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Zen Strength Series

hosted by JASON RYER

Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai Jun 6, 2021

Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai

Website: Zen Strength
Location Google Map: Zen Strength, Mae Khua Mung Soi 2, Tambon Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A State of Thinking
I've always been a biohacker before I even knew the word. I think biohacking is a state of thinking. You have this uncanny ability to connect the dots inside your head from diverse disciplines, with an intuitive hunch on the outcome. In more ways than one, the only way to find out if it works is to try it on your body - you become the guinea pig.

Jason RyerJason Ryer USA
Zen Strength
Bio-Hackers Meet-up
Jason Ryer of Zen Strength hosted a biohackers meetup and a Wim Hof breathwork/icebath at his place. I was curious to meet who the biohackers are in Chiang Mai, so I signed up. Biohacking has gone leaps and bounds from minor tweaks on established practices to invasive body implants, nootropics and brainwave entrainment. What other crazy stuff is out there?

Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai
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There was Miguel, a Francophone who monitors his daily 24/7 - where he went, what he ate, the temperature of the room he was in, body temperature, etc. He keeps 30 color-coded calendars to keep track of his events, and showed us his array of nootropics (experimental smart drugs). Interestingly, when I asked him what his purpose was in doing those things, he vaguely answered that at some point, he would want to feed all that data into AI (artificial intelligence), so that computers will automate nearly everything for him. I'm still not sure I understand all that. What I find fascinating about him was that he finished a 4-year university course online in just 3 months. Yes, these guys are smart - sometimes too smart for their own good. Biohacking talks ranged from reversing the aging process, grounding to neutralize EMF, and overhauling the educational system (to leave only the core essentials).

Wim Hof Method
Alex OK and Solene joined later for the Wim Hof breathing and ice bath. I shared my yogic Mandukasana hack on the Wim Hof breathing, but didn't join the ice bath.

Ending Thoughts
I've suffered way too many injuries already to risk any biohack that may prove catastrophic - I keep my biohacking within a limited radius.

I admire the derring-do of these people who push the boundaries often risking life and limb to take them to that holy grail. I hope to meet more members of the community simply out of curiosity how far they've taken their craft.

Jason was an excellent moderator. He was well-versed in biohacking to provide measured insight into what was discussed. He keeps the discussion on rails without making it about him.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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