicians lined-up. CC, the affable and pretty barkeep sets the energy for the place's chill vibe.

Ending Thoughts
Mikkie is someone to watch and hear. His unique style brings added dimension to Blues as we have it in Manila. As a resident of New York back in the day, I've seen talent pour out from the street buskers. Being New York, you get the best of the best from a global selection - the talent is there, the hunger is there and the passion is there. I saw all of those elements in Hoochie Coochie Mikkie.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you are a musician or band (or a music bar) and want me to objectively cover your next gig/scene for this website, email me.

Catch272 / Boho

I missed Mikkie's gig in Saguijo, so it was good to catch him at Catch 272 art work on display at Catch272/Boho bar price was decent, Pale Pilsen at P50 chill crowd
CC, Scotch and a little ink CC gave me a compli welcome drink...Cum Shot? or The Remedy? Thanks CC! an apparition from behind? ha-ha with feelings
Tao's set was more sedated and tranquil Tao's singing style was mermerizing...apt for the venue size, crowd and vibe it's been ages since I saw Eileen music poured out of the bar
Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
Facebook Official Page

Catch272 / Boho
Catch272 / Boho

41-B T. Gener, Kamuning
Quezon City
0917 994 7563

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Catch272 / Boho
Catch272 / Boho

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Reader Comments:

Mikki GozonMikki Gozon
(Feb 3, 2016) Thank you so much for this spotlight and coming over to my perfomance last week Gigit! And for this article, I think I still don't deserve such spotlight. The description of me and my music is so heartwarming, I personally love the "Muddy Waters meet SRV" comparison. See you soon man!

Catch272 / BohoCatch272 / Boho
(Feb 2, 2016) Maraming salamat sa write-up!

Jan 30, 2016

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