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David Icke: Conspiracy Realist May 4, 2020

David Icke
Conspiracy Realist

"There is an elite cabal composed of a very few and enormously rich and powerful people who are creating an Orwellian New World Order to control humanity through a vicious police-military state."

My personal comments in RED.

Catalyst for Radical Change
There are many conspiracy theorists out there, but David Icke is unquestionably the Godfather of conspiracy theorists - he's been at it for 3 decades! In these panic-stricken times of the Covid 19 pandemic, invoking David Icke is a sure-fire way to add gasoline to a burning house. You'll ruffle frayed nerves and risk the rabid wrath of the mainstream believers. Friends un-friends friends, tensions rise and both sides of the argument circle the wagons, bracing themselves for a frenzied mayhem. Yes, that is David Icke - the catalyst who creates a gaping divide between the sheep and the awakened.

Rebounding Strong
Interestingly, from ridiculed caricature 3 decades back, David Icke is now the most sought after speaker in these Covid times. He is coming out vindicated after all these years of çonspiracy-talk. The establishment is now afraid of him and it shut down most of his video channels and threatened media people who give him online time. Most Youtube, Tweeter and Facebook postings about his Covid 9 and anti-5G talks have been pulled down.

David Icke Assertions

  1. There is a conspiracy by an elite cabal, representing 1% of the population, who are outrageously wealthy and powerful, who want to control all of humanity through a vicious police-military state. (The cabal is not even hiding this. From Bush Sr., W. Bush, PM Gordon, and Obama, they all publicly endorse the establishment of a New World Order. This is not a conspiracy anymore, but a public rollout - global quarantine, proposed mandatory global vaccination, etc.)
  2. There is no Covid 19 virus. It's a ruse created by the cabal to put people in a state of emergency and submit to authority. (After the public outing of the 2 Bakersfield doctors, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Dolores Cahill, that in real numbers, the number of deaths this year compared to those of the previous years were negligible - that even without Covid 19, the deaths would have been roughly the same. These people are all credible and professionally competent researchers and medical practitioners. The establishment, not surprisingly, was quick to discredit and humiliate them. Furthermore, it is already an established fact that people who die with Covid 19 are declared dying from Covid 19 - even though they died from heart failure. This warps the data.)
  3. The New World Order will run this global government through technocracy and not so much through bureaucracy. This means A.I., facial recognition, chip implant, surveillance cameras, etc will be used widely and across the board. (At this point in the game, all of these are already happening. In a sense, Gregg Braden is right when he said the New World Order is already in place.)
  4. The quarantine is designed to destroy the current economic model. It will be replaced by online monopolies as a one-stop shop. (Again, this has proven to be true. A lot of small, middle and big businesses will not be able to recover from this economic shutdown. But in the meantime, big online shops like Amazon are profiting $11,000-a-second. This is not only lucrative for the cabal, but also an effective measure of control - eg. if Amazon shuts you out, where do you go, if Amazon is the only game in town?)
  5. There will be a move towards a cashless, one-world digital currency. The default model for this system is China. (A digital cashless society empowers governments to shut-down the opposition. When they shut down your credit or freeze your money, how do you pay for transport, groceries, and basic necessities? They can slow down your internet connection, make your ATM card invalid to establishments, etc. You become helpless.)
  6. One of the ways the cabal works its way is by Problem-Reaction-Solution. (The cabal can create a fictitious problem and propagate the panic through its controlled media (like claiming there is a Covid 9 pandemic). The expected public outcry for a vaccine will be overwhelming. This reaction is the expected outcome. Bill Gates comes through as a white knight with a vaccine. This is the solution. What's in the vaccine? It could be anybody's guess - a genocidal drug that can depopulate the world (the cabal is a proponent of eugenics), RFID chip implant (through nano-technology), transmitter (to pinpoint your whereabouts), etc.)
  7. At the apex of the cabal is a reptilian shape-shifting race. (A little too wild for me. But David is a smart man. He is aware and he asserts that he will be more credible, more believable and more compelling if he simply drops the reptilian narrative. But he won't drop the claim. People who know something but afraid to come out usually talk to him. David then connects the dots to reveal the big picture. I will stop at saying he knows more of what's hidden than me or the average guy.
  8. The members of the cabal perform satanic, pedophilian rituals, offering human sacrifices and drink their blood - and the blood drove them into a frenzied high. This was a claim as early as 2012. (This was too radical even his believers were in disbelief. But after the recent PizzaGate exposé where participants drank the blood of the young victims containing Adrenochrome, a secretion of the Pineal Gland by the dying sacrificial child, it all made sense. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Adrenochrome was the wildest thing he ever ingested. Mind you, the pedophile/satanic cult are made up by members of high government, royalty and high society (Clintons, Prince Andrew, Rothchilds, Vanderbilts, etc.). The flight log book of Epstein's plane shows who went to his island to participate. With this, David's reptilian claim isn't so far fetched anymore.)

