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Bruce Lee Lats Showdown Feb 3 - Aug 3, 2008 (6 months!!!)

Bruce Lee Lats Showdown
Lats (latissimus dorsi): the back muscles that give you the V-shape

After viewing a YouTube MTV tribute to Bruce Lee by PIPO787 and muscle-flexing snippet by Shadow Masta, I was thrown back into my high school days when I lived, breathed and practised martial arts. Bruce was DA MAN! Again I saw him flex his lats and what came out of this lean, almost wiry man were wings that would give a hooded cobra a run for its money. I've always been inspired by that scene...even up to now. Then the resolve came upon me. Yeah...I'll do a lats showdown and have wings like Bruce.

Feb 3 Feb 10 Feb 17
Feb 24 Mar 2 May 4
May 11 May 25 June 1

--- TheLoneRider

    Lats Training: (best to do an overall body symmetry...don't just do lats!)
  • pull-down (compound)
  • bent-over row (compound)
  • chin-up and pull-up (compound)
  • pull-over (single-joint)
  • dumbbell-rows (compound)
  • deadlift (compound)
  • t-bar Row (compound)

ABS Workout videos:

  1. THENX
  2. Calisthenic Movement
  3. Saturno Movement

ABS Benchmarks:

  1. Beginner: standards like crunch, leg raise, V-sit, bicycle (when you can do more reps or hold longer, it's time to level up)

    V sit

  2. Intermediate: lolasana, L-sit (leveling up)

    L sit

  3. Advanced: manna (very few people on the planet can do this)


ABS Tips:

  • drink lots of water (with pinch of salt and juice of 1 lime) instead of soda or fruit juice
  • avoid fatty foods, deep-fried dishes, or food with visible fat (pork chops)
  • decrease your food consumption but eat healthier
  • you can't do it just by doing mega-crunches. you need to diet and do lots of cardio.
  • to measure your progress, you can do a fixed number of abdominal reps/week and increase the number every week. by the end of the program, you should be able to do 600 reps/session - a combination of side-bends, crunches, leg-raises, sit-ups, etc.
  • ideally, you should only use body weight 'coz you want your waist slim and lean...not wide and bulky
  • high rep/low load is ideal until you feel the burn...and then continue until you feel fire!
  • best to take the photo shot with a uni-directional yellow light pointing highlights shadows

Abs Blogs:

Bruce Lee Exercise Flexin: made by Shadow Masta

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