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Banksy November 9, 2023


The Graffiti Artist
It must have been 5 years ago during my travels when I first heard of Banksy - the street artist who rose to fame and notoriety. That was all I knew of him until I stumbled upon a Youtube 'suggestion' - Who is Banksy?

Who is Banksy?
Banksy emerged into the scene in the 1980s as an underground graffiti artist. He evolved with his street art and continued creating more politically charged statements depicting inequality, anti-establishment sentiments, war and freedom, in a simple yet incisive visual narrative - e.g. a girl hugging a bomb. He traveled the world's capitals leaving his mark - the astonishment of everyone who wakes up seeing this artwork in a public space.

Sotheby's Auction
Banksy's height came when his 'Girl with the heart balloon' auctioned for over a million. But as soon as the gavel sounded to proclaim the sale of the artwork, it shredded - this was the ultimate prank of a genius art activist. However, with the shredded artwork, the price more than doubled.

Banksy's Girl with the Heart-Shaped Balloon

Ending Thoughts
After viewing that video and doing more research on him, I am just blown away by his genius (his artwork being pithy, relevant and provocative), his resolve (to make art accessible and relevant to the masses - not just inside elitist galleries), his advocacy (politics, activism, inequality, etc) and how he remained anonymous despite the global attention on him and his work. Whatever work he makes generates public attention - thus the cause he advocates is brought to the spotlight.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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