Ending Thoughts
Of all the magnificent lives I've featured on my blog, I will unequivocally claim that I have 2 heroes - Wim Hof and David Icke. David has stood the test of time without wavering or buckling down. He stood his ground despite insurmountable ridicule and attacks on his person. And everything he claimed so far from 30 years back, no matter how outrageous, have become prophetic. How many sages can make that claim? To me, David is a teacher, a prophet and a sage. People who continue to ridicule him, 90% of the time, have never even bothered to watch a full interview. They just parrot mainstream media.

Wedding Analogy
I am reminded of an alleged meeting by Admiral Chester Nimitz with the head of U.S. Signals Intelligence, Cdr. Joseph "Joe" Rochefort, about Midway being site of a major offensive by the Japanese Imperial Navy. Nimitz asked,

"Before I redirect the entire naval fleet to Midway to pre-empt the Japanese offensive based on your intel, what proof do you have?"

The intelligence commander replied,

"Sir, let's use a wedding event as an analogy for the Japanese attack. If you are waiting for a wedding invitation from the Japanese, it will not come. While the wedding is being planned, the invitation itself may not even exist. What we do in intelligence is take a broader look at what's happening and piece them all together. Are the food caterers preparing for a big event? Are flowers suddenly in short supply? Are hotel accommodations being booked like crazy? Are transport rentals spiking up? If they all paint a picture of a looming wedding, then we are drawn to conclude that there is a wedding in the works."

Of course, the closest thing to an 'invitation' actually came when a baited message from Midway about a faulty desalination equipment was picked-up by the Japanese, which validated that the attack point was Midway.

Public Rollout
Three decades ago, when David Icke started sounding the alarm of an elite cabal who aim to establish an Orwellian New World Order, you can be forgiven for dismissing him as a crazed cuckoo. There was no internet, no social media, and the only source of information was the controlled mainstream media (and during that time, people were unaware that it was controlled). Everything that came out of the mainstream newspapers and news-tv was regarded as gospel by the unsuspecting public who were all conditioned to trust authority. They assumed authority always had the public good in mind.

Now, let's fast-forward to here-and-now when you see right before your very eyes, the self-evident public roll-out of an orchestrated global machinery that acts in unison according to the cabal agenda. You don't even need David Icke. Justo see for yourself!

  1. social media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) shuts down any posting contrary to the pandemic agenda
  2. mainstream news media has been hard-selling the threat by featuring fear and panic-buying by the public
  3. dissenting opinions are being discredited
  4. Bill Gates expounding publicly about his vision of eugenics and then sell a mandatory global vaccination program (with an added strain to de-populate the 3rd world?)

You would think they are all independent organizations with their own impartial stance - but apparently not so. The cabal is not even hiding their plan for a New World Order - from Pres. Bush, to W. Bush, to PM Gordon, Obama, etc., they are openly advocating a New World Order. What else do you need for a conspiracy?

What Am I Missing?
What also gets me thinking is this: If the conspiracy is already in full view of the public, why is it that people I regard as intelligent, continue to label Icke as a looney who should be locked-up in jail? If they still don't see the tangible, visible, bold & blinking, underscored, in-your-face, blatant conspiracy, then what exactly are they seeing? Am I missing something here? Seriously, am I just seeing things here? I doubt it. Oftentimes, when decent people who have believed in authority all their lives, suddenly are confronted by betrayal, they go into cognitive dissonance. It is simply too much to bear.

