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Fitness in Kathmandu Apr 15, 2018

Fitness in Kathmandu

Location: 8848 Hostel, Thamel (neighborhood), Kathmandu (city), Nepal
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Roof Deck Workout
With my daily workout in Kuantan, I didn't want the momentum to simmer down. As soon as I got settled in Kathmandu, I looked for a possible space - a park? big open space? I couldn't find any. A park system would be too dusty. The best spot I could find was on the roof deck of my lodging, 8848 Hostel. The space was limited, but I had a good view of street life below.

Coky PutraCoky Putra
As good fortune would have it, while I was doing my workout, Coky, a professional photographer from Indonesia, was also on the roof deck and took a few shots of me. We later talked and he was kind enough to offer a yoga video shoot the following day. What you see below is the awesome result. Can't thank you enough, Coky. Safe travels...until our paths cross again.

Professional video production by Coky Putra of Cokycokysan Picture

Braving the Cold
It was easy to get lazy. Kathmandu is cold - very conducive to extending sleep while tucked-in under a thick comforter. It was equally challenging to warm-up a cold body. I ensured my warm-ups were adequate and progressive. I'd build-up heat, limber up and feel my body getting loose. At some point, it even felt comfortable taking my shirt off.

I'd start on my long as an hour if that's what it takes. I would follow it up with calisthenics - push-ups, Lolasana (lifted abdominal tuck), one-legged squats and even wall-supported inversions. I would finish up with Pranayama and Meditation like I always do.

Ending Thoughts
Having done my workout first thing in the morning, the rest of the day feels like gravy. I can't imagine a better way to bid the day, "I'm awake, bring it on!"

Taking my fitness as a religious way of life, I feel strong, I remain young and I don't get sick. With pranayama and meditation, I keep the balance of my mind. Health is not just about living long or not being's about living life in full vitality!

--- TheLoneRider
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pictures by Coky Putra

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Reader Comments:

Dulce CapadociaDulce USA
(Apr 23, 2018) Omg! I have lost touch with where u are! U left PI? Wow! Sharing ur video! 🙂 🙏

Janice Liuson-YoungJanice Liuson-Young
(Apr 23, 2018) Intense!

Natalia Klimova BhandariNatalia Russia
(Apr 23, 2018) Stunning. I wish it was little longer

Rosemarie GendiveRosemarie Canada
(Apr 23, 2018) of course... haha. love it. i wish it was longer but what it is, is super cool. I also like that at the end, a pigeon seems to be joining you in standing tree pose 🙂 Also your new friend is very talented. It has the feel of a trailer for a documentary, or perhaps the intro to a music video. nice

Jeffrey HuerteJeffrey Philippines
Lyn's Backpackers Inn  Lyn's Backpackers Inn
(Apr 23, 2018) Bitin man sir hehe pro super WOW!

Mikey ChongMike Singapore
(Apr 23, 2018) too short video. a min will be awesome.

Vinca BøgelundVinca Bøgelund
(Apr 23, 2018) Super cool, Gigit! 🙂

June DaplasJune Philippines
(Apr 22, 2018) Beautiful but short video! The lolasana video gave me a little heart attack. Keep safe.

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Google Map

Kathmandu (city), Nepal

important places in Kathmandu ESSENTIAL LANDMARKS
  • Tribhuvan International Airport Tribhuvan International Airport - Kathmandu's international airport
  • Ratna Park bus terminal Ratna Park bus terminal - one of the main bus terminals with buses going to the airport
  • Thamel Thamel - Kathmandu's tourist area for hotels, trekking tours, restos, cafes, money changers, cargo forwarders, etc.
  • Durbar Marg Durbar Marg - Kathmandu's upscale shopping area
  • Jhochhen Jhochhen - popular counter-culture neighborhood during the hippie era
tourist attractions in Kathmandu TOURIST ATTRACTIONS
  • Basantapur Durbar Square Basantapur Durbar Square - formerly the haunt of Nepalese royalty, now an UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical significance and traditional Nepalese architecture
  • Shechen Monastery Shechen Monastery - one of six mother Tibetan Buddhist monasteries from the late 17th century
  • Boudhanath Boudhanath - one of the biggest stupas in the world, once plied over as an ancient trade route over the centuries
  • Kopan Monastery - best to visit together with Boudhanath as they are not too far from each other. Foreigners come here to learn Buddhism. Open to the public Saturdays only
  • Pashupatinath Temple Pashupatinath Temple - a Hindu temple located on the banks of the Bagmati River. Another UNESCO World Heritage site. Maha Shivaratri festival late Feb or early March with more than 65,000 devotees
  • Harati Devi Temple Harati Devi Temple - devoted to the worship of Harati Devi. It houses a museum, stupa and library
hotels in Kathmandu HOTEL
  • 8848 Hostel 8848 Hostel - newly opened, backpacker friendly, resto/bar, central location, clean, wifi, a/c, full breakfast
    Thahity, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
trekking in Kathmandu TREKKING
  • Top of the World Adventure Top of the World Adventure - trekking, tours, jungle safari, river rafting, peak climbing, hiking, expedition
    Thamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
meditation in Kathmandu MEDITATION
  • Meditation Dhamma Shringa - Vipassana Meditation Centre
  • Meditation Dhamma Kitti - Vipassana Meditation Centre

Travel Tips for Kathmandu

  1. Kathmandu is dusty and you'll need a mask
  2. if on a budget, cheap staple comfort food in Kathmandu is momo, local price in local eateries at NPR 60/10 pieces

How to get to Thamel (Kathmandu) from the Tribhuvan International Airport

  1. You can take a cab for about $7
  2. Ratna Park bus terminal Airport by bus to Thamel (Ratna Park Bus terminal)
    But if you want to save money and don't mind roughing it, you can take a bus. Walk out of the airport and turn left on the rotunda just outside the airport gate. This takes you to the main road where buses ply. The bus signs are in Nepali, but you can hear the bus conductor shouting, "Ratna Park". NPR 20, 30 minutes

Travel Tips for Nepal

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