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COUNTRY > Philippines > Negros Oriental
DATE > 2012 > Feb
SECTIONS: > Slice of Life

Slice of Life

Dad Stories

Drinking with Real Men Feb 19, 2012

Drinking with Real Men

Another Dad Story
I'm reminded of another Dad story. His life is so colorful during the heyday of Rock & Roll, that now that he's in his 70s, he still carries a glimpse of that vibrant swagger he once had.

James DeanJames Dean
With his crew in Kamuning back in the day when James Dean was still alive (and everyone in Kamuning was a James Dean wannabe), the norm was you go drinking with the guys until the wee hours but you don't barf. Unlike today when barfing is a badge of getting the most out of the night, barfing then was taboo - that you didn't have what it takes to go drinking with 'real men'.

A Guy Named Nap
So they were drinking one night and after a few rounds, one of them, Nap, showed signs of puking. Of course, everyone knew but pretended not to notice. And Nap was acutely aware everyone was pretending not to notice. The drinking went on, and Nap would puke but would keep it inside his mouth. The guys were giving each other the "Nap's gonna lose it" look, but still pretended like they didn't see anything - and Nap knew it. It was the big elephant everybody pretended not to see but everyone felt and knew...most specially Nap. Nap would slowly swallow his own puke while still inside his mouth and pretend nothing happened - and everyone pretended they didn't notice Nap swallowing his own vomit.

Home is not an Option
Nap wanted to go home. But he could not - peer group pressure was too much. They were supposed to be the wild and crazy guys of Kamuning and that meant not going home until everyone is wasted.

Caught It!
The puke-swallowing scenario happened a few more times until Nap uncontrollably expelled the puke out of his mouth....but caught it just in time by cupping his hands. So now, he's got his puke-filled cupped hands right by his mouth. This time, there was no pretending it didn't happen. Still cupping his puke, Nap looked up and saw everybody's face staring down on him, watching what he'll do next - it was a life or death situation for him. The pressure was too much sweat ran down his face as he lay frozen thinking what to do next.

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Closing his eyes, in one fell swoop, he poured his puke right back into his mouth and swallowed it - lock, stock and barrel! At that instance, as if on cue, everybody went back talking and passing the drink along, like nothing happened. Nobody said anything and Nap was still one of the guys!

Laughing Out Loud
Unbeknownst to Nap, everytime the guys go drinking without him, his story would always come up and everyone explodes into unbridled laughter! Of course they stop and pretend to be talking about something else when Nap drops in.

Lingering Thoughts
As a kid, my memories of Nap (or Uncle Nap to me) is a blur. But in 2005, he hosted me and my Dad in his lovely home in California and the 2 of them laughed out loud talking about the vomit incident. But yeah, Nap's da man!

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Reader Comments:

Bobette OuanoBobette Ouano Philippines
Principles and Origins
(Sep 16, 2015) Yikes! too funny! hahaha!!! I can imagine the kind of "hell" he went through trying to keep the puke in his mouth! OMG! Your uncle Nap is a funny man. I'm sure his story will live on for ages.
Metz Diaz TaerMetz Philippines
(Aug 27, 2015) Funny, but disgusting! Hahaha.. eeewww... especially the swallowing part!
Kim LimKim Philippines
Indie Escape Blog
(Feb 16, 2012) Hilarious and disgusting at the same time! Your storytelling skill is superb! LOL

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