Wait and See
In time, and it won't take long, it will come to pass if all this talk is just plain nonsense or maybe David Icke has been right all along.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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David Icke: Conspiracy Realist
David Icke interviews by Brian Rose
  1. Rose/Icke I (Apple podcast)
  2. Rose/Icke II (Vibe podcast)
  3. Rose/Icke III (BigChute video)

Reader Comments:

Joyce Philips Boy BluesJo Australia
(May 4, 2020) I'm not afraid of him and am certainly not seeking him!!!

Christian PerezChristian Perez
(May 4, 2020) David Icke should be locked up in a mental hospital

Mark WallbankMark
(May 4, 2020) Christian, there's a long conversation about this on a thread of mine. Icke is in my opinion a complete luney however we were all agreed on this other thread that the last thing they should have done is close him down for two reasons : Firstly it gives more credence to his claims than they deserve. Secondly censorship is always wrong.

(May 4, 2020) "Secondly censorship is always wrong."
Part of my motivation to post this is to protest against the censorship of free speech. Shutting down material that doesn't agree with the mainstream media agenda is simply wrong. And if there is such a thing as a New World Order, censorship becomes part of the social media SOP, as is now being exhibited - it has to be stopped.
As for David Icke, it's a choice. Believe the version of mainstream media or David Icke. The arguments on both sides are not perfect, but which is more compelling given what's being rolled out publicly?

Christian PerezChristian
(May 4, 2020) David Icke does not have a different opinion. He is a purveyor of totally nuts conspiracies theories. He is a loony and he must be removed from Facebook and any other publication. He should be locked up.

(May 4, 2020) Christian, there is a part of me that still wants to trust in the establishment. Continue believing that Big Brother is looking after my well-being and everyone else's. But after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Building 7, Iraq's WMD, too big to fail bailouts, sub-prime market meltdown, I still expected to believe and trust in them? If there is anyone who should be locked up in jail, it's the people behind these atrocities against humankind. David's message is a wake-up call, alerting us that the trust we bestowed on the establishment has been betrayed. You may not see it that way, but a swelling tide of people now do.

Tom MiniusTom
(May 4, 2020) Christian, you sound like exactly the fascist censors David describes. You are ok with de-platforming opinions and arguments against the official Covid-19 narrative. What David has done he has opened minds and hearts to pursue what you deeply feel is the right thing without fearing consequences. He is a brave man in a world that consists of tons of coward conformists. It has never been so obvious that the ruling Establishment does not act on people's behalf but intends to realise aggressively a global system of total control and obedience. I am experiencing this madness every day in public life, how easily people were made acquiescing to irrational orders. It's scary. That's why I startet to support forms of resistance.

Guy GonyeaGuy USA
(May 4, 2020)I'm very much in support of free speech and am aware of the attempts to unjustly limit it but let's not dream that we ever have unlimited free speech. Just get on a plane and mention the word bomb or terrorist. Or tell fire in a public place. In the case of Icke, while I support him generally saying anything he wants, but when you have people carrying assault style weapons to demonstrations, people who are menacing towards health care workers who protest the protesters and having tensions so high in the public it's true that someone stating that COVID is totally fake is just getting some very irresponsible people nearer and nearer the tipping point before violence does start to happen. Along with the right to free speech is the responsibility to use it wisely.

Sought after now days happens by being the loudest most emotionally-charged personality. Fox has the highest ratings. Hannity is a megastar. If you want a reality check, you know who is more dangerous to the establishment, to the powerful people who are running society? Check out Noam Chomsky. He tells the truth, intelligently, without hyperbole, and with great factuality and immense knowledge of the subjects he brings up. He doesn't get taken down on social media. He doesn't go for ratings and notoriety an isn't interested in being #1. But he's a way more 'dangerous' person to expose how society is being manipulated. Look at Edward Snowden. Brilliant. A danger to the 'deep state' for sure. But he's not on the media trail sensationalizing what he's sharing with the world. These others are just another form of entertainment.

(May 4, 2020) Guy, granted that there was hyperbole in putting the word out, are you saying now that the message is compromised by virtue of the sensationalism? If Noam Chomsky hyped his message, does that mean his message is no longer credible? I also don't agree with hyping a post, but that is the norm now rather than the exception. You can see that in FB or Youtube. Everybody wants to be the squeeky wheel to generate traffic. At the end of the day, it's still the message. Does it add up? Does it make sense? You may not agree with David, but he is filling up large stadiums including Wembly Stadium. There is a swelling tide of people who find his words prophetic and compelling. I don't believe everything David says, but I don't see him as the guy yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater. More like telling the people to take higher ground after seeing the receding of the water from the shoreline.

