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This was written in 2010 when optimism was high about his presidency. When his presidency is over in May 2016, I will write an assessment. -- TheLoneRider (Feb 10, 2016)

President NoyNoy Aquino Aug 2, 2010

President NoyNoy Aquino

Ninoy Aquino
I feel a kind of personal history with the Aquinos. I know of them, but I don't know them. When Ninoy was assasinated during the Marcos dictatorhip, I placed a permanent yellow ribbon on my car rack and went on the street waving the Laban sign. During Ninoy's funeral parade, I was throwing yellow confetti from our S&L office building along Roxas Blvd. Social unrest was intense and I was afraid Marcos would declare martial law a second time and impose a travel ban. That was the time I left the country.

Cory Aquino
While living in New York, I was glued to CNN during the last few days of the Marcos regime, until they were put in exile by Cory's loyalists. I was euphoric thinking the Philippines had entered a new era of upright governance. When Cory visited Fordham University in upstate New York, I made the trip to catch a glimpse of her. I defended her presidency against any detractor.

Moral Vacuum
With Cory's passing, the country was in deep pain and suffering from the corrupt presidential yoke of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. There was a moral vacuum and the people clamored for NoyNoy Aquino, then a minor leaguer living in the political shadows of his parents. There was no one else to trust or turn to. Not that NoyNoy has proven himself beyond reproach. In fact, he hasn't proven anything. But he carried with him a legacy he could not betray - a moral mandate passed on to him by his father Ninoy and his mother Cory, both of whom are deceased but remain highly regarded (almost deitified) by the Filipino people. NoyNoy, even if he wants to, cannot betray that moral benchmark. He knew that, the public knew that, and I knew that.

Ambivalent about NoyNoy
My vote for the president of the republic went to NoyNoy, but I felt ambivalent about it. Why? Because I'm voting for him on the basis of what he's NOT going to do and not on the basis of his bright vision of the future. He didn't talk about that, and I suspected he didn't have any. He didn't talk about his accomplishments (there wasn't much to say about that), he didn't talk about his presidential programs on education, health, etc. (it appeared that he didn't have any concrete plans about that either). Really, his political platform was on his battle cry, " I WILL NOT STEAL!". To me, a vote for president has to be on the basis of his program for the country, and not solely on what he's not going to do.

I even attended his rally at the Araneta Center to hear him talk personally. Again, he didn't talk about programs and issues but simply denounced the current GMA administration.

Enough is Enough
But the country needed a moral conscience...badly. GMA's presidency has been marred by widespread corruption and intolerance. Such aberration coming from the highest office in the country can only trickle down. Since the president is dishonest, it gave an implicit green light for the rest of the country to do the same. From the president down to the street vendor, veiled manifestations of dishonesty pervaded - it got calcified into the public psyche. The public asserted itself to say enough is enough.

Issues with NoyNoy
During the election campaign, I was approached by his camp to beef up their grassroots website, The site had nothing compelling to say about NoyNoy. My suggestion was to address the issues lingering on the minds of the fence-sitters:

  • will his presidency only echo the ineffective presidency his mother had (with all due respect to Cory)?
  • will he be able to control his relatives from amassing wealth (like what happened during Cory's term)?
  • is he smart?
  • can he lead?
  • what does he really plan on doing when he becomes president?
Aside from a polite 'thank you', I never heard from his camp again. I speculate they found me too critical.

Manny Villar?
I couldn't vote for Manny Villar notwithstanding his good business acumen

  • because of the C-5 scam (why would anyone vote for a dishonest president?). By the way, my thanks to Sen. Jamby Madrigal for exposing this scam. If not for her, there's a big chance Villar could have bought the presidency.
  • because he's made so many backdoor deals from the broadest political spectrum (from Satur Ocampo to Imelda Marcos!) that he'll be drowning in political IOUs
  • because he represents TRAPO (traditional politicians doing things they always did in the past)

Theodoro Gibo?
Even though Gibo had the most comprehensive program, appeared to be the smartest of the lot, did not resort to mudslinging, and the popular choice of the intellectual youth, I couldn't vote for him because he was endorsed by GMA's party. That alone tells me

  • his politics is already compromised being politically indebted to GMA's party
  • GMA will not face criminal charges for the disappeared/tortured reformists (students, workers, farmers, political opponents, etc.)
  • GMA will not face charges for plundering the Philippine treasury (ZTE, fertilizer scam, etc.)
  • GMA can continue pulling the string unabated from behind the scene to perpetuate herself in power
   With P-Noy as our president, I feel like paying my taxes again.
-- Juan dela Cruz

Inaugural Speech
My next foray into NoyNoy was during his inaugural speech. I have to say I was pleasantly impressed. He was no longer the new kid on the block too small to fit in the big office. He was every bit presidential who was well aware of what's happening to the country. When he talked about banning the WangWang (police siren used indiscriminately by the military and politicians to skirt traffic), he knew the social aches from street level. It was an ingenious metaphor for little guys like you and me. When he talked about prosecuting the once high and mighty who once called the shots, he addressed problems at the national level. He was unafraid to rock the boat.

State of the Union Address (SONA)
In his first SONA, the message was very clear and very simple:

  • the treasury is nearly empty after indiscriminate spending by the GMA administration
  • people in high office have abused their authority by putting money in their pockets first before their constituents
  • this corrupt system will not be tolerated anymore and the guilty will be prosecuted

After that speech, I wouldn't be surprised if many TRAPOs lost sleep. Neither would I be surprised if they started liquidating their assets and exit quietly out of the country.

The Critics
His critics said he didn't cover enough of the issues. How can he? He only had 40 minutes to deliver the address. A tough-talking radio commentator said P-Noy went too hard against the former administration. Hmmm...I wonder if this character received a thick brown envelope full of ....

A Challenge to All
Let's face it, we have a new sheriff in town who shoots straight. This new president is putting the country back into its rails. Let's all chip-in with our small and big contributions:

  • if you think you're just one insignificant guy who can't possibly effect change, you can start by putting your litter in your pocket until you see a garbage bin (yes, this little thing is part of nation-building!)
  • don't counter-flow against traffic
  • pay your taxes! Hey, it's not going into GMA's coffers anymore!
  • me add more to this list by filling in your comment

Ending Thoughts
With P-Noy as president, confidence and optimism is high. Positive change is happening as I write this. It's not an easy task and we need to rally behind our president. No president in the Philippine history has ever addressed this social cancer. Cory tried but failed. P-Noy can't do it alone. The nation-building process is a collective responsibility we all have to take ownership of. Him, me, and you! We're all in this together.

--- TheLoneRider

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Political Statements by TheLoneRider

Aug 2, 2010

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Jessie Villabona Severino
Jessie Villabona Severino

Reader Comments:

Michael McCleary
(Aug 3, 2010) I am soon to call the Philippines my permanent home and my message would be to the citizens. If you are the proud people I know and love, you should back this righteous man you have elected President and walk beside him with your pride and resolve and support him well in the upcoming six years. He, like his mother, rest her soul, will have a very tough fight to end the years of squandering and stealing by their predecessors.

I know from experience that the Philippine nation is a proud nation. Would it not be better for the this country to be a proud and rich nation where everyone enjoys personal freedom and rights? I think everyone knows the answer. Resoundly; YES! Let us all stand by and stand up for this man we call P-Noy. Thank you and bless you all.

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