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DATE > 2008 > Feb
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What Do Men Think of Women? Feb 19, 2008

What Do Men Think of Women?

With the posting of the article "What Do Women Think?", there's been persistent demand by women to hear what men think about women...the stuff women never seem to get. Yeah, I know...touchy stuff...the stuff you wanna handle with a 10-foot pole. Nonetheless, I tossed the question around and here's what they've far. Guys, fire at will.

What Do Men Think of Women?

Here's what guys have to say:

Keep it coming, guys.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Leave your Thoughts about Women

(Guys, this is NOT the time to be shy)

What Guys Have to Say:

Mountain ManMountain Man
(June 5, 2008) Why is it that women have for friends... gay males? Why is it that men do not have lesbians for friends? Guys, if you can answer that then you can figure out women. But hey. Let us keep it simple. Men were Designed By THE CREATOR to indulge in sex as portrayed by porn. And for women to be on the receiving end. But that is not the case anymore as it seems. (The genre in porn is usually about men doing it to women).

Alright then. I will use myself as an example. Besides my wife, I have 3 other girlfriends. (They used to be more but that is another story). The reason for my adultery is that,

1) I am a sex addict testosterone has rendered me bald;

2) I cannot handle rejection (I let women break off with me instead of me ending the relationship). Hence, if I only had one woman and she broke off with me, the loneliness is devastating. Two or more women serve as a cushion for my emotions;

3) CNN says that the ratio of women to men is at 14:1 where more men die in wars and diseases. And more men become gay than women.

I never bother myself figuring out women. I prefer (and they too) to stick to the business at hand. And that is to have sex. Because I am very shy though I am old (56) where I am unable to make the first move, somehow, lonely women are attracted to me. Women give me what I want (anal sex [what can I say, I am a dirty old man]) and I give them what they want (being in love with them). And that is how it has been in my teens where married women broke my heart numberless of times (and all in the pursuit of sex that their busy husbands neglected over business).

Dr Margarita Go-Singko Holmes can psychoanalyze all she wants about men and women but that is so by-the-book. The poor doctor has never been sodomized by her husband, much less by some lover who could easily put to dispute everything she learned from bookish people like her.

Dawn MelodyDawn Melody
(April 5, 2008) Well, after reading "what men think" I realize they don't know anything about women (at least the few that posted thus far). Just as men are vastly varied in their personalities, views and actions, so are women. Neither of the sexes can be "blanketed" in such a simple manner. We all have our differences and I find some men more like me than some of my female friends. People certainly are an adventure and a challenge. And that's part of the fun.

"cheating is wrong but it doesn't mean we don't love our gf...loving and cheating have nothing to do with each other"
(Feb 20, 2008) huwat?! are you seriously trying to differentiate the two? this is such a typical male response. how can loving and cheating on your supposed loved one be different? if you love someone, in the truest sense of the word, it means you'll be loyal and faithful. it's okay to be attracted to other people but that doesn't mean you should go to bed with them. cheating = not loving! argh, antsy talaga ako pag loyalty issues. wahahaha

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