(May 4, 2020) Gigit, thanks for your reply. If Chomsky did the hype he wouldn’t be who he is so his message wouldn’t be the same because he wouldn’t be the same. Every ego wants to be as big as Wembly stadium. An ego that needy doesn’t see the truth. They have a tiny sliver of it and then distort it to paint the picture that ego wants to see which is ultimately a picture not of reality but of itself. There is a swelling tide of people that find Rush Limbaugh prophetic. A large crowd of followers is no measure of the wisdom of the personality. Btw, I don’t say his doesn’t have some good points. There’s a great saying "the right tool used for the wrong means make the right tool work in the wrong way".

(May 4, 2020) Guy, I will have to disagree with you on this. You are saying ego is the motivation for David. The Wembley phenomenon only started a few years ago when people realized that what David has been saying for 30 years is beginning to unravel prophetically. But if you go back 30 years ago, David was publicly humiliated on national tv and was ridiculed for the next 2 and half decades after that. If it was just a question of ego, he would have just tucked his tail in and made himself invisible from the public eye. No, I don't see ego in David. I see a MAN OF RESOLVE who stood alone and kept his ground all those years. A lesser man would have long wavered and buckled down.

(May 4, 2020) Gigt, I hear your point of view. I suppose you could make the analogy that Trump isn't in it for his ego because he's been attacked for 50 years and he's still going strong.

(May 4, 2020) Trump is a narcissist. David Icke is a crusader for public awareness and empowerment. I am shocked you don't see the difference. And you keep harping on ego. People fill up stadiums because they find David's message compelling. Where is the ego in that? Let's even make it closer to your turf. You hold and organize meditation sits. If what you offer is so compelling that people are now flocking in, necessitating a bigger venue...yes, let's say Wembley, does that now mean you are consumed by your own ego? Sorry, Guy, but I really don't find coherence in your arguments.

(May 4, 2020) I see the difference and am not saying they are the same in that respect. People fill up giant cathedrals to listen to Jerry Falwell who preaches some pretty strange stuff that you, I think would disagree with. Hitler moved thousands because they found his message compelling. And I am not comparing Icke to Hitler either. I am saying that "crowd appeal" doesn't give any indication as to the message being wise or not. As to my workshops, if people wanted to flock to hear my message then I would figure that it's time to change my message. And if I made efforts to draw huge crowds, I would at least question if ego has entered into my sharing. Jesus didn't market his teachings, it was the church afterwards that sought the masses. Buddha didn't market to huge crowds either. Nor did Ramana Maharshi. What I share most people would not be attracted to. My experience over the past 30+ years is that those who had the deepest messages avoided gathering huge followings and only drew the few who really were ready to hear. We live in an age the Hindus call Kali yuga. One of the markings of that era is that it is a time of ignorance, a time when the great teachings are manipulated for the masses and that the asleep will flock to them as messiahs and prophets. When you see a massive crowd it's probably a good sign to go the other way. That's just what the greatest sages have always taught. I listen to how the information is communicated and when I hear it emotionally charged then I am cautious. There is a wonderful saying, "When the right tools are used for the wrong means, the right tools work in the wrong way." I will say this, Gi Git, I will look into Icke more and let you know if I change my views on him. Peace.

(May 4, 2020) Guy, this has been an unexpected exchange. Interestingly, most people who trash David Icke have not even bothered to hear him out. I'm not saying David is right. But I'm putting the word out so people can make informed decisions. But this can only be achieved if they make an effort to find out what David is putting on the table. And lastly, before we end this, please, scroll down and make a vote on the vaccination. At the end of the day, no matter what the rhetorics are, it's either to you get the vaccine (in full faith and trust to the establishment), or you don't - that is the litmus test I invite you to take. Peace.

(May 4, 2020) Gigit, my litmus test is I make decisions for the present moment. There is no vaccine now so what good does it do to make a decision now about something that doesn't exist? If and when a vaccine exists that is the time to choose. And btw, even if I choose to take a vaccine it doesn't mean I have full faith and trust in the establishment nor if I don't take it doesn't mean I have full faith and trust in the anti-establishment. The world won't be the same as it is now, neither will my consciousness be. Peace

Mark RatcliffMark
(May 4, 2020) Thanks guys, I've really been enjoying this exchange. You're some of the smartest and most interesting and philosophic guys I've ever met and both are making some great arguments - please continue!!

(May 4, 2020) Mark, ok, well then I am going to share with you a bit about why I say the things I do, including about Icke. I will try to keep it short because I have a habit of writing long! If you are interested then let's talk privately sometime.

I think Gi Git, perhaps you and certainly I would agree that much of the conflict and war in the world has come about through religious beliefs. Specifically by taking the words of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed literally when they have an entirely different, deeper truth when seen allegorically. In the 90s I also studied enthusiastically about the Archons, Sumarians, Illuminati and others. Those were fun and fascinating years! In the beginning I thought of them as literal realities. It wasn't until much later that I became aware of the "non-dual" teachings that I had a major shift in perspective of these subjects. In the "dualistic" world which is the world we experience through our 5 senses there is a perpetual polarity. Good and evil, life and death, day and night, etc. While we all experience these things there is another level of consciousness where all this becomes, shall we say, an illusion, only an appearance of opposites. I am a non-dualist. Actually, if you get exposed to the original writings of Jesus' teachings you will find that He too was a non-dualist who was teaching based upon the consciousness of the people of that time (the church later took control of his teachings and made them literal as a means of building fear and division into good and evil in order to control). If one believes the dualistic world to be reality then one will experience all the dualist beliefs, and suffer accordingly. A dualistic world is prime for 'victimization' and 'fear mongering' and 'conspiracy theories'. In a non-dual world these all fall away as they as seen to be like a movie upon a theater screen. You go to the movies and you get drawn into the movie, you experience the movie at times as if it was real yet you know it isn't. Life is the same way. Icke, who by the way, in 2016 gave a speech in New Zealand, which he charged $80-125 to attend (that's a lot of money) is a great case of irony in that he was speaking in front of an enthusiastic group in a place that, according to Icke was going to disappear off the face of the 1997! If you take the archons and the illuminati to be 'real' then you will create your reality based up the concept of 'us vs them' in the same way we have all kinds of 'apparent' enemies in the world today (terrorists, immigrants, commies, etc). But if you see them as symbols of the inner work, finding out who you really are and how you tick, then you see them as personal teachings for your own growth and enlightenment. When I used the saying "when the right tools are used for the wrong means, the right tools work in the wrong way" this is what I was referring to. What Icke is promoting is the right tool (the teachings of the Archons, etc) but used, likely inadvertently, to stir distrust, division, etc which we see all over the world now. His talks are the polar opposite of the 'establishment' point of view. That just makes both of them not accurate as to reality. That's enough for now!

Mark RatcliffMark
(May 5, 2020) Great food for thought...Thanks for this. It is a struggle sometimes to get away from this thinking sometimes, particularly at times like this. I will get in touch soon.

(May 4, 2020) Mark, I wish I could lay back and enjoy the repartee from a ringside seat as you do. But since I was the one who posted this article, I have to engage, reply, rebut, clarify, restrain, etc. It's been interesting, but it's also time-consuming, demanding, and exhausting. I'll probably take an FB fasting for a week after this. Ha-ha

Mark RatcliffMark
(May 5, 2020) Haha. I fully understand. Just know that whatever you have said has been heard and has helped some of us with the way we see the world atm.

Tom MiniusTom USA
The Meditator who Cried Foul!
(May 4, 2020) I have donated and am part of london real army, part of resistance 🙂🙂

(May 4, 2020) solidarity 🙏

Daniel IckertDaniel Germany
Genuine Human
(May 4, 2020) Thanks for sharing Gigit and for fighting for the Greater Good. This just needs to be said amidst all the negativity we experience on a daily basis 🙂

(May 4, 2020) Ha-ha, you said it right. Post a David Icke topic and you kick-up a hornet's hive. But free speech has to be kept alive. Imagine if all media is shut down and only FOX gets to deliver the news. 1 month into it and we all think da Donald is the greatest thing since sliced bread. 1 year into it and we start erecting Donald statues in every city. 10 years and we start deitifying him. 100 years and the scriptures will say he ascended into heaven, seated at the right hand of you-know-who. Censorship is no different from book-burning.

Leave a comment